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Assassin's Creed Artifact Assault Guide

Introduction: Some of you may remember me doing this for ACR and ACB alliance. Im doing it here again earlier, which means it will be updated as I relearn and get better at the mode. I have a way to go but I should be able to get down a nice bit of info on this. This is a guide for everything artifact assault, tips, prep, routes etc. One important thing is that this is a LIVING guide. Which means I will be constantly updating it with my own observations along with quotes from other informative forum members.

Before the match
In this section ill cover the basics along with profile sets.

1. What is artifact assault?
Artifact Assault is essentially Capture the Flag. Each team has a flag(artifact) and in order to score point you must run the enemies artifact back to your base, while not allowing the enemy to do the same to you. The team with the most artifacts at the end wins.

2. What should be my role as a teammate?
This is entirely up to you. You may need to experiment to find what really suits you. There are up to 3 types of players in AA, although what each entails is different for everyone.

Defenders- These players will stay on their side of the base and defend their artifact from the opposing team. However, where you defend is very important. The best strategy is to have 1 person staying near the artifact, while the other guides the border. Some will play both border and closer to base, t just depends on your style. You still have to have free running skills to be a good defender, because you will have to chase after the artifact more than once. These players are also responsible for guarding their teammates as they capture the enemies artifact, because it can be very hard to outrun 4 defenders by yourself.

Attackers- These players will constantly go after the artifact. This is a MUCH harder job than defenders, because against good teams you may only score once or twice(or not at all). It is a huge grind to try and get one back to your base. Some attackers run straight in and straight out. Others are stealthy and snatch the artifact when the defenders least expect it. Attackers have to know maps and know how to adapt on the fly. It helps to have good teammates when you have the artifact, but a lot of the time you are on your own.

All Around- Really it is best to be versatile. If you defend most of the time, once or twice you should run in with the attackers to force the opponents to adapt. If you attack mostly, you should try guarding the border for a while to see if you can catch attackers. However, no matter your playstyle, once your artifact is stolen you should amost always try and kill the attacker, and if your teammate steals the artifact you should try and help him. Team work is key in AA.

3. What Abilities Should I Use?
Everyone and their mother has a different set of abilities that they use. I am just going to put mine down, and later will edit in others that you all post.

Defensive set 1:

Teleport- Tired of people teleporting out of your grasp? Then teleport right in front of them to give em a taste of their own medicine. Teleport can be used defensively to cut runners off.(I recommend crafting for cooldown and/or time it takes to activate teleport)
Animus Shield- If you are a defender, you will probably get smoked or knifed as you are defending. Animus shield is good for when you knife a runner and know he/she is going to smoke. Animus shield makes them unable to stun you and get away(obviously craft for cooldown so you can use it more often).
Knives- Many people think gun is the better ranged weapon for AA. No. Gun takes time to aim, and has a very long cooldown. Knives on the other hand are instantaneous, dont force the target to drop the artifact, allow teammates to come in for the kill, and is overall more versatile.(I recommend cooldown for this one, as you will need them often)

Unstoppable- This just makes it easier for chases. The runners cant use chase breakers to get away(lifts will get them a fair distance because of the slow animation) and you cannot be stopped by groups of civilians.
Overall Cooldowns- I always use this to boost cooldowns. Abilities are infinitely more useful than perks.

Kill Streak- 7 kill streak. You will get a lot of kills.
Loss Streak- Boost cooldowns

Defensive Set 2:

Tripwire Bomb- Most people put these right on top of the artifact. While this is extremely annoying, it is not the most effective way to use it. Say an attacker has escaped you through a chasebreaker once or twice. Putting the bomb right before that chasebreaker will stop him. The safest bet is to place it near the chasebreaker closest to the artifact, as that is logically the first place an attacker will go.
Closure- If the tripwire doesnt work then you can use closure to stop their running. This class is more for on top of the artifact defending.
Throwing knives- see above

Unstoppable- See Above
Overall cooldowns- see above

Kill streak- 7 kill
Loss Streak- Boost Cooldowns

Note: You can of course mix/match those two sets, I just wanted to give an example of four abilities. These are also not the only effective defensive classes.

Offensive set 1:

Decoy- You really have to master this ability to use it right, but it is one of the most versatile abilities in the game:
1. Use it near the artifact and most of the time the decoy will run straight for the artifact. As it runs past the artifact you grab it and run the opposite direction.
2. You run along the decoy and when you reach the artifact you run the opposite direction.
3. You use it to get a lure then stun, then run(dangerous if there is more than one protector).
4. While you are running with the artifact, you can use decoy to try and get them off your trail. Or at the very least, hope the targeting system screws them and they kill the decoy.
Teleport- This another ability you have to master. It has a much slower startup this time around, so you pretty much have to use it in a chasebreaker(or if you are way in front of defenders. This does not work so well when defenders have unstoppable. If they begin using unstoppable, instead of using it to teleport out try using it to teleport IN. If your teammates are running for the artifact, you know the enemy team will be looking for them. If you teleport right into the base, a couple things may happen:
1. You get away with the artifact(unlikely)
2. You get roof killed but you divert attention away from your teammate.
3. You run off with the artifact but dont make it back to base, but you have lured the defenders away from your teammate.
4. They are going after your teammate so they are out of position to get you.
Knives- If you see a pursuer hop in front of you, knife them and run.

Overall Cooldowns- This is kind of like your go to perk really.
Resilience- Helpful If someone knifes you from far away, as the effect will wear off faster.

Kill Streak- Mass Morph. If you manage to get 6 or 5 stuns(kill buffer) you can mass morph everyone to look like you. This would make it a total ***** for someone to kill you or find you.
Loss Streak- Boost Cooldowns

Offensive set 2:

Teleport- see above
Animus Shield- If you keep getting shot or knived, equip shield. As soon as you hear the ranged weapon sound, turn it on and hope for the best. Or just to be safe as soon as you grab the artifact turn it on.
Knives- See above

Resilience- See above
Sixth Sense- This can be useful to see where your pursuers are coming from, to the side, behind you, etc. it is not a must, but somewhat useful

Streaks are same as above

Offensive set 3:

Quote Originally Posted by DeanOMiite View Post
You didn't put my personal favorite attack strategy, which is morph/disguise

I approach slowly. Preferably not IN a blend group but a short ways behind one perhaps. Or I'll peak around a corner, lock an NPC, then hide back behind a wall. The idea is to THROW morph at a locked NPC, especially a walking group, that is near the artifact. It's best not to do it on a group that is IN the artifact circle because smart players will realize that there is nobody in that group. As soon as the group has been morphed, players guarding the artifact will be distracted and focus all of their attention on that group. At this moment you pop disguise and casually walk towards the artifact, pick it up, and casually walk out, not starting to run until you can get to a chase breaker or until you've picked up an escort. I'd say the majority of my captures (aside from capping against noobs who don't know what to do) have gone down this way. For this it doesn't really matter too much how morph is crafted though I think right now I have one point towards range and one point towards getting an extra NPC changed. I craft disguise to completely mask exposure time so the transformation is practically instant. Unless you're a total a-hole about it, people almost certainly won't notice you popping the disguise.

I'm also really just starting to use firecrackers combined with either animus shield or smokebomb. Reasons to use smoke and shield are obvious, but with firecrackers what I've been doing is approaching the other teams artifact, throwing firecrackers into center of the circle, running in, grabbing it, and running away. This really helps grab against a team that is camping on top of the artifact. It's much less effective against perimeter defenders (as in, guys who hang out on the roofs watching the area, rather than sitting on top of it, which is a much more effective means of defending it, so against those guys, I'll hit them with disruption (crafted for length, 10 seconds disrupted is an eternity)). Anyway...this is very often enough to AT LEAST get me a head start on a capture run and if I need to, I have smoke to pretect me from chasers or shield to protect me from ranged weapons. The good thing is though that even if I don't make it back for the cap, getting the artifact far from the enemy zone is a great way to start the war of attrition that often results in an eventual capture. One guy picks it up, draws all the defenders away, another guy moves in to the base during the chase and picks it up when the first guy gets killed and is able to sift through the now ungrouped enemies. At the very least it creates a very effective havoc.

So yeah...those are my personal AA offense strategies. At least, that haven't been mentioned above. I also have a sprint-assault which is shield/smoke, but that's obvious.
(Ill add more to this part of the guide later.)

During the match

So now that you have prepared for the match, what are you going to do with it? These are some simple tips/tricks for offense and defense.


Getting to the artifacts

You cannot capture the artifact without getting to it first. It is important not to run straight down the middle to the artifact, because you are being high profile and are out in the open. A better way is to go around the back or from the sides. I usually run until I am within LOS of the artifact, because my pursuers are usually there. If they are border guarding, I try to cross the border in a blend group with one of my persona in it. It makes it harder to find and kill me this way. A lot of times you will have to adapt. If you get killed going one way, try the other side of the map. Using abilties like decoy or disguise to mask your approach is another good idea. One important thing about this is PATIENCE and COORDINATION. Dont just be a lone wolf, time your attacks with your teammates. If you are near the artifact and your teammate just died, hide in a blend group and wait to get back. If they find you and kill you, oh well. If they don't, you now have two people going after the artifact, which is much harder to defend. You can also stutter your attacks, having one person rushing the artifact then as soon as he is killed the other person comes in and grabs it and runs the other way.

Running with the artifacts

Once you capture the artifact, having a pre planned route is key. Knowing your maps helps, but since the game is still fairly young I am not going into map specifics but more into the criteria of a good route. You should pick routes that:
1. Are not below roofs: A lot of times you will get roofed if you run in alleys with big roofs. Adding on to this you need to know where your pursuers are, and with buildings/roofs you are practically blind.
2. Are not out in the open. I know this kind of goes against #1, but it is due to the fact that knives are so prevalent that running in the open is asking to be knived(Animus Shield fixes this obviously).
3. Go through a lot of chase breakers. This is the most effective way to escape, due to the fact that your pursuer has to go around and slow down. This is stopped with the unstoppable perk, but even if they have this it still is a good idea to go through chasebreakers(especially lifts because with the long animation your unstoppable opponent will still lose a precious few feet).
4. Goes through building(not open). Being directly under roofs is bad. However, being in an enclosed building is good, because it gets rid of the roofing danger and allows you to see when your pursuers are coming. Just watch out if the pursuers are standing right outside the building.
5. It is always good to know where your teammates are so they can help you out.

When running, there are a few things you should remember:
1. Run forward, dont go side to side too much unless you are directly dodging a pursuer. You are allowing your pursuer more time to catch up this way.
2. Zig zag. If the pursuer is right behind you, try to throw him off. If you jump onto the side of a wall, instead of climbing it jump to the side and keep running. This makes it harder for the pursuer to get you.
3. Know where your teammates are. Run to your teammates in hope they will stun/kill your pursuers. Some wont, but it never hurts to try
4. Think ahead. Lets say you have four pursuers on you, and they are catching up. You know you wont make it, and you know your teammate was right behind you and is waiting for you to die/score. Instead of running straight like usual, run to the other side of the map and lead your pursuers away from your teammate. Try to knife them or smoke if possible. Just get them as far away from your teammate as possible, so when they kill you your teammate has a wide open lane to score.

Attacking Techniques

There are different ways to attack the artifact. People call them different things, but here are a few:

All out rush
This is where your entire team rushes the artifact. This is usually either a last resort or when you want to catch the other team by surprise. It isnt as dangerous as one may think, because if the enemy steals the artifact your team is now on their side ready to intercept them.

Three man rush
Like the all out rush except one person stays behind to guard the artifact. This way you are still mainly rushing, but you have one guy as the backup in case they steal the artifact. It is also useful because if you manage to get the enemies artifact over your line the defender can come out and help you.
Opposite attack
Where two teammates(or four) attack from opposite side of the map and run in opposite directions. This is to confuse the defense.

Overload attack
All attack from the same side, hope one of you doesnt die and breaks through. Can be beaten by a good defense but if only one person is defending you are good.

Sneak attack
When one teammate rushes in to get the artifact, he may only get a few feet before he is killed. But his true objective is to distract the opposing team, while you run off in the opposite direction with the artifact.

There are many different types of attacks, it just depends on your playstyle. These are just some basic ones.


A much easier task then attacking, defending is simply preventing the other team from getting your artifact.

Defending the base

Most people like to stay right on top of the artifact. There are a few ways to do this effectively:
1. Stand on rooftops near the artifact and kill whoever runs past.
2. Hide in a haybale right on the artifact and wait for someone to run by(hilarious if it works)
3. Hide in a blend group(do not just walk around the artifact, you are asking to get stunned or knived)
4. Be a sentry on a high wall or tower. Watch chase breakers and other routes and as soon as you see the targets you can lock them to let the ground defenders know where they are. You can also gun/knife from up there.

Defending the border

Some prefer to guard the border line. If so there a couple ways to do it:
1. Hide in a blend group in a very wide open area. Wait for the targets to cross and go get them.
2. Hide on rooftops and go get them as they pass.
3. Lock all targets and let some get past you to let your teammates take care of them
4. Run all along the border and hope some cross where you are(this might intimidate the opposing team,which could be in your favor)

Defending against a runner

Unless you have a rock solid defense someone is going to steal the artifact eventually. If they do the best option is always to cut them off, not run right behind them. Even if you have to run to the enemy side, just do it. Abilities are also useful here(teleport or knives). If they teleport, just run in the direction they are facing and you will most likely get them before they can move.

Helping a running teammate
Once your teammate crosses the border, you need to go help him out. Kill as many of his pursuers as you can(go for the one closest to him first). You can also tell him if there are any pursuers on your side. Make sure to kill any that were originally going for your artifact, as they are in perfect position to cut them off. If you do get stunned, make sure to lock the target so your runner knows where the pursuer is. Running right with the runner can also help because you can force anyone who jumps at you to kill you or get stunned.

Defending Techniques

Again, there a million but here are some basic ones.

All out protect the base
Terrible idea for any situation. You are not scoring any points, and you are wide open to losing your artifact. Sure it may seem solid for 5 minutes, but once someone breaks your wall and gets past you all(most good players would do it in less than 5 minutes) you are screwed. Teleport also works wonders on teams that do this.

All out protect

If you need to hold a lead, this should be your formation. One person is on the tallest point available and points out any targets coming. One person is on the ground(or lower roofs) to get any that go for the artifact. If the enemy team gets past him, the other two defenders should be guarding the border or border roofs to intercept him. If done well this formation is almost unbreakable. Teleport can be easily intercepted, and you have backup options if someone gets smoked or knived. Make sure if you are the sentry to lock who has the artifact so the border guards know where to intercept him.

Two man protect
One person is the sentry locking everyone and the other is a guard taking them down.

Lone Wolf Protect
If you need points and/or are on a very rush happy team, your best bet is to guard the border. You will kill more targets this way and have plenty of room to intercept the targets when they get your artifact.

Behind enemy lines protect
This one is not done too often. If you have two attackers and are trying to hold a lead, instead of all going to the defense side you can have 1 person still attacking while the other remains on the enemy side within a blend group to intercept the enemy runner as he comes back. He will most likely be guarded though so you have to be careful.

Again there are tons of ways to defend, find out which one works best for you.

Some people may ask "What role scores the highest". There is no easy answer, because it depends on the other team. If the other team has great defenders, the attackers wont score too much. However if the offense does score the artifact, they then have someone right on their backs that they can kill for a ton of bonuses. Defenders just depend on how many people attack, if the entire other team attacks then you get kills/streaks and the like. If no one on the enemy team attacks, you just kind of sit there and score no points.

That is it for now. If you have anything you would like to add just post in the thread(I will use quotes so credit is given where it is due). I will do routes at a later time seeing as I am not familiar enough with the maps yet. I hope this helps some out.

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