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Path of Exile Dual Wield Blood Rage Duelist Build

Path of Exile Dual Wield Blood Rage Duelist Build by Sean

Hey guys, my names Sean and I love making beast builds!

Here's my epic Dual Wield Blood Tank build.

Feel free to ask any and all questions, I'm always checking this thread while I'm online and will answer as soon as I can!

I will update my current level after every session of play so you know how valid any of this information is.

Current Level: 48

This build is ridiculously strong, just solo'd Piety on Cruel in a 3 man group (my team mates ran away LOL).

As I continue to play it and level up I'll continue to add information to this thread.

Recommended Progression Builds: Remember these are only recommendations, if you feel you need more damage/health, feel free to stray from this guide.

Ok, first off you notice I only have 110 points spent. That's because I opted to help Kraityn and get the +8% to all resists, considering most basic All Resist nodes are +6% I considered this to be a very solid choice.

The Keystones of this build are:
Blood Magic (Uses Health instead of Mana)
Unwavering Stance (Cannot Evade, but also cannot be stunned)
Iron Reflexes (Converts all Evade into Armor)

Here are all the bonuses you get from this build:

Stat Gains:
Strength: +260 (+130 Health, +52% Physical Damage)
Dex: +130 (+65 Accuracy, +26% Evasion - not sure how this interacts with Iron Reflexes)
Int: +10 (optional +30 node for higher crit multiplier gem)

Defensive Gains:
Resist All Elements: +50% (with Kraityn bonus)
Fire Resist: +30% (Puts you just above cap)
Armor Increase: +95%
Dual Wield Block: +22% chance
Reduced Crit Damage Taken: -30%
Increased Health: +137%, and +30 flat Health
Health Regen: +4.8% Health per second
Movement Speed: +10% (Much more due to the "Armour Master" node)

Offensive Gains:
Physical Damage: +140% (+30% of that being Axe only)
Attack Speed: +45% (+2% being Axe only)
Critical Chance: +125%
Critical Multiplier: +15% (easy to buff this with gems)
Accuracy: +16%


Summary of build:
If I had to attach a phrase to this build it would be, "Crazy dude running around with dual Axes that never dies." Poetic, I know.

This build takes the pretty standard tank nodes but with a unique twist in that I used Dual Wield Block. This allows me, with the proper itemization, to still deal massive amounts of damage while still being incredibly beefy.

My thought process behind making this build was simply the fact that I would be able to get the amazing Dual Wield damage and sustain, while only sacrificing the armor gained from the shield. Because of my talents I still have the ability to block. Unfortunately the catch is that you need to get weapons with a high Crit Multiplier on them because this build severely lacks it. The Attack Speed increases allow me to get huge Life Leech/Life on Hit sustain.



Possible Skill Gems to use:
Dual Strike
Lightning Strike/Cleave (I prefer Cleave, I'll tell you why later)
Lead Slam
Warlord's Mark
Molten Shell
Blood Rage (Only use after you have at least 4% Health regen per second)
Decoy Totem (I know it sounds incredibly bad, but in the harder difficulties this guy will be your best friend.)

Possible Support Gems to use:
Life Gain on Hit
Life Leech
Faster Attacks (Scales really well with Life Gain/Leech)
Lesser Multiple Projectiles (If using Lightning Strike)

Why Cleave instead of Lightning Strike?
Because of the fact that I use the Warlord's Mark curse. The curse gives you a good amount of Life Leech, but only with Physical Attacks (Which Lightning Strike is not). Also, all the Physical Damage nodes you're picking up in your tree will apply to Cleave, but not Lightning Strike.

This isn't a huge deal at lower levels.

However, after level 40+ you will definitely see a noticeable increase in damage and health sustain with Cleave.

Why not use Blood Rage earlier?
I've actually been asked this a fair amount. Blood Rage degens 4% health per second, this build regens 4.8%. So once you grab all the Health Regen nodes you will still be gaining some life while Blood Rage is active. Using this skill early on is really just preference. At lower levels you will be taking some degen, therefore the importance to always be hitting something is there. Once your regen is past the 4%, you can maintain the ability and not worry about having to stay whacking something.

My Gem Setups:

Cleave with Life Gain on Hit and Fast Attacks is a MUST in my opinion. Every enemy you hit will proc the Life Gain, and with the extra attack speed you will be able to sustain yourself through ridiculous damage. Of course another gem perfect for this is the Melee Physical Damage gem, I just haven't been able to get my hands on one.

Dual Strike with the same setup as Cleave. For any of your Physical Damage Abilities you will want a setup similar to the Life Gain/Fast Attacks/Melee Damage support gem setup.

Anything else is really preference.


Basic Combat Rotations

Single Target Fights: Basically, you are spamming Dual Strike on the target while maintaining Max Frenzy Orbs on yourself and Warlord's Mark on the target.

AoE Fights: As you engage a fight you want to have Molten Shell up and put Warlord's Mark on all the targets, then Cleave until your hand gets tired. Molten Shell is not worth recasting during a fight due to Cleave's high damage and life gain.

Full Build:


Feel free to post any thoughts/comments, I'd love to hear them.

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Anonymous said...

Which stats on gear would you recommend going for?

Anonymous said...

The skill tree is blank for me can you post it again

Anonymous said...

I may be very wrong about this (since I'm still newb in this game), but I think that the skill tree is this one: