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SMITE God Rankings

SMITE God Rankings by Nevaro

In this post I'd like to justify some of my thoughts on each god and why I have ranked them where they are.

Agni - His stun has great range and can be used off each of his other abilities, he has one of the best dashes in the game, his flame wave has a lot of harassment capabilities when used with his passive, and his ultimates are near impossible to miss and have a short CD.

Anhur - The main reason I put Anhur up so high is because of how much utility he has. He has a really good slow, a jump, and a spear that knocks enemies back and can stun if he pushes them to a wall. I feel Anhur is one of the only gods I have trouble killing early game because of all his utility, not to mention he is also one of the most played gods in high elo play.

Anubis - Anubis has an INSANE amount of burst and can litterally one shot some gods if he is fed enough at any point in the game. However I only put him at A for two reasons. One, his stun isn't too hard to juke with enough practice, thus cutting off his entire setup, and he has no escapes.

Ao Kuang - Ao Kuang belongs at the bottom because every single ability he has requires a skill shot. He is arguably one of the best lane pushers, but he is also one of the easiest gods to gank and feed off.

Arachne - Arachne is a really interesting god. Her slow is pretty effective and her passive is awesome. If you have an Arachne late game that can consistantly hit her ultimate it will be hard for the other team to compete, but like anubis it's not hard to dodge. Also Arachne has no real jump or dash which puts her down a notch.

Ares - One of the highest damage output tanks, and not to mention that ultimate that just lines up so well with other gods ultimates. However his ulti can be countered simply by buying Aegis Amulet. Also he has no real escapes either.

Artemis - Her ability to use her traps as wards is nice. But like Ao Kuang she is one of the easiest gods to gank and has no real escapes. Her boar can be a threat if she has the items needed to back up her high damage output.

Bacchus - This god is new, I have played him a few times and his jump is really great. I do not know much about him and if anyone has any other ideas of where he should be placed please post.

Bakasura - Bakasuras minion feed can keep him in lane for days and jungle with little trouble, he has a jump and he has really good damage output. He doesn't really have any down sides.

Bastet - Bastet has a really unique jump that can come in handy in many situations. Her bleed is an awesome harrasment tool and with her recent ultimate buff her cats are pretty strong. She is a bit squishy and requires some early kills in order to really be a threat to most gods.

Cupid - Apart from his annoying sound effects Cupid is a really good AD carry. His stun has a lot of harrasment posibilities and he can keep himself and his teammates in lane with his heal. Not to mention he also has one of the best dashes in the game. With Cupids recent nerf to his stun I do not think he is as op as he was, but he is still one of the best gods in the game.

Freya - I have seen some really badass Freyas. Her ultimate is AMAZING and her ranged attacks put a nice slow that can be a game changer if used right. Her ability can be helpful, but unless its cordinated with a group it can sometimes cause some problems. Too many times have I used an ultimate only to have a Freya use her banish saving them from big damage.

Guan Yu - His dash is decent and his heal gives him some nice utility. His stun on his ultimate can easily be avoided by any god with a decent jump or dash.

Hades - I do not play too much with Hades, but I know he has some potential to be a badass mid because of his ability to kill all the creeps at level 2. However late game I feel like Hades is just a walking ultimate.

He Bo - He Bo is a god that I have a hard time placing, he is in some aspects an A, and some a B. His escape is different from every other god, it can be helpful in early game, but in late game unless he has some space its not very effective. He bo does however have a lot of damage output and he is arguably one of the best at harrasment. His ult does crazy damage early game.

Hel - Hel is a really great god when placed in the hands of someone who can use her to the full potential. Hel is always a healer before a dps and some people dont understand that concept. Her cleanse has so much potential but I rarely ever see a Hel dedicated to saving other gods. The only reason I ranked her at an A is because I want to assume she is being played by someone who does use all her abilities properly. The only problem with Hel is she has no real escape.

Loki - A glass cannon. He was stupid OP when he was released because no one really knew how to counter him, but it's as simple as focusing him and keeping him under control. Loki can use his inivisibility as an escape but it's not too hard to track him down, his only real jump/dash is his ultimate but that is Loki's best tool to gank people and wasting it on surviving kills his strategy.

Odin - Attack damage Odin is one of the best gods hands down. Odin has one of the best passives in the game, if he hugs the wall near the jungle nearly every gank can be avoided. He is also one of the most naturally tanky gods from his Gungnir's Might and base stats. His cage lines up with many other gods ultimates and can be extremely deadly. He also has a jump which puts him above many other tanks.

Ra - I have seen some very good Ra's. Ra's passive helps with the fact that he has no escapes and so does his blinding light. Like Ao Kuang he has a great ability to push lanes. His heal is decent but only really helpful in late game. I had a lot of trouble with Ra deciding wether he belongs in B or C. But I decided to put him at C because of how easy he is to gank and because he doesnt match up very well against other mid gods.

Sobek - Sobek was a really amazing tank, but after his recent nerf with his throwback I don't think he has anywhere near as much potential as he did before.

Sun-wukong - His monkey is one of the best harrasment tools in the game, he has a good jump and very high damage output. Simply one of the best Assassins in the game.

Thor - With Thors recent buff I think he finally got the love he deserves. His escape posibilities are awesome with his new hammer teleport. His ultimate helps land ganks and finish off gods that are escaping. His wall has huge potential with the new teleport he was given.

Vamana - Vamana is a decent tank, he has a really good ultimate and he can also do a pretty good job of clearing lanes. His dash is also pretty helpful but I don't think he has as much utility as any of the other tanks which leaves him behind.

Ymir - Great stun, very good slow, his ultimate does crazy damage especially early game, and his Walls can be clutch both offensively and defensively. In my opinion he has the most utility of any tank.

Zues - His detonate does insane damage and as long as he can get charges out he is deadly. I really think zues needs the right god to lane with him in order to be most effective which is why I put him so low.

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