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Path of Exile Charge Templar Build

Path of Exile Charge Templar Build by Struyk


PM me for questions!

This build is MADE FOR


Use build without blood magic auras if you dont have many items that require low life ( only use blood magic on discipline and tempest shield if needed )

You can use this build without it, but it's not recommended!
Try to get some uniques with low life bonuses before you try this!

1 - Resists
2 - Skill Point
3 - Endurance Charge

* You can't die even when you lose connection ( vs non chaos mobs )
* Enemy has to out damage your life leech + energy shield regen + flask recharge rate at the same time before they will be able to kill you.
* Perfect for HC and PvP
* High Shock Chance with Double Strike ( 2x 30% per cast )
* Great in team ( share endurance charges, tank and ALOT of auras )

* VERY low hp so you:
* Need good gear before you make this character or you WILL die.
* Need 75% Chaos Resists
* Avarage DPS



6 Linked ( Single Target Nuke )
Infernal Blow
Added Fire Damage
Faster Attacks
Increased Weapon Damage
Increased Chance to Ignite
Increased Elemental Weapon Damage

4 Linked
Molten Shell ( AoE Skill )
Iron Will
Elemental Proliferation
Chance to Ignite

4 Linked ( AoE Farming )
Reduced Mana Cost
Tempest Shield

4 Linked
Spell Totem
Any Spell
Faster Casting
Iron Will

3 Linked (15% Reduced mana cost from passives so 32% will be reserved)
Blood Magic

3 Non-Linked
Enduring Cry
Blood Rage

Zealot's Oath:
The Bread and Butter of this build.
Life Regen applies to Energy Shield instead.
If we got 10000 Energy Shield with 10% Life Regen / Sec we will get 1000 Energy Shield per Second.

I took this skill because its way easier to get a huge amount of energy shield then to get a hgue amount of life ( normal amount of life at around level 70-80 is 2.5k to 3k ).

Life Regen:
Passives: 2.5%
Endurance Charges: 0.2 * 6 = 1.2%
Vitality: 1.4% * 30% = 1.82%
Ambu's Charge: 2%

TOTAL: 7.5% Energy Shield per Second

Elemental Equilibrium:

Enemies hit by your attacks gain +25% resists to the elements hit with and -50% resists to other elemental you DID NOT hit with.

We will be hitting with:
Totem - Cold Damage
Tempest Shield - Lightning Damage
Molten Shell - Fire Damage
Infernal Blow - Fire Damage

This means that when your totem hits an enemy, they will get -50% fire and lightning resists and +25% cold resists untill you hit with Infernal blow, which will give your enemies -50% cold and lightning resists and +25% fire resists.

Try to get same attack speed as your totem, this way you will never hit an enemy twice in a row with the same element.

Inner Force:

We will be getting +30% increased effect of buffs:

All Auras
Blood Rage
Tempest Shield block buff
Molten Shell armour buff
The three Resistance flasks
Chaos Flask
Granite Flask

This means Discipline will give 30% more ES for example.

Gear you are looking for:

A GOOD Shield ( most important )
75% Chaos Resists is needed
High Physical Damage 1H mace
High Armor/ES Gear
IAS / Physical Damage Rings
Attack Speed Gloves
High Flask Mods Belt

Good Uniques:

There are many many uniques that work great with this build!
See them here:

Koam's Signet ( get 2, cheap and very good with Ambu's Charge )
Araku Tiki
Eye of Chayula
The Magnate
Ondar's Flight
Lioneye's Paws
Honourhome ( very good )
Geofri's Crest
Chitus' Apex
The Supreme Truth


2 Life Flasks ( Slow Recovery and instant recovery with dispel burn and dispel frozen )
1 Mana Flask ( 100% Increased Recovery on Low Life )
1 Chaos Resist Flask or Elemental Resist Flask ( bring all, equip depending on map )
1 Quicksilver Flask with increased movement speed


80% All Resistances
Huge Damage Reduction from Armour
Insane amount of ES
10%+ ES / Sec ( Imagine having 10k+ ES... )

Armor Reduction:

* 30% Armor Reduction from 6 Endurance Charges
* Shitload of Armour from Gear
* x% bonus from Armour passives
* Determination

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Anonymous said...

Honestly why do you not have Fire Penetration? It's a far greater return on your damage in all high level instances.