Simple Guide For Archer

Since I'm free today I shall create a simple guide for archers casher/non-casher. I'm a lvl 66 archer been playing for a while now and I do see the pro and con of archers.

Pro : most needed job when come to mp 60 and 65 due to Scatter and Deep Freeze
Con : depending on your luck for crit most of the time and high rage needed

First of all lets start with skills that u have:

Max all passive skill as soon as u can

Arrow Strike - max this skill since you going to use it most of the time for building rage

Multi shot - max this skill due to 100% crit with 2 arrows and low cool down

Bloodthirsty strike -at low lvl u might need it in cata and bg. save your skill points for other skills, pump on this skill if you have spare

Delphic sniper - The highest dmg skill you have but 80 rage needed to cast it, don't waste on this unless you have double skill(cash player)
I know you guys must be wondering why not get this skill since its the highest dmg skill and can be use in wb. I will explain it on the later part.

Lunatic Fire - The only so call AOE skill u have. if u have double skill u can max it like delphic sniper. non cash players u can skip this skill cos at high lvl u dont get to use it much.

Delphic Death Star : Don't even think about adding into this skill since it need 100 rage to cast. How many time u get a chance to cast this skill?

Poison Arrow - useless skill but you still have to max it because of Deep freeze

Deep Freeze - Max this skill. This is one of the most needed skill for you to clear cata 100 and mp 60 above

Armor Piercer - Max this skill. U will need this skill for wb and Incendiary Shot

Scatter Shot - lvl 2 before u reach lvl 60 cos u need this skill to debuff mp 60 boss

Incendiary Shot - U need this skill in mp 60 and above so max it

Total 33 skill points needed for this set of skills which mean at lvl 66 u can have all this

main skill set
skill 1.jpg
2nd skill set if you have enough balens to buy double skill set
skill 2.jpg


lvl 40 -Pristine Willpower,Pristine Fortitube,Pristine Force and Pristine Sniper Edge

lvl 50 - Enhanced Determination

lvl 60 - Enhanced Illusion

Get only yellow astral and min lvl 5 as soon as you can



Mix and match around Patk.pdef,mdef,hp

leave crit out unless u have legend set

Gears stat :

refine and refine untill u get Power, PATk and Crit. And for the other 2 u can have either def or hp. Just remember you don't need any block or charisma.

Now we come to world boss(wb)

For me I only use 3 skills for wb AS,MS and AP. You must be asking why not delph or DF? ok here is my answer.

First u start with MS cos of 100% crit high dmg and it give u extra 4% dmg after that. Next AS so that u can charge your rage to 35. MS again, now u have 8% extra dmg, not to mention about those double attack in-between and their crit, so u should have about 45 rage and + 10% extra dmg. Next u cast AP, hmmm why AP and not delph? The reason is very simple, delph need 80 rage and AP need only 35 rage. U can cast AP every round u get in while delph only once in 2 turn and thats provided u got high crit to charge enough 80 rage. You should be asking why not DF since DF have higher base dmg and also use 35 rage? DF slow in casting(jumping up in front of wb to cast) and DF don't work on wb. While AP lower wb pdef + extra 25% dmg using QTE. Next skill you cast is back to MS again and follow by AS with a total of 6 hits max dmg every round.


But due to the talent skill Potency for AP u might be able to cast twice on AP so replace one of the AS to AP

For me lvl 66 with 13.8k patk and 2.2k crit the earning I get are min 56k to 58k gold/dura every round. Don't have to pull hair over crit. And if crit god is on my side I can reach 65k earning. Not to mention that I don't change my gems to crit or using floating dmg astral.

Group Arena:

Cool to have luna in GA but how many time u get a chance to charge 45 rage before u die dueling with all those AOE from mage?

This is how I set my skill during GA.

Alway get first cast so MS first, follow by Holy seal(talent skill) then MS again while your rage still at 30. Next cast AS follow by MS. By now u should have min 35 rage, u can cast AP or Scatter if there are knights and archers.(No hair pulling when u don't get crit again)

Why MS and not AS first? Cos MS give every of your team mates 4% extra dmg while AS don't give that unless it is crit. If those of you using luna then u might be pulling your team down when u don't have crit for that extra dmg buff.

My stat.jpg

Many misunderstanding about archer class. So call a dps class but most of the time u are just a supporting role

Hope you like this build and enjoy archer class. Don't scold me if you hate it.