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Path of Exile 1H Mace Hardcore Marauder Build

Path of Exile 1H Mace Hardcore Marauder Build by BaneoftheLight

Now... it's not so much about the final build, but as to how I got there.

There are a few MUST have abilities you need to get pretty early. Blood Magic and Resolute Technique are two huge ones.

Really at first I just concentrated on life and regen, taking the path right from the mara start to right before diamond skin (though taking diamond skin MUCH later), make my way over towards resolute technique. I also try to get the % hp leech skills pretty early. I ignore those mace and damage nodes until I need a boost in damage (getting by with weapons with high damage rolls). I then make my way towards the blood magic and blood magic keystones. I head towards the duelist area for their HP and regen nodes after that. Berserking and Armor Master are too passives I grab along the way.

I then head up from the dex gem into golems blood and all those life nodes there, then head up to water dancing, might, and the rest of the close life nodes. I don't take the shield blocking nodes quite yet, though you might decide to get them sooner.

Then I head back from the STR node I got above Resolute Technique, and make my way towards the templar area. The totems are optional this early, it depends on your needs. I got by with just a single decoy totem and sometimes a rejuvenating totem which I rarely used, and didn't really have the links and slots to add a better totem earlier on.

So I go up and grab fitness and the life nodes near it, then follow the STR nodes downward in the templar area to get the other close life nodes and the discipline and training node.

Sometime around when I get to merciless I'll grab that one diamond skin node (though if I can max out resists with items I can just refund that and place it elsewhere)

I fill in the damage nodes (most of which are close by and add huge amounts of damage) as I need them. I head up and grab the other templar life nodes, the 2 int nodes aren't a complete waste because there are a few skill gems I use that require INT (increased area of effect or increased concentrated effect, wrath, etc)

Then I just throw in the rest of the damage nodes I might have missed you see there, and the shield blocking skills.

My main skills are of course ground slam and heavy strike, and my general strategy is to summon a decoy totem, and just ground slam enemies. Culling strike works wonders with these two. When it comes to heavy strike, I try to link as much damage as I can. Melee physical, culling strike, added cold damage or added fire damage, etc. With Ground Slam, increased AOE works very nicely.

I use decoy totem, and mainly flame totem(with iron will greater magic projectiles and fire penetration) but I also have rejuvenating totem. I also use endurance cry, and I use the auras that don't use a percentage of HP and just set amounts (anger, wrath, etc). Some play "theory path of exile" and say to link blood magic to your spamming attack skills, and use auras from MP, but it's not worth it in my opinion. You are basically wasting a skill gem slot for the blood magic on both your main attacks, and it GREATLY increases the cost of the skill. There really aren't a lot of good auras you need with this build anyway. Armor/Evasion/ES increases are worthless to you. You could use a regen aura, but your larger costs of HP you are using for a weaker skill compared to pure blood magic is just going to offset that.

Armor as a stat loses it's effectiveness the higher the difficulty you go. Sure you need some, but by level 60, the difference between 100 armor gloves and 200 armor gloves is very miniscule. Better to just crank up the HP as much as possible, and worry about getting your elemental resists max or close to it. For weapons, I concentrate purely on physical damage. It's easy to stack, and you get the most out of percentage life leech type abilities.

Anyway that's my build in a nutshell I use in HC. Defeated all difficulties solo with ease, and now I just ran maps with others and work on perfecting my items.

The beauty of this build is you don't need amazingly rare or godly items to do it.

Passive Skill Tree

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