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Path of Exile Dual Physical Wand Ranger Build

Path of Exile Dual Physical Wand Ranger Build by Iao

Build Information
This is a build I've been working on for awhile, trying to make a truly unique build that is still very viable. The reason I decided to dual wield wands is because:

  • There are ample dual wielding and projectile passives in the dexterity area that are meant for completely different build types, but this way you can use the best parts of both worlds.
  • Wands, as Intelligence weapons, have some of the highest base critical strike chance.
    • With all the Increased Critical Strike Chance from passive tree nodes of the first option and 4 Power Charges (525% altogether) a wand with 8% base Critical Strikes Chance will have exactly 50% to perform a Critical Strike.
  • You have higher attack speed potential than bows.
    For example, an Imbued Wand's base attacks per second is 1.5. With the dual wielding 10% increase, it becomes 1.65 attacks per second, more than a Thicket Bow's base of 1.55.
  • This is the only way to get block chance when using a projectile weapon. It really isn't needed, but it's a nice bonus.
  • Wands as physical damage weapons need some love, other than from Marauders!

The main problems I face with this build are:

  • At low levels it can be tough, so I choose to stick with a bow or wand and board until I begin taking dual wielding passives.
  • Finding high physical damage and attack speed on wands is also tough, and you also need about 100 Intelligence from gear to use the best wands. It is especially difficult because you need two.
  • It's almost imperative that you use the Blood Magic support gem for your Frenzy skills until higher levels. I had switched to Mana Leech + Slitherpinch at around level 59.

Here are the skilldrasil route main focuses:

  • Grab all Frenzy-related passives, Point Blank, and Iron Reflexes.
  • Make use of the most optimal dual wielding, projectile, and critical strike passives.
  • Maintain high survivability for Hardcore in Open Beta.
  • Grab any closeby Intelligence for wands.
Why Point Blank?

To me, the ideal skills are:
  • Frenzy + Chain or Fork, for area support gem focus
  • Another Frenzy, for single target support gem focus
  • Power Siphon + Chain/Fork + Greater/Lesser Multiple Projectiles, for Power Charges and Culling Strike
  • Critical Weakness (or Projectile Weakness until later levels)
  • Hatred
  • Grace
  • Clarity + Blood Magic Gem (optional)
  • Bear Trap (optional)
Why Frenzy and not Power Siphon for single targets?

  • Area of Effect
    The method is to use the area focused Frenzy on mobs and Power Siphon when their health is low so that it hits around half to all of the enemies on-screen with Culling Strike for Power Charges.
  • Single Target
    The single target focused Frenzy is used on elite, unique, and boss enemies, relatively quickly chopping each down. Use Power Siphon when health reaches around 25%.
  • Curses
    Use Critical/Projectile Weakness general damage enhancement or as Power Charge substitutes. This is especially useful at lower levels but I find myself taking enemies down quickly enough without curses at higher levels.
  • "Kite Trapping"
    For more difficult enemies, get a little further ahead of it/them but with a clear path to fire down. After you stop, start using the area of effect attacks in the general direction of the enemy/enemies (as long as you know you'll hit them, it is quicker to do than targeting individual enemies) coming toward you. The closer they get, the more damage you'll do to what's in the front of the pack. With the perfect distance, you can easily take them/it down before they reach melee range.

  • Positioning
    When killing enemies it is best to be just close enough to get a significant bonus from Point Blank but also just far enough so that you won't easily be hit. If they/it comes into range, you may be hit but that's defended against with 27% Block Chance and likely enough armor from Grace + Armor through Iron Reflexes.
  • Movement
    Constant movement can be a very helpful defense to avoid hits or prevent enemy actions. For example, when fighting Brutus you can avoid every attack even at close range if you understand the timing of actions and still take him down relatively quickly. This is a universal rule of any build though many still don't realize.

Hatred, Clarity, and Grace are the three ideal choices when it comes to reserved mana cost skills.

Skill Tree


  • 0.4 - Both options now include Mind Drinker and 15% Increased Power Charge Duration (12/22/12)
    • 1 +32% Increased Damage, +60% Increased Critical Strike Chance, +8% Increased Maximum Life, +30 Strength
    • 2 +60% Increased Critical Multiplier, +10% Increased Attack Speed, +12% Accuracy Rating, +20 Intelligence
  • 0.3 - with some changes by vankeris (12/7/12)
  • 0.2 - with changes by aimlessgun (12/3/12)
  • 0.1 - (12/3/12)

  • 0.3 - (12/7/12)
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