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Runescape Kalphite King Guide

Runescape Kalphite King Guide by Crupu

Fighting this boss EFFICIENTLY involves the following FROM EVERY PLAYER :
- Knowledge : if you haven't read any guide, it will take you a while finding out yourself everything before you earn money there.
- Teamworking : you have to know what's going on about other players, and risk dieing yourself to save others. Communication also matters for optimal fighting. (Real-time voice chat (Teamspeak) is excellent)
- Intense clicking : food, equipment, abilities, prayers, moving around.

If you miss one of these, you would simply be the guy who comes in, hits, eats, dies, runs back looting his grave, and starts a new cycle again.
If your team is well prepared, a 5-players team could make this boss an enjoyable challenge.

Basic info
- No requirements, no items needed

- Location (view map) : tele-home to Bandit Camp, walk south along the pyramid, then run a few more steps south-east

- If you die : graveyard appears in an *almost* safe place (140's walking around) right next to the entrance

- Maximum 20 players can get in a fight at a time. It works similarly to Clan Wars or POH : when entering the KK Lair, you're asked to either create a team (you'll be the host) or join an existing team (enter host's username).
Other options : the host can decide a minimum combat level, a maximum amount of players (20 max), and even an (optional) secret code to prevent random people joining.

Equipment and KK's weakness

Its weakness switches between the 3 styles : Fire Spells, Arrows and Stab. Tri-briding is optimal there, because the cap damage when hitting with the wrong style is ridiculous. (unless you tank - read Strategy section)

- Example of equipment with Void sets.

- Example of action bar - you will discover their use while reading the KK's attacks.

- Familiar : Titan or Beast of Burden

How the Kalphite King attacks

- FACT 1 :
The KK randomly switches between 3 different forms, which graphically change by the color of the wings: Yellow = Melee, Green = Range, Blue = Magic.
The switch occurs randomly, every 2 minutes on average. The battle always starts with its Melee form.
Each form has its corresponding weakness, according to the combat triangle (Melee form is weak to Magic, etc.). Also, the KK will use specific attacks depending on its form (which means that when it is under its Magic form, you should switch your prayers to Magic Protect/Deflect, and Rigour/Anguish)

- FACT 2 :
The KK always picks one 'main' target, and it never changes until death (OR if another player uses ability 'Provoke').
Most attacks hit multi-players, but are primarily focused on the target.

- List of notable attacks under the Melee form :

• Regular melee attack : a gentle hit with its claws. (other players adjacent to the target might get hit too - need confirmation)

• Bulldozer : glows red/orange, and charges towards its target, pushing everyone on its way. You can get hit from 1k to 3k

- List of notable attacks under the Ranged form : (multi-target)

• Regular ranged attack : stops moving and ranges everyone.

• Big Shards : throws big shards similarly to the KQ.

• Shockwave : hits nearby players (weak)

- List of notable attacks under the Magic form : (multi-target)

• Gas balls (green) : the KK throws floating balls around him & under players' locations, which explode after 5 seconds in a large radius (3x3?). At close range, they can deal above 3000 Magic damage each, and also heal him from the damage inflicted. Lastly, they may deal extra damage over time after the explosion. (bleeding effect)
The more players, the more balls! RUN AWAY, and just stay away until the KK calms down, because this attacks usually comes in 2-4 waves of these bubbles.
Sometimes the KK will stun you before performing this attack, so have your 'Freedom' ability ready for this one.
'Escape' is also of a great use here, so you can work on a combo with Freedom and Escape. You can also run towards the KK, it often works too.

• Gas balls (blue) : direct Magic damage (2000 on average), this attack is less frequent.

- Other attacks under any form :

• Dig : Lifts his feet up, then digs into the ground, and pops up after 5 sec under its target. You may be stunned if you're close to it when it digs
Run away as you see the top of its back emerging from the ground, otherwise you'll get hurt (like Strykewyrms) for 2500-3500 hp.

• Summons Marauders : weak, slightly poisonous. Clear the room when the KK is dead.

• Healing : the KK heals from the damage you do. Stop kicking him. (waiting for screenshot)

The 1-hit lethal attack :
This is actually a series of 3 moves in a specific order, where the 3rd one is deadly.
- Step 1 : the KK stuns its target (you can already guess he's doing the lethal move)
- Step 2 : the KK pukes a green ball at its target, and target gets all green. Target can't move, can't heal, can't use abilities, can't call mom.
- Step 3 : the KK waits about 4 seconds, then claws its target, killing him instantly.

To avoid you from dieing, someone has to use Provoke (ability) to make the KK switch target. The KK is still about to perform Step 3, but this time the target is not paralyzed. He then has to use either Immortality, Barricade or Resonance (stay away from marauders so they don't waste it!).

NOTE 1 : those 3 abilities won't work for the initial target. You can't smartass your way around this, the green thing whatever-it-is will cancel any invulnerability effect.

NOTE 2 : The timing is very short in order to perform Provoke and Resonance (or else). You must make the decision in advance whether you will be the 'saver' or not. (walk around, get a good camera angle, have your abilities ready)


I will talk about 2 types of strategies :
• Mass-fc
• Small organized team
(• Solo : forget it)

1. Mass-fc :

This is a good way to learn, have a look around the place, take family pictures, etc. However it's much less profitable.

Browse the RS forums (Teamwork section) for a popular Friend chat, ask to get added, turn on Lootshare, and simply join the host's game.

Most of the time, massive Friend chats are "free-for-all", which means that you can hardly rely on other people to save your butt. People will randomly die, and you have to hope that you won't be the next.

2. Small organized team :

So far, this is the best strategy I have experienced. I was lucky I found excellent players, and we had a 6- to 8-man team.

Each member of your party will pick 1 of these 3 roles : Tank, Provoker, or Damager

Tank : there should be 2 of them in case one dies. The tank is the KK's target during most of the time, and does not necessarily focus on doing damage, but rather taking the least damage possible.
They can bring different combat styles if they wish, but they could simply kill Marauders whenever the KK is under a resistant form.
IMPORTANT : the tank (as current target) must manage staying in a clear position so that Provokers can see him/her.

Provoker : there should be 2-3 of them. Provokers are the ones who save the tank from the KK's lethal hit. Once safed, the tank Provokes again and the fight continues.
Most of the time they deal damage, so they will have a similar equipment to Damagers. However they have to focus on the tank, spread around the area, so that there's always one who is in a good situation to Provoke safely.
The Provokers are more likely to die (unlike Damagers), so they might bring equipment (& familiar) they can quickly re-equip without any loss.

Damagers : they do damage. There can be as many of them as you want. Tribrid equipment is obviously a must.
Damagers can of course play the role of Provokers, but it'd be better to designate the people who are best at it, to avoid everybody letting other people do it.


Currently, common drops are non-profitable at all.
What matters are Drygore weapons. Quite rare though :P. I think we got 2 weapons drop out of my 200 first kills.

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