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Path of Exile Bow Shock Marauder Build

 Path of Exile Bow Shock Marauder Build by VenatorPoE

The build is now much stronger and better thought out, and it is viable for Hardcore as well.

Lets get a quick rundown about what the main points of the build are:


The build is based at the Marauder starting point, which makes early game a breeze.

Lightning Arrow is still viable, in its exact good old combo.


The boss killer is Elemental Hit.


Stack up Frenzy Charges with Frenzy; you may use Blood Rage as well though. Frenzy is also a viable boss killer.

Considering you are using Blood Magic, a lot of really good auras you cannot use, such as Haste or Purity. However, the ones you need will be easy to maintain - Anger, Wrath and Grace. Link them to a Reduced Mana Cost gem.

Pick up HP from Oak, then a skill point, and then an additional Frenzy Charge.

The passive skill tree can be found by clicking the stupid click me button.


No, seriously. Click the stupid click me button.

Passive skill tree explanations:

Standard start for a HP based marauder, followed by Resolute Technique - you want every single hit to count but you do not want to bother critting. Next the tree branches north and south; at the north part you pick up the three absolutely crucial things - the 50% elemental damage ring near templar starting point, followed by the awesome HP bonuses in the same spot, and you pick up Static Blows far north - it is one of the key points of the build. On the south part, you go for the standard marauder path, through Blood Magic and Unwavering Stance to the awesome HP ring below Duelist starting point. Now you pick up the extra Frenzy charge, Iron Reflexes and keep going north again to pick up the remaining two extra Frenzy charges and the small elemental damage ring.

There are three nodes I took in this build which are very commonly avoided, but in this case they were close to the path and provide good bang-for-the-buck. I'm talking about Lava Lash, Arcing Blows and Ice Bite. You can basically imagine taking those three being the same as taking another 30% elemental damage node such as one in the Templar tree. You pay seven points to pick those up, so that's a 4.3% ED per point. While it is not as efficient as the two elemental damage rings, it still provides a rather big boost to your damage.

Your passive skill tree looks like this!

New Player Section Below!!!!

So considering that a whole lot of you are new to this game, I figure adding this section is a better idea now than ever. I'm still going to keep it as short and simple as I can.

You just ran around in the game a bit (hopefully - if not, get ingame and forget about builds and stuff, just play the game for a few hours), you are familiar with the basic principles, and you decided you really like ranged fighting. Feel free to try out my build.

However, now you are wondering, how do I pass through the early levels with that, or how come you can't use a bow because your Dex is too low... You start the game out as a melee character. Use two handed maces to pass Act 1 and Act 2 normal difficulty effortlessly. I seriously believe Marauder has the easiest early game of all classes...

By the end of Act 2 you should have a few items with elemental damage (amulet, rings, bow, quiver, belt...), if not, buy a few. The recommended quiver is Heavy Quiver, because it will give you 40 Dex, which you will seriously need now to use Dex based skills and bows.

Now would be time to make a Ranger, and go through Act 1. WHY??? Because you want to get some more skill gems. In particular Split Arrow (yes, Split Arrow), Fork and Wrath. You will also really NEED Weapon Elemental Damage, which you can get as a quest reward for Templar. Neither of the two have to kill Merveil, just reach Cavern of Wrath.

Next, head back to your Marauder, equip him with your elemental damage items, link up Split Arrow + Weapon Elemental Damage + Life Gain on Hit (if you can acquire a 4 linked item to add Fork to that, it would make things even easier). Now you are ready to own up Act 3, and this is the beginning of your Bow usage!

Looking forward to seeing more comments and ideas which might improve this build further!

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