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Pocket Legends Paladin Guide


Hey guys, this is Xgaren, bringing you my first guide for Pocket Legends. Keep in mind as of starting this guide my Paladin is only level 25 and my first character, but I'm starting to realize the strengths and weaknesses as well as the role this class plays.

The Paladin is meant to be played as a support-tank. He has a heal, a revive, buffs to increase damage or armor separately, and a large AoE with a chance to stun. This allows you to get some breathing room when you're waiting for your heals to come off of cooldown.


  • 600 Mana to start, which means better restore from mana pots
  • Nice group heal, even stronger for self
  • High survivability if you know how to to use your skills
  • Only other class with a revive skill
  • Can clear entire dungeons without using ANY pots if you stack mana regen items due to having two heals
  • Has a dash skill which is low cooldown

  • Low hit-rate, about 70% accuracy at start
  • Eats mana potions like candy early on
  • Most buffs are very weak until you put in a lot of points
  • Mana regen skill is useless at all ranks
  • Very low multi-target damage

Stat Distribution

STR - You will need a lot. You're a tank, and your survival depends on being able to soak up damage.

DEX - The Paladin has low hit rate, but one 20 second buff gives him plenty.

INT - A few points into early on, to reach 1 mana regen. You'll need 37 to equip the ring I highly suggest buying.


STR - 80%
DEX - 10%
INT - Put in 37 points


- A gap closer, combo starter, and distance traveler for moving through dungeons. Has a bit of knockback. Put only one point into this skill.

Rhino Might
- Very weak, small AoE damage. Rank 1 starts it off with a 20% chance to stun for 3s. Because of its short range and minimal damage, this isn't worth using a point on.

- A pretty nice AoE heal which also increases your health regen for 3s after, effectively doubling the heal for yourself. Keep this skill equal to Redemption.

- Your main damage dealer, which gives you tons of survivability. This skill has a 1-for-1 heal based on your damage dealt, and does double damage when combo-ed. Along with Restore, you will usually not have to use health potions unless Redemption misses. Keep this skill equal to Restore.

Brute Force
- An armor buff for your party, and dodge chance for yourself. You can't have Brute Force and Vital Force active at the same time. Points are better spent on Stone Skin as your main buff.

Divine Aura
- Extremely low mana regen buff for 3s that also costs mana. Absolute garbage. Never spec into this. Ever.

- A large AoE taunt. It doesn't always seem to cause enemies attacking other players to focus you, sometimes takes me multiple casts. It is also very nice for opening chests as it does some damage. Put one point into this as you unlock it.

- A buff that removes negative effects on members of your party and gives a tiny bit of dodge and armor to yourself for 5s. Nice effect to have, but has a long cooldown, and later in PvE you get stunned and frozen lot more than this skill helps with. I have one point in this skill but I don't find myself using it.

Vital Force
- A damage buff for your party, and hit chance / critical hit chance for yourself. You can't have Vital Force and Brute Force active at the same time. This skill is the Paladin's bread-and-butter buff, which you will want to max as soon as possible. You'll find yourself clearing faster and faster as you rank this up.

Holy Tempest
- AoE damage causing whirlwind that can knock enemies back and cause them to have reduced hit chance for 3s. This skill does nice damage and increases in range and debuff chance with each rank. Use this skill after Summon for a chance to stun enemies for a bit. Put one point into this as you unlock it, and keep it equal to Stone Skin.

- Your revive skill. The only class to have one besides the Enchantress. Ranking up only increases the range. Put one point into this as you unlock it.

Stone Skin
- A very strong armor self buff. Use this before diving into a group of enemies. Put one point into this as you unlock it, and keep it equal to Holy Tempest.


You will want heavy gear, with dodge, hit chance, and mana regen. Below are some highly recommended items to consider early on for the Paladin.

Lv. 20 Eerie Haunted Doll
4 Int, 2 M/s, 3 Damage, 7 Armor
bought for 2000g in auction

Platinum Store
Lv. 10 Fine Crystal Ring of Life
1 H/s, 3 M/s, 2 Damage
cost 10 platinum

Why Mana Regen?

The Paladin has two self heals. With mana regen on a Paladin, and any kind of group, you can store all your potions in your stash, go through a dungeon, and come out with 15 of each kind. This is because the Paladin does not have to use potions to survive! The way the game works is until you have 25 of Health or Mana potions, you find them randomly when defeating enemies. You can repeatedly stock them to save up a lot for free.

Also, with high mana regen, you can use all of your abilities without worrying about running out. When you finally do, a short rest of 15 seconds is sufficient to continue and usually finish the dungeon.

How to Fight

Before the mob group, activate Vital Force and Stone Skin (be sure to activate Stone Skin second as it has a much shorter duration). Now taunt the mobs, and use Holy Tempest. Use your Charge!!/Redemption combo whenever possible, as you will need to to stay alive if you're holding all the aggro. Taunt frequently if your teammates are getting attacked.

Level 30 - Stats / Skills / Items


STR - 94
DEX - 24
INT - 37


Skill Rank
Charge!! 1
Restore 5
Redemption 5
Summon 1
Vital Force 6
Holy Tempest 5
Reincarnate 1
Stone Skin 5


Weapon - Iceberg Frosty Hatchet
Helmet - Crusader's Polar Bear Snowcap
Armor - Iceberg Frost Knight Plate
Shield - Iceberg Frozen Shield
Ring - Fine Crystal Ring of Life

There are better helmets, I have yet to see the level 30 frozen Legendary one in the store.


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