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SMITE Beginner Tips

SMITE Beginner Tips by infinity 2209

~General (This will relate to tips for generic gameplay, not related to specific gods.)

1. You may buy up to five of two different consumables. As in you may have 5 health potions and 5 mana potions. Wards and elixirs also count toward this total.

2. It is incredibly easy to destroy a tower/phoenix late game , so don't get into the situation when 5 of you are slowly poking that tower with 4 enemy gods underneath it , while the 5th one has already destroyed your 2 towers and is in the middle of the phoenix. - Lasperic.

3. Upgrading items is always more cost efficient than buying new ones. The only exception is buying your second item and upgrading it to 3 before upgrading your tier 2 boots.

4. Voice commands are activated using V. Follow the onscreen keys afterwards to call the command you need.

5. You may ping the map by holding space, then clicking the map as you would in LoL.

6. Last hitting will grant bonus gold, over simply being near the creep when it dies. You may see your total amount of last hits (Also Known as CS-Creep Score) by clicking your name under the score board (tab).

7. Taking minion aggression early in the game is a surefire way to lose your lane. Those minions hurt ALOT more than in LoL. It's very much possible to die to minions alone if you go extremely aggressive and take focus from an entire wave, or two.

8. The general setup is 2-1-2. The character that takes the middle lane is usually a mage, due to there need for extra experience as there skills scale in damage with levels much more than a tank or an assassin. However this doesn't always hold true, other characters can also take mid.

9. Jungle buffs have the following effect, in order of overall usefulness (In my opinion of course, varies from god to god):

Blue - Mana regeneration
Yellow - Physical and magical protection
Green - Health regeneration
Orange - Movement speed
Red - Damage
White - Cooldown Reduction

The golden fury will give gold to the entire team. While the fire giant will give a stat buff to the entire team. These will be located on the left and right of the middle of the map. Which side there located on YOUR map, depends on which perspective your playing from.

10. You may mute someone in your own team by clicking the megaphone button in the scoreboard next to there name. It's not possible to speak with the enemy team while in game, however you may speak to them in the after game lobby.

11. Use meditation before using mana potions - VersionThirteen

12. Never go through enemy towers just to get a kill mid/early game, it's an instant trap. - nightorb

13. If you're being pushed to your tower, and a ranged hero is trying to add damage to the tower stand in front of their shots. As soon as you get hit once the tower instantly goes on a warpath hitting the enemy hero. Early game if you save your cc, or what have you it's an easy kill against the often overconfident enemy. - Naleag

14. If any enemy has LOS (line of sight) of you , everyone can see you on the map. use the fog of war (anywhere there isn't an enemy structure or minion) to your advantage. - Lasperic

14. If the first wave of minions come and the enemy is not in sight on your lane, it might be a good idea to check the creep camps next to the lanes as it might be a good surprise gank (an enemy attacking you from behind) opportunity . Beware though that if you don't see enemy gods on ANY lane , it might mean trouble in the jungle. - Lasperic

15. Collision is very important , block that enemy who jumped in the middle of your creepwave early game , and it's a kill. Beware though that you can also block your teammates , if you're slow and a faster teammate is advancing behind you while chasing an enemy through a narrow corridor , if you dont have a gap-closer , just do a little step to free the path for the faster god. - Lasperic

16. 2 hotg (hand of the gods) is a great way to dominate the lanes, go steal their mana or green buff asap. Typically when my friend and I do this strategy we let the support get the blue buff for spammability of utility spells such as slows/heals, and the melee or damage dealer gets the green buff. - RocketCokkit

17. 2 hotg (hand of the gods) + 2 gods with a leap (even hades 1 skill works) can leap from lane to red buff, and instantly take it as soon as their hand of the god is off cooldown. This strategy when applied well guarantees early game dominance. - RocketCokkit

18. The U next to your portrait, in game will show who has there ultimate and who doesn't. If the triangle is lit, it's up. If it's black there either below level 5, or there ultimate is on cool down.

19. To reply to someone in game, type the following: /r Oh, okay. Let's play a game later! You can also use /w name message to message someone who hasn't yet messaged you. /w exampleusername1 Hi!

20. If you know an incoming AOE attack is imminent, you can dodge most of them by being mid air jump straight up in the air when the damage hits. - brettarchey

21. Don't waste your ultimate if it's off cooldown. If you can get a kill without using it, you can save it for much better occasions that may happen after that. - scoutsteel

22. DO NOT hold onto a spell for the right moment to get a killsteal. It's stupid, and that spell might have saved your teammate from death or a lot of damage. - scoutsteel

23. If a phoenix is exposed (no towers between it and the enemy) for either team, and in any lane - then the laning phase is over. Unless you and your team really know what they're doing, you need to group up and stay grouped up, because there's a good chance the enemy are going to be in a group of 5 and thus sending your poor out-numbered team-mates back to the spawn-room with hefty weight times. - Ace42

24. Farming jungle-buffs is a way to give a lane higher potential XP (through not having to share last-hits), and a handy advantage to the jungler. It is NOT supposed to replace team-play needed in mid-late game when people needed to be grouped up for the team-fights. - Ace42

25. After level 12 tanks with heavy physical protection and health can start tanking tower damage with ever-increasing confidence. A co-ordinated effort with a decent tank can potentially take down a full-strength tower without creep support from this point onwards. Don't be scared to engage towers / phoenixes without creeps during the late-game if your team is supporting you; and don't get distracted with enemy minions / Gods when your tank is generously taking a pounding to remove the final obstacle in a lane. - Ace42

26. At mid-late game a counter-push down an opposite lane with your entire team is an effective distraction from a few enemies pushing your lane. Trying to solo-push a lane, however, is a recipe for you getting ganked and your 4 other team-mates getting outnumbered while you're the other side of the map; and again while they've respawned and you haven't. - Ace42

27. Generally the left lane is the best for the friendly jungler. If you want to team-up with a buddy who isn't a jungler, pick the right lane and be prepared to counter the opposing team's jungler. - Ace42

28. Try not to stack the same damage-types in the same lane. While not crucial, giving the opposition the opportunity to build protection against a single damage type can mean the difference between easy ganks and protracted stalemates. - Ace42

29. State your preference for lane at the God selection screen, and pay attention to it. Wasting people's time by making them switch lanes to accommodate you is a great way to give them a level and buff disadvantage that they simply won't recover from. - Ace42

30. Don't lose your cool. You perform worse when you are angry. Maintaining a positive attitude will keep your head clear and enable you to perform better when the situation arises and may net you some new friends in the process. - EndlessSporadic

31. If you know you can't escape an attack like ymir's ultimate, DON'T RUN, just keep attacking him. I've seen plenty of fights that are actually won because the abilities look scary so people run away instead of just fighting. - markovh

32. If you know you're going to die (ganked by a lot of people) and know you can't get a kill and are alone or nobody would benefit from it, don't waste your ultimate or any of the store abilities. - markovh

33. Towers are not worth dying for, virtually nothing is, even if you only need 1 or 2 more hits, run, save yourself and come back. - markovh

34. Minions can easily kill the Minotaur. If you break down the phoenixes, you may not have to do a lot. If you have 3 streams of minions with fire weapons coming in it can be a full time job to try defend. - markovh

35. You can see when the next enemy minion wave is coming by looking where your next minion wave is on the minimap. - aoeui

36. Jungle buff camps spawn 10 seconds after game starter and respawns around 4 minutes after they were killed. -aoeui

37. If an enemy takes a jungle buff camp the icon will still show to you. If you enter that camp it will remove the icon and it will reappear when the it respawns. - aoeui

38. You can place an early ward in enemy health/mana camp to be aware on wether they are jungling or not. You can also wait with buying items and buy according to what your lane opponents buy. -aoeui

39. Odin's passive can see from inside fire giant who is near health/mana camp in opponent lane. -aoeui

40. Don't level up your first ability before you know what you will need. Putting one point into jump instead of your normal skill can save your life. If you are for example Agni or Guan you can always put your first point into dash. -aoeui

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