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Path of Exile Cold Witch PvP Guide

Path of Exile Cold Witch PvP Guide by Foozy

A Guide with feedback:
Level 28 Cold Witch
RMB Freezing Pulse 8(+1)9
MMB Raise Skeleton 7(support 69% hp)
LMB Ice Spear 8(+1)9
Q Ice Nova 8(+1)9
W Cold snap 8(support 1-17 lightning)
E Cold snap 8(support 1-17 lightning)
R Bear Trap 6
T (Wrath(7), then Clarity(2), then Frostbite(1))

Freezing Pulse is my highest dps spell, I use it if enemies are stun locked by others close to me, I really only use it when the situation is in my favor.

Raise Skeleton is my way of clearing traps or messing up with flickering strike melee. I summon them on placed traps or sit on top of them.

Ice Spear is a very overpowered freezing ability with range. I use this after a freeze in order to deal damage. I also use this to poke at enemies across gaps or away from me.

Ice Nova
is a good minion killing ability and a way to hit multiple targets if they are not focused on you.

Cold Snap has a 2 second cooldown with a 30% chance (Depending on quality) to freeze an enemy. I use 2 because I rotate its use, and it is very useful for poking at enemies so their energy shield doesn't regenerate, and to poke at them around corners, stunning them for minions, etc...

Bear Trap is a great damage dealer and a good way to root enemies so you can get away.

Wrath for skellie damage, Clarity for mana, and Frostbite for ridiculous damage.

Leaping Marauders who stack all cold resist. Yes they really do that. This is why I don't count ties in my counter.
Anything that out gears you considerably will destroy you considerably.

I posted this to help a couple of friends and opponents and a place for me to get my ideas down, not really for bragging.

For the feedback part:
Remove all pvp freezes/stuns. Chills, slows, interrupts are okay.
Nerf flickering strike/whirling blades/leap smash spam, its really broken.
Nerf length of immobilizations like Bear Trap. Its really strong.

Allow buffing/summoning of minions 5 seconds before the games starts. Replenish traps to full capacity before a match.
Don't let flasks recharge off of minions :/
Flasks should either never recharge or go back to full after each round. The randomness (random to me, at least) is odd.

Always vary your play style each round. Sometimes rushing as a witch can put your enemy off guard and allow for an easy kill.

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