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EVE Dust 514 Logi Guide

THE LOGI CODE, Five R's by RedBleach

- Rally
- Rezz
- Resupply
- Repair
- Reinforce

Your first build is 2 perishable lvl. 1 or greater Logi - Drop Suits with the three equipment slots
- EQUIPMENT on 1: Nanite Injector, Drop Uplink, Nanite Resupply or Repper
- EQUIPMENT on 2: Nanite Injector, Nanite Resupply, Repper (repair tool)
1and 2 (how I roll - find your play style)
High Slots: Shield Extender, Either a Damage Modifier or Recharger (or another damage modifier)
Low Slots: Armor Repper, and Armor or CPU/PGU mods to fit your weapon/Equipment

Make 3 militia versions (Expendables) with the nanite injectors and 1Droplink, 2Supply, 3Repper (or 4repper and a supply). 3 limited militia builds wont cost you any money when playing with randoms.
Nades and Weapons and optional equipment will be covered later.

YOUR FIRST JOB if nobody else will take it: spawn with #1, place it in a protected area for ambush or near an objective for skirmish to rally your troops. If the uplink ever goes down spawn with the #1again. The second the drop uplink goes down, respawn with another uplink build. The rest of the time supply and repair and backup. Figure out your best play style.

Primary Duties: Reinforce, Rez, Resupply, and Repair. Figure out your playstyle to know your weapon preference. Then stay with your team. YOU ARE NOT RAMBO - a logi is an easy target. Slow with midgrade armor means you'll survive better when with a group.

Character Building:WEAPONS
Find the Weapon you like to use and that you are most effective with. Here are a few suggestions that I have found playing with a logi:
NOTE: Your Logi has ONE weapon slot - make it count. Consider maxing a weapon, I usually run a tactical AR (last build) or laser rifle for picking off stragglers and snipers or a mass driver.

AR - the assault rifle is always the easiest and most standard piece of equipment on the battlefield. Used by about 80% of the players you can't really go wrong with it. It is simple to use and requires only moderate skill to master. Tac AR is great for a logi to do a little more long range support.
+ can go 1v1 and live in medium to short range battle
- you may be getting closer to enemies than you want

MD - Mass Driver. The Doctor of area denial, damaging the masses and finishing off the wounded. Difficult to master, easy to start out with. A direct shot is powerful, but most of the time you will be aiming at the feet of your opponents to be specific in damaging certain areas or enemies.
+ Damage many people at once. (mix in some flux grenades for a fun time)
- low damage, not good for 1v1, short range, no militia varient

LZR - Laser rifle - the gentlemen's weapon. A tricky weapon to use and even more difficult to master. A raw beam of energy erases shields and causes panic in groups of shielding players.
+ Super damage at long range (sharpshooter buff makes it godly).
- Low damage starting out, must keep beam on enemy, AND at short range YOU WILL DIE. It is less than worthless at short range, might as well be be throwing food/squirrels/ or even your rifle as you have more of a chance to melee kill than shoot them. SO, you must play very tactically with it, max the range, and play with a group or stay out of sight. Very difficult to use when your class requires you to be close to rez and rep your team.

Shotty - Shotgun, hard for a slow logi to use, but deadly at short range and the best alternative in close quarters if you do not use the mass driver.
+ Close range god gun. Finish off opponent when running to rez in a closequarters battle
- range makes it worthless in open areas, difficult to back up your party

Sniper (NO)- if you use this to play as a logi you will be kicked (eventually) as you are not doing your job. Go home, cry, then get a scout suit. OR make it known that you only use the suit for the 4 high 4 low proto version - as good as a fatsuit sniper.

Find one to focus on - and one you will use for free builds. Use these secondary skill upgrades to un-gimp yourself

Melee: If someone gets too close - Sometimes your only defense surprises people.
Grenadier: This is used as your secondary weapon. And with nanohives you wont always run out of these beauties.
lvl 4 = the grenades that explode on impact for a mass-driver sidearm substitution. (favorite)
Flux = shield burners
Locus = standard nade

Character Building: Skills
Skill Suggestions by priority (opinion).
Keeping yourself Alive, you can't help anyone if you're dead

Drop Suit Command: lvl 3 (you disappear off scanner a little more)
Logistics Dropsuit skill up is nice - Lvl 1 is essential. Advanced level and proto eventually if you run with a team (can be done later) for all those module and equipment slots.

- Reinforce -
Choose your weapon and max a useful trait for it (weaponry, sharpshooter, the weapon itself). A FPS game is based on killing the other team.
Shield Operation: 4 to max
Shield Mngmnt: 4 to max
These skills will max your shield modules for extenders, recharging, and time to recharge
Mechanics: Max (hp buff)
Repair: Maxed (bonus to rep rate if you use armor reppers)

- Rezzing, Rally, and Resupply
Nanites: lvl 2 to max - Supply points to rep armor and the best nanite injectors to nearly fully rez teammates
Electronics: Max (CPU bonuses help you carry the more demanding gear in a type one or militia suit.)
Drop Uplink: 1

- Rezzing - to run to them
Endurance: Maxed (25% stamina)
Vigor: Maxed (25% recovery rate)

Remote Repair: 1 to 2. ATM the Triage repair tool does the most to help our heavies, but going proto gives you a two streamer... very nice

Hacking: Max if you plan on being effective in skirmish. The logi suit has a natural hacking bonus.

Final words: There are many different builds and many different pieces of knowledge that could have been added. Like basic tactics - Move from cover to cover or "If you are dying before they do get more HP, if they are running off before you can kill them get damage mods." - not mine but very true.

The trick is to find your playing style. example: While the Shotty is awesome the logi is slower than most players so the element of surprise is lost and you cannot evade as well - yet some people have figured out how to play well with it.

I prefer to cover the mid - long range offense of the group while the meat grinding heavies and troopers take the mid to short range guys. and I rep and repair when necessary. This leaves me open when trying to fight close range, but I like it and it suits me (max Melee :)).

Experiment with weapons and setups to find your niche. Build a unique AV logi or a pure damage logi (just damage mods). or just a supply logi. The equipment bonus of the logi is your advantage. Make a pile of proximity mines with remote explosives and see a tank just melt with surprise. There are different ways to make your squads work - you can be the one that tips the battle in your teams favor.

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