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EVE Dust 514 Charts

 EVE Dust 514 Charts by Mogar Bobac

Hey guys Big smile, So I've seen some charts here and there from people posting collected information. Most of it's good stuff. I've made some charts myself and I thought it'd be helpful to post them all in 1 area. Now I don't own all of these and i'm gonna find out who made what later. To make things easier I'll be condensing the info from the Optimal range thread Here with the market place weapon Spreadsheet you'll see below. I shall also be "tweaking not Nerfing" each of the spread sheets you see so that you won't have to learn how to read each new sheet. Some sheets need not be reworked because there amazing as they stand. I haven't finished reworking all the info but im done for today.These are all google doc spreadsheets but you shouldn't need an account to view them. EvilNEED I REMIND YOU ALL OF THE NDA?Evil I think not... but these sheets can only be seen by the people with access to the links. So don't muck it up for everyone. We all worked hard on these for the benefit of the dust community. Use them well Dust Bunnies

Vehicles by Mogar Updated 1/4/2013 Added Militia Vehicles
Shields by Mogar Updated 12/22/2012
Armor by Mogar Updated 12/22/2012
Blasters, Missiles and Railguns Oh My by Mogar Updated
12/24/2012 Added Small Blasters, Small Missiles, DPS and Optimal range column
12/27/2012 Added Large Missiles and Small Railguns, Changed name of Sheet
1/4/2013 Added Large Railguns
Dust 514 Marketplace Guide: Weapons
12/23/2012 will be making a separate sheet for laser rifles
1/4/2013 Added Nova Knives
Assault Dropsuit Spread sheet by Aeon Amadi up to date
Logistics Dropsuit Spread sheet by Aeon Amadi up to date
Scout Dropsuit Spread sheet by Aeon Amadi up to date
Heavy Dropsuit Spread sheet by Aeon Amadi up to date
Dust Skill Points

For any one who would like to add something or suggest something or even see that somethings amiss with the info please reply
and don't forget to give the people who worked hard props

FOR CCP: I have the privacy settings set that anyone with the link can view it - as such, the only area these links have been posted are on this thread. I claim no responsibility for anyone sharing the information with anyone outside of the beta.

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