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SMITE Anhur Complete Guide

SMITE Anhur Complete Guide by OddArcade

I aim to deliver basic, yet informative guides to the way I play certain Gods. This is only one of many ways to play  Anhur, make sure to test out your own builds and spell orders. Also make sure to check out my YouTube channel for already made Smite Video Guides to see how I play the gods personally. Click Here For Video Guides...

 Anhur is truly one of the best AD Carrys currently in the game, his stun combo allows him to burst down and kill nearly all Gods right from the start off. Not only can he contest against all Gods, but he can also escape with ease.

Pros / Cons

- High damage Early/Mid/Late game
- Potential Full Health Burst
- High amount of Utility (slow, stun and knock-back)
- High poke damage
- Quick wave clearance

- Can be very mana hungry if not played efficiently and with  Meditation
- Combo can be very hard to hit and situational
- Squishy if caught out

I found when playing  Anhur, (like every other God in the game) its great to get fed, and  Anhur is very capable of doing so with the right build and play style.

This build focuses on early Critical Damage to destroy enemies, both with and without the buff from your Shifting Sands ability. Rushing a Deathbringer and Titans Bane allows for crazy high Physical Damage, Critical Chance and Physical Penetration that no God (even  Ymir) will be able to stand up to.

Beings as Shifting Sands buff is a percentage damage buff, stacking as much Physical Power as possible will boost your damage done by as much as possible. This build has a lot of Physical Damage from the off and allows you to dominate early game.

 Healing Potion
Purchasing 5 Healing Potions will be enough to last and seriously help your early game Sustain, allowing you more opportunities for kills and helping you push the tower you so hopelessly desire to crumble.

The idea of using Meditation is to allow Spell Spamming.  Anhur's Impale is a great damage dealer to both enemies and minions (when hit in a line), so being able to use this item over and over again is a great advantage to have in the laning phase.

 Warrior Tabi
This item is a no brainer for  Anhur as it has all of the stats that this build focuses. Physical power and Attack Speed, along with the Movement Speed makes this item almost an essential.

A lot of people take this item last but I personally think the Critical Chance and Damage, along with the massive increase in Physical Power is too great to overlook at early game.

 The Executioner

 Titan's Bane
Titans Bane isn't and essential early game item, but I do take it second for the sheer fact that almost no one will be able to defend/counter-build against your early game damage due to the high Physical Penetration.

The Attack Speed this item grants will give you even more chance for your Auto Hits to Critical Hit. As well as this, Fatalis grants a 10% Movement Speed boost which will help you both catch up and escape enemies.

 Frostbound Hammer
This is a great item to Combo with a Fatalis and other Attack Speed items, the faster your Attack Speed, the more ticks of slow you can afflict. This will also grant bonus Health which could turn the tables in a sticky situation.

 Soul Eater
Soul Eater will give you additional damage through its Attack Speed and a great amount of late game Survivability through its Lifesteal.

Shifting Sands

Shifting Sands gives you a damage percentage buff of 20%/25%/30%/35%/40% and when maxed this ability can give you some serious bonus damage.

Impale is Anhur's best friends and is the core of your combo and poke damage. Maxing this skill first is essential for early game success and therefore late game success.

Disperse is mainly helpful for the maneuverability, allowing Anhur to escape and catch up with enemies, but the knock back effect is often overlooked. When solo-laning as Anhur a Disperse past the enemy can knock them back into your minions and further away from the safety of their tower, but I can also knock them into your tower, its hard to pull off and the effect radius is small, but its worth taking into consideration.
 Desert Fury

DIEDIEDIEDIEDIE! Stun the enemy, receive Shifting Sands buff and nuke the hell out of the enemy. Desert Fury is the finishing move in Anhur's most effective combo and will destroy enemies, especially stunned enemies, allowing all ticks of your spell to hit.
Combo - Obelisk Impale
****ing Sands/Impale/Desert Fury

This is Anhur's combo and allows you to tap into he's nuke damage. When pull off correctly this combo will either one-shot or deal a significantly high amount of damage to almost any God.
1.  Shifting Sands
Initiate the combo with a Shifting Sands, try to line the middle of the skill radius up so its just behind the enemy...

2.  Impale
As soon as you have cast ****ing Sands, instantly cast Impale. If Shifting Sands has been laid down correctly, Implae should stun the enemy up againts your own obelisk...

3.  Desert Fury
This is your chance to unleash your ultimate, Desert Fury. Beings as the enemy is stunned, your chance of hitting the enemy with every tick of your ultimate is increased.
This combo is quite hard to get the hang off and a Video demonstration is included in my following

Build 1: Mid Lane
This Build includes the ability  Meditation as it gives you very good sustain in the early game and a huge advantage over an enemy without  Meditation.

Build 2: Duo Lane
This build drops  Meditation as in the Duo, the price it costs is much better used on early upgrades of Warrior Tabi. This is becuase in mid lane you can not just leave your tower to go back and regain some mana... defenceless. In the Duo lane this isn't really a problem as you'll always have a laning partner to cover for you. You will be able to deal more early damage, build  Deathbringer quicker and simply back when needed.

 Creeping Curse Will come in handy for those times when you have nothing left and they're getting away. It's cheap and will secure you a few kills

Thank you for taking the time to read my first Smitefire guide, I hope I have covered the basics and have achieved what I aimed to do, a simple yet descriptive guide for people new to  Anhur, AD Carry Role or even Smite.

Please get back to me guys, your input really helps me improve my quality of information, im here to help you and if you can help me do that, it is always much appreciated.

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