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Path of Exile Ice AoE Templar Build

Path of Exile Ice AoE Templar Build by Rambi

Hello everyone!
Before we start i just one to say one thing, if u ever NEED A HELP TO KILL A BOSS OR WAY POINT TELEPORT , don't be worry or be shy/afraid just whisper me in game or in my twitch chat and i will help you out ,i had bad experience while leveling and with community over all, when i asked for some one to give me a way point or a hand to kill a boss everyone react like a dick and didn't answer me at all, i would like you to not experience this feeling, because this game is indeed amazing and community should improve.
What i want to make in this post is, a lot of info about my build, places to farm, why this instead of that, what gear Should i go for? late/mid game? on low levels? why this instead of that!
okey, soo

I will try to give a lot of info in this guide and hope u don't get bored reading it ^_*

(im lazy mother fucking professional person and ain't nobody have the time to read dis shit so in short what do u wanna say rambi

(TL:DR its AoE build that focus on Nova 4L+ faster casting +added cold damage+ life leech. and Spell totem Linked with Freezing pulse + Greater Multiple Projectiles+faster casting! for extra dmg , this build have a lot(hp nodes ) and by a lot i really mean a lot of HP and ressitances , and great aoe dmg output for easy farm in most common places also this build do not require and accuracy or crit dmg what so ever it works fine without it, also 3 hp potions with remove frozen/curse and for extra armor + iron flask is MUST TO have ! )

First the build/talents/tree how ever u like to call it ^_^

Default build

How the build should look like around level ~70

at the end end game it should be like this.

i will try to explain and give u some choices/advices on how to leveling this tree in low level based on what u want/need.

low level tree (~20-30)

low level mana reg +dmg

low level hp build ( no mana reg and cold dmg )
and if u feel like u lack of ressitance, and u get killed ot much because of it and u cant find items with ressist ( this is in very very rare case's )
then u can go like this

keep in mind that this is very very defensive build with alot of hp/resist/armor so your dmg and mana may be a problem at one point till u get 3/4 auras(elec battery) and some dmg nodes ( like heart of ice)

MANA BUILD (don't recommend this for people in the game ) in case u feel u have good hp/dmg and the only problem u have is mana go like this

its really importan right after u get battery to have all auras or atleast 3 immportan ( clarity/discipline/determination) and put next points u have at inner force in other words to look like this

then pick up either hp or dmg what ever u feel like it.
dmg >

core skill for dmg is heart of ice, right after battery
or if u want hp/armor after battery go for

so yea if i feel like this need a change i will update it but for now i think its enough! =) im open for any suggestions question's as well!

Now let's talk more about the gem's(spells ) we will use in this build !
Ice Nova, Frostbite/molten shell/discipline/grace/determination/clarity/ glaciel hammer/shield charge/fast casting x2 /reduce mana x2 / added cold damage /life leech/Spell totem/freezing pusle/greater multiple projectiles/iron will.
Now here is the explanation what to get when, and why!

This spells u should try to get as soon/fast as possible
Ice nova/,Frostbite/molten shell/discipline(aura ) and support gems fast casting/ added cold damage /life leech
(if u are new to the game and u don't know what to get first go for 3linked socket with ice nova life leach and added cold damage or fast casting, and try to get 4linked socket as fast as possible to have them all linked! .

spells u will need later on the game and are also importan are
Grace/Determination/Clarity/Iron will/ reduce mana x2/faster casting x1 or 2 based on if u have enoguh to get spell totem combo.
( those 3 and discipline are auras so as soon as u pick up eldrich battery u will need to have those, so u can have 3/4 auras up, before u pick eldrich battery u will not have enough mana to use them all together, i bought them early on but i was not having enoguh mana to use them.. so u shouldn't do the same mitake :)
Extra spells u may find useful, but i don't really use them.
Extra info if u feel like u need extra single target dps >>
For single target spell to combo with glaciel hammer early on before u get battery , u can use hatred and anger(auras) , to add extra bonus dmg ot glacial hammer keep in mind that those two dont really help ice nova, so therefore i didnt get them, but if u feel like u need more single target dps feel free to get one of them or both )
NOW THIS IS VERY IMPORTAN and u should keep it in mind, by the time u reach merceliess difficulty u will start to feel like u need more extra dmg ( single target or aoe ) or if u try to farm zombies in act2 they will be ice spells resist, so u will do very low dmg with nova, what i did then is pick this spells
Spell totem Linked with Freezing pulse + Greater Multiple Projectiles+faster casting!
when i got this combo i start to do such a big aoe dmg it was unreal, its so easy to farm in ledge/act 2 fellshrine ruins and act 3 in the begining, i never died ( or only 2/3 times between level 55-70 )and keep getting around 10% exp per 7min or so.

How the gem's should be linked
Nova 4L+ faster casting +added cold damage+ life leech.
Molten shell linked with iron will.
Spell totem Linked with Freezing pulse + Greater Multiple Projectiles+faster casting!
All auras should be linked with redcue mana in any way possible, i use x2 items to link 2 auras to a gem like this
clarity +determination + reduce mana (3L)
Discipline + grade + reduce mana ( 3L)
this way i can just use the gems on items i find very easy, instead of looking for 4link and 5 link and so on, later on the game tho when u ahve 5/6 link u will have enoguh experiance probably to have personal opinion on what ti link extra with your main spells :)


i would like to start with something people don't really think about but i belive is kinda like 30% of the build.
its about the flask's mana /hp /armor/ressit potions
in this build i highly recommend to grab 3 hp pot and 2/1 iron flask (this is in late game when u have battery ).
Why u would ask well, because this makes you immortal, try to get extra bonuses on hp flask to be
Remove frozen/ remove curse and 3th to have extra armor
because when u activate extra armor hp flask + iron flask u get this

u get around 30k armor when u go in, just before u start spaming nova for life leech/hp back.
its really immportan because shell do explode shortly after that deals tons of damage and i honestly dont take any dmg what so ever for like 4/5 sec while iron flask is up its amazing.
once u get use to it u will enjoy it as much as i do.
(i also have every kind of ressist flask for boss fights or such in act 3 the lighting biatch, i beat her with max LR without a problem u should try to do it as well :p its fun and she qq to much )
now lets get to what u should get as gear on low level and after that

On low level's while and if this is your first character u should focus on items that give this stats >Maximum life and maximum mana or maximum energy shield (both if possible ) and any kind of ressist(+ to all elemental resistance is the best tho :P ) .

by the time u hit 20/25 u should decide on what to focus more,
maxiumum mana/energy shield/hitpoints.
And probably by now around 20/25 u will start feel that the mana become a little bit a problem ( it will be like this till u get eldritch battery )
Weapon early on try to get atleast [15/20% Elemental Damage Implicit] and if possible +Increased Spell Damage/Elemental Damage.
So i would sugguest to you to try get neck and two rings with increased mana regeneration rate, and keep it like that forever (:! or u will have mana problems, unless u are really high level and a pro ^_*

TLDR before level 25 u need maxn mana/hp/energy shield and any resistance or mana reg if possible.

Around level 40 try to get a good weapon with 20% Elemental Damage Implicit 30/40 or more increased spell damage and cast speed increase ( or maximum mana/int )
also try to get

late game
(after 55+ and u have enough orbs to make a good gear u should aim for this )
Weapon should have this stats
20% Elemental Damage Implicit
minimum 45 increased spell damage/elemental and if possible cast speed ( note its not atack speed it is CAST ) AND maximum mana/intelect
+ socket skill or +Spell Critical Chance is not bad but meh i dont like that (:

( on low level i used Kite shield /etched shield/ they all have + to all elemental resistances)
its kinda like the chestt and belt u should balance with it , but try to aways have +to all elemental ressistances
i reccomend to go for +elemental ressitance to all
+ to all elemental ressitances
+extra resistance,
+maxiumum life/ and if possible extra mana /armor etc

Maximum hp
maximum mana
and if possible
increased armor % /
Increased item Rarity/Quantity

+cast speed
+mana regen
and if possible to have any ressist or main stats or Increased Cold Damage

( im using two prismatic rings with +to all elemental resist + mana reg + increased cast atack speed)
Maxiumum life + % to all elemental resistance +mana reg and if possible +incrased cast pseed and extra ressistances

Well its up to personal opinion here
max mana/hp /energy shiled/ resisistance/incr cold damage high defense, basicly i belive the chest is like this, u pick a chest with the stats u need the most ,aka either mana or 2 kind of ressitance or alot of hp +armor and so on :) u get the idea, most immportan thing about chest is to have linked socket's if possible 4 or 5:) that + good stats make it a great chest!

Its very importan to have Increased cast speed, but as we all know its a hard stats to have on gloves :(
+ Increased Item Quantity/Rarity/Mana
+cold damage

Its the same as the armor, u go for what ever stats u need more
max hp or max energy shield/mana or let say if u need + dex to get an aura or something
at the end of the day good belt should have
+Mana/energy shield
and if possible
+Increased Weapon Elemental Damage

maxiumum life/maximum mana /ressistans and if possible +armor or
Movement Speed
Increased Item Quantity/Rarity

Where should i farm with this "AoE" build and why?
I like to farm places with alot of enemy units, simple because this is an AoE build, with molten shell up and flask of iron skin + good ressistances from ring shield and some other parts u are unkilable in there,more units=more life back from ice nova therefore =imba
Also keep in mind that in those places units are VURNABLE TO COLD (: ( in act2 tho in merc thats nto the case with the zombies, damn mother fucking zombies indeed )
Everywhere else u can feel u can AoE farm without problem is fine too, such places as docks and so on, i personally perfer not to go there but its up to personal opinion.
On those places u will get very easy exp/items orbs and scrolls very fast and easy with this build thats what i love about it

Normal diff
act 1 Ledge from level 6-7 to 18/20
Fellshrine ruins act 2 from 18/20 to 28/30
act 3 the begining from 30 to 40
Cruel act1 ledge from minimum ~35 to ~45
cruel act2 ruins from 42-50
cruel act 3 begining 48 to 55-60(from now on is personal opinion where to go and at what level :)
Merc act 1 55-65
merc act 2/3 65+
Here is some vods on places i like to farm, i will tell you why i perfer there and why i think its a good place to exp/farm.
Act 1>Ledge< act2 >fellshrine ruins act 3> the begining, i have got chains from act2 and 3 on both spots as well as alot of other gems, + the exp is great and its full of scrolls and such
those are very common places to farm, but in case u dont know how link's down below.
here is my run in act 1
Here is my run in act 2
here is my "run" in act 3

I will try to Predict some of the questions u may ask, and will try to asnwer them now (:

why u dont like crit in this build? isn't crit very good? ( well since its AoE build with bunch of armor, when i go in and let say atack 14 mobs, and then 4 more come in range, if icrt and kill the first 14 in 2 hits, i will still have to cast 2 extra novas to finish the new ones that "arrive late" so what differance is it make if i had luck and crit a bit the first ones :)? )

yo rambi u so stupid and shit bro, i saw kripparian use a wand he pro and so on, so i will use a wand as well is it a problem? ( na it dosn't matter really as long as the stats is what u need, tho i dont like crit for this build , but a good wand will work no dout about that )

Well this is all cool and stuff, but if i dont have reduce mana gems, and i dont get eldrich battery fast enoguh , i will have mana problem's dont i ? ( well thats why u can rush battery if u are good enoguh to survive without hp nodes or get good hp/ressitance gear and i also reccomend rings +amulet for mana reg and good mana flak's u will be just fine )

is there any other option i can use for single target dps, because this spell totem is to expensive man and im poor :((((((((( >> yes u can aways try glaciel hammer with auras i linked above and some extra weapon elemental dmg as support sockets and what not, but i really belive if u dont have the totem, u shoudn't go for anything else jsut save some orbs and buy a totem later on )

is it a problem if i dont have molten shell or flask of iron skin ? ( well on the begining u may not have any problems, but as soon as u go on merciless difficulty i think u will have some issues.

can i link ice nova with let say add lighting dmg instead of cold, beacuse i don't have cold right now? ( well i use that at low level's it was not a problem,but i cant say for sure how it works on higher level, it shouldn't be problem till level 40 or so i guess )

How do u manage not to die when u go so close to so much units, i forget to press either the iron skin or the hitpoint flask for extra armor ? ( well try get use to use the flask of iron skin, or buy 2 if that would help, also i try to aways put a molten shield up and curse before going in , and aways hit the flask if units are to close if i do that i normaly don't have any problem at all, untis are frozen all the time)

This is all cool and stuff, but how do u do bosses with this build, isnt the damage to low?( well i did everything by my self till merciless difficulty, at merc i aways join party and to the bosses with them, i give them 4/5 auras so it was really easy i aways tanked and never died with 2 flask of irons :)

Why do u perfer ice nova instead of pusle or in fact ice spear? ( well i would like to think that nova range is really huge and + molten shell when it does explode if u are close to units they aways die (unless its rare ), therefore aoe farm is much more easy and faster, i also dont like the totem play, i like to be in the middle of the fight :) )

Why don't u take elemental damage for weapon nodes? don't u use glacier at the begining atleast ( well not really, i just use nova all the way till merc, it worked fine i only died 2 times i belive and it was on the bosses )

is it possible to go this build with the aura's they are to expensive,( well i i dont think' so auras are like the key in this build they give u the extra mana/regeneration/ressist and armor to survive :) and do help alot in party's )

First i want to say BIG THANK YOU if u have read all this till down here :) and i hope this guide have the SUCCESS that my last guide had ( on blc )
and reach more then 24k view's!
Thank you!
my stream if u have any question ask there or in game, my name si Rambi/Rambii

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