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Elsword Ranger Tips

Elsword Ranger Tips by Lenne

What to do:

*XX Loop: Rena's core arrow spamming attack for those who want to take a break from kicking as a Ranger. This is basically shooting the first two arrows over, and over, and over, and over again. All you do is hit XX, then hold a movement key and XX immediately again, and repeat. It keeps opponents in place for about eight arrows, and does more damage overall than a finishing XXXX. It's also more annoying to bother people with. This also aids extra damaging when helping others so that you don't knock the opponents down with XXXX so soon to ruin their combos.

*Siege-Z key on close-up enemies. If you lock an opponent with a physical attack followed by the Siege close-up hit, your enemy is wide open for some deadly arrows.
**Siege-Shot Reset: Want to shoot more than five times at once? Just enter Siege, fire up to four shots, THEN hit the Siege key and you'll be able to shoot up to five more shots! This is because the game recognizes you as entering Siege again, therefore, your shot-count is restarted. A very effective trick for those who want to PvP at the early levels. Be aware that this uses a lot of mana, so be sure to have 100MP or more before doing this.

*Siege-X key on far enemies on the screen. This means get in Siege Mode and hit X if you can see the enemy at a far distance but still on your screen. Do not Siege-X up close, that is risky, especially in PvP.

**>>^Z. This is Rena's best way to cover distance. Basically dash and jump and Z and the instant you hit ground, dash, jump and Z again. You can also spam this to do about a 6 or 7 hit combo (PvP wise), but to do so is only available after advancing to Combat Ranger, as doing the attack in Ranger job will knock down enemies.

What NOT to do:

*NEVER EVER ZZZZ. It may give a boosting finisher damage, but this knocks down enemies and a rule to comboing is NEVER KNOCKDOWN, or do most hits possible without knocking down. If you do this attack in dungeons or PvP I will make sure you are stabbed. With arrows.

**NEVER EVER XXXX. Firstly yes it is powerful and hits multiple opponents, but it is slow and leaves you open. If you really want to arrow spam, then do the XX loop.

Combat Ranger: Tips

**Storm Stomping: With the advancement your ^^Z can now become ^^ZZ. The change is that the stomp does not knockdown like the Ranger job would do, and so, you can repeatedly do ^^Z over and over as fast as you can for about 7 or 8 hits; this is nicknamed storm stomping by some players.. This is a good trick if you want to annoy your opponent somewhat.

**Storm Stomping v2: Instead of repeatedly ^^Z-ing over and over, you can v^Z. If on a platform which you can fall through, you can fall and then immediately jump back up and stomp. This is very quick, but note that you won't hit enemies in front of you as often when facing them with your back. Also, this is trickier to pull off.

**>>^ZZ: As said earlier, >>^Z is the best way to cover ground. If you decide to use >>^Z repeatedly on an enemy, and you want to ensure you want to keep your opponent from attacking, the second Z is a kick which will help keep them in place. Be noted that it still adds to the knockdown counter. This is optional, and only recommended to use if you just want to toy with your opponent for a bit.

^^ZZ Catching: Once you send them into the air with the windmill kick, if you can quickly hit them before they reach the ground, you can start comboing, either a ZZZ>>^Z or the quick Z-Siege.

Wind Sneaker: Tips

**ZZ>ZZ Loop: As stated earlier, ZZ>ZZ is the easiest and most powerful infinite for Wind Sneaker, making her the lazy combo character. Basically it's holding your arrow key, while pressing Z. However, before the fifth Z, pause for a slight moment until you see Rena walking just for a little bit. Then, quickly follow with another ZZ>ZZ, and repeat. This is a deadly weapon, and is an apocalypse when combined with Nature Force. Nearly everyone hates this infinite. You will lock them in place if you have enough attack speed, making your enemies unable to escape imminent death, unless they mana break, of course.

**Arielinna. Such an awesome skill of the Wind Sneaker. Before Siege was given an overheat system, any Rena could combine this with Siege and just spam like a machine gun. Now, it's best use is for healing and to assist party members. However, you can still Siege-spam, just do the two or three shots as mentioned before. And, make sure you already have high enough attack speed, like maybe 15%. If you don't want to Siege spam, you can ZZ>ZZ infinite instead.

4.2 Combo Videos

4.3 Skill Build Help

Level 20 Mark:

Level 35 Mark:

*PvE Builds may switch Low Kick with Spinning Kick or Crescent Kick. Only get Crescent Kick if you can buy its skill note.

Level 43 Mark:

Level 50 Mark:

Level 56 Mark:

Level 60 Mark (Max Level):

*1 SP left over. Do with what you will.

4.4 Equipment Recommendations

Lv1-20: Do whatever. Keep Bandit's Set and its upgraded version for long awakening in dungeons.

Lv22-26 - Keep Bandit's set or try to get the Nasod Miner's Gear.

Lv30-40 - Keep your Nasod Miner's gear if you can, it's very useful. The 5 set effect is very great, it can outdo the power of Black Crow and possibly Altera.

Lv40 - PvP gear if you want.
*If you need a new bow, farm Underground Garden on Hard or Very Hard and get the Proxy's Bow from the Miniboss.

Lv44 - Velder Militia Gear.
**Craft Master gear if you can.

Lv46 - If you need a new bow, grab the McGard bow from the Miniboss of Palace Entrance.

Lv48 - Glitter Hunter Gear.
**Craft Master gear if you can.

4.5 Element Enchants

Need to know what element enchant is better for your weapon? Well, here I will evaluate their uses, and then recommend on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being not recommended at all, and 5 being best to take for its usefulness.

Fire - Fire isn't so great in dungeons, because DoT (damage over time) isn't something to depend on; you should worry about clearing enemies quickly rather than waiting a few seconds. However, for Wind Sneaker, it is an okay choice for PvP. Level III Fire will burn the enemy's HP very quickly, and it is easy to affect opponents with fire using the ZZ>ZZ loop.
PvE: 1
PvP: 3

Water - Water is a very good element for most classes, Wind Sneaker included. Decreased movement will hinder your enemy's speed so they may not run from you easily, as well as lowered defense will boost your ZZ>ZZ attacks greatly. Or, unleash a strong skill to deal immense damage, such as Sharp Fall.
PvE: 5
PvP: 5

Poison - Poison, like Fire, has very little uses in dungeons because of its damage over time factor. Again, you should worry about clearing enemies quickly, not over some seconds. In PvP however, you can slow enemies' attack speed to nothing by combining Poison with Low Kick. Their attack speed becomes lowered so much that they may not even be able to combo you properly.
PvE: 1
PvP: 4

Wind - Wind Sneaker's ZZ>ZZ Loop deals so much because of the last two kicks; having wind effects boost the damage makes the attack even stronger. Also, since wind effects count as 0 points to the knockdown counter, this makes for longer combos. PvP-wise, a longer ZZ>ZZ loop is very good.
PvE: 3
PvP: 5

Light - Totally useless in dungeons. In PvP, light is a rare instance to take for many characters; the trick to petrification, however, is to go past the knockdown counter so that opponents will still stand to continue taking attacks. Combat Ranger's >>^Z spam can make this possible, so you can continue combos for quite a while if Light activates often. Be aware that this will screw up ZZ>ZZ if petrification activates so you cannot depend on that if you use light. ZZ>ZZ is too slow to hit the knockdown limit quick enough. PvP'ers who want to try something new can try light on for size, just remember that you may have to abandon Wind Sneaker's powerful infinite, so you have to learn new combos.
PvE: 1
PvP: 2

Dark - Dark is a nice choice for Wind Sneaker. There may be times where you'll need MP quickly, and you can't idle-charge since that's slow. The ZZ>ZZ loop will activate dark easily. You can take advantage of the MP drain and use your best skills, such as Sharp Fall or Crescent Kick, an especially good mob-clearing combination in dungeons. For PvP, you can stick to using Slide Double Kick or Sharp Fall.
PvE: 4
PvP: 4

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