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EVE Dust 514 Remote Explosives Tips

EVE Dust 514 Remote Explosives Tips by Sinboto Simmons

1: on an objective/structure/turrets (I'm going to speak on objectives but the same gose for the structure and turrets as well)
on an objective place one Remote Explosive (calling them RE from now on) on the hacking position it's self then place more around the objective resupply for maximum number of res placed (five) then when someone trys to hack blow them up

2:blowing up turrets/structures the RE as stated before has a maximum of five placed down at one time doing so on a hostiles structure or turret will take out the shields (and perhaps some of the armor depending on what version you are useing) so you can do this twice and destroy it or just take some of it down for another squad/team member to take it out.

3:(personally my favorite thing to do besides shooting guys in the face with a sniper at close range) is what I call nano/drop bombs this is a good way to fool someone to their own deaths to do this you need

A:a drop uplink


B:a nano hive

put down a RE and then put down either a drop uplink or nanohive (i've found drop uplinks work better) on top of it so when a hostile shoots the uplink/nanohive it explodes taking them with it best if you put it in a corner or behind something where they will need to get close to shoot at it

4:can't believe I forgot this one if you put a remote explosive down after a while it becomes a mine and if someone steps on it the explosive will go off making them useful to put in choke points where hostiles will most likely move (like the tops of stairs).

5:the ever so likable 'minefield' put down REs in spots where hostiles would take cover setting them off when there are as many hostiles near them as possible best used against squads.

6: the 'FUbomb' if you see a squad/someone that you know you will die fighting drop REs at your feet and get killed,MAKE SURE THE REMOTE EXPLOSIVE IS EQUIPPED TO YOUR HAND WHEN YOU DIE, when the person/squad that killed you is close enough then set them off taking the bastards with you Big smile

7:Injuring hostile armor, the REs pack quite the punch making them useful for destroying or injuring tanks and lavs their arre two ways to do this one being to lay down explosives in the path of the vehicle and detonate as it drives over(I highly recommend you use proximity mines for this as they explode on contact but just in case you do use REs this is here)

you can also run up to a hostile vehicle and drop the REs next to it while a bit harder due to the 360 degree vision of tanks/lavs and their speed (not to mention what will happen if you are not fast enough) this issomething with a high risk/reward and best used against tanks that are sitting still if they have no foot soldier support........or if you thing distroying/injuring a tank is worth a sute.
Ideas from other dusters

1: from Scheneighnay McBob :

Here's how I used REs- go hunting heavies.

When you see a red heavy cutting down tons of people with an HMG, I'll guarantee you that they'll be getting cocky.
Make sure they see you, but also make sure you have good access to cover so they can't hit you (I played ring-around-the-rosy with a heavy by a supply depot once). Then, keep ducking behind cover so they can't kill you, until they get frustrated and try getting up close in personal.
After that point, it's just a matter of placing remote explosives around the corner they're about to come around and inching away until the heavy is right on top of them, then KABOOM! You just OHKed a heavy!

2: from ZiwZih Also, a very good use of RE is -- speed boost! Don't forget to change to RE if you need extra speed to close a distance fast or run away from an incoming pack of killers.

The speed is especially crazy if you have a Scout with double KC equipped, as it's same as when you have only the Knives on.

And lastly, RE, unlike NH or DUP, can be equipped even if you run out of them!

note that there have been some suggestions for proximity mines from KalOfTheRathi however I have very little experience with them at this time I will spec into them and make a new thread concerning them.

if I think of anything or anyone else says something I think is good I will add it above so any ideas you have are wanted my fellow dusters have fun blowing stuff up Twisted

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