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Monster Galaxy Has Reached 17 Million+ Monthly Visitors!

Over the past two months, Monster Galaxy has managed to gain 4 million more monthly users. Not only that, but the game also has about 1.5 Million daily users.

"Monster Galaxy is an exciting new role-playing game where you can fight and collect over a hundred wild monsters. Join your friends on a fantastic adventure as you battle together to tame the zodiac and save the world!"

The game does not seem to be slowing down, as the developers continue to add new content to the game every few weeks. Monster Galaxy can very well be a game that can eventually compete with Farmville or Cityville.

Monster Galaxy currently ranks 4th below CityVille, FarmVille and Texas Hold'em Poker (All 3 were created by Zynga)

Check Out A list of all the Monster Galaxy Mogas (Monsters) at the Monster Galaxy Database

Maplestory Adventures on Facebook Frequently Asked Beta Questions!

Question: How can I play the Closed Beta?
Answer: You need a Closed Beta key to play the MapleStory Adventures Closed Beta. Click on the “Go to App” button and enter your Closed Beta key to start playing.

Question: What is a Closed Beta key? How do I get one?
Answer: Closed Beta keys were sent out to everyone who applied for one by taking the registration survey which ended on June 9th, 2011. If you signed up for the Closed Beta, the keys were sent to the email address you provided in the survey. Everyone who registered received multiple keys, so if you missed out on registration but know someone who is playing, they may have an extra one you can use.
From time to time, there will be Closed Beta key giveaways on this page.

Question: My level doesn’t appear to be increasing anymore. Is this a bug?
Answer: The Closed Beta version of the game has a level 30 cap. Once you reach this, you will no longer be able to level, but you may continue playing.

Question: What happens after Closed Beta? Will my character still be around when Open Beta starts?
Answer: All players will start with fresh characters in the Open Beta. Players who participated in the Closed Beta will receive an exclusive reward in Open Beta.

Question: Hey, I found a bug! How do I report it?
Answer: If you’ve encountered an issue in the game, please go to the Support tab (link: and submit a report. Your feedback helps us to improve the game!

Question: I don’t have a bug to report, but I’ve played MapleStory Adventures and I have some suggestion regarding the game. Is there any way I can tell you my thoughts?
Answer: We would like to hear from everyone who has played the MapleStory Adventures Closed Beta. There is a Closed Beta survey (link: where you can answer questions about your gameplay experience.

Question: When is the MapleStory Adventures Open Beta?
Answer: The Open Beta is just around the corner. We’ll post the launch date in the future, so be sure that you’ve “Liked” this page to receive the latest updates.

Check Out the Maplestory Adventures Site Here!
4GLTE Phones

Pet Tales Facebook Game: Comment With Tips, Tricks & Questions You May Have!

Pet Tales Facebook Game: Comment With Tips, Tricks & Questions You May Have On The Game!

Maplestory Adventures Closed Beta Details!!!

Thank you for your interest in the Closed Beta for MapleStory Adventures. Those of you who applied to participate in the Closed Beta may find the following information useful:

MapleStory Adventures Closed Beta will begin June 15th, 2011 at 4PM Pacific (7PM Eastern).
Closed Beta keys are being emailed on a first-come, first-served basis.
The first set of Closed Beta keys have been emailed to those who applied. As of June 13th, we have emailed keys to only 10% of registrants.
More keys will be sent as the Closed Beta progresses. The next batch will be sent out on June 16th.
Announcements will be made when we send out additional Closed Beta keys.
Check your e-mail upon seeing the Closed Beta key announcement to see if you got in.

We look forward to seeing you all in MapleStory Adventures!

Maplestory Closed Beta Registration Announced For Thursday June 16th!

Nexon: You may have noticed that clicking on the ‘Go to App’ page will lead you to a Closed Beta Key page. Please note that you will only be allowed to access the game after June 15th! Developers are running around the game to make sure that all the pesky bugs are killed before the 15th. Hang in there!

Info From Balda Guerra in the Maplestory Discussion Page: "omg please READ!! every person that recived a Mail with beta key has 4 more extra beta keys fro friends!! so if you didnt get one ASK nicely to someone maybe you can get yours! i already give mine already!! so i feel sorry for you guys!! btw the beta starts til June 15th so you gonna use it til that day at specific time they give us!! PLEASE CHECK YOUR MAIL AT VERY BOTTOM OF IT!! you'll see your extra 4 Beta Keys!!! if you dont have friends give it away nicely n_n people its like crazy for them!! thanks for reading! :D"
Check Out The New Maplestory Adventures Site Here:

Facebook Game Treasure Abyss: Weapons List


Copper Sword
Attack +5

Iron Sword
Attack +12

White Sword
Attack +20

Knights Sword
Attack +32

Venus Sword
Attack +39

Flame Tongue
Attack +36

Ice Brand
Attack +61

Thunder Blade
Attack +64

Great Sword
Attack +68

Sawtooth Blade
Attack +75

Giant Sword
Attack +86

Champion’s Sword
Attack +97

Oak Staff
Int +15

Staff of Flame
Int +34

Blizzard Staff
Int +38

Thunder Rod
Int +41

Ifrit's Staff
Int +76

Polar Staff
Int +82

Journeyman’s Staff
Int +120

Simple Dagger
Attack +8

Bandit's Shiv
Attack +15

Butterfly Knife
Attack +23

Cursed Dagger
Attack +36

Assassin’s Dagger
Attack +65, Agility +10

Brass Knuckles
Attack +15

Boxing Gloves
Attack +28

Iron Claws
Attack +35

Cat Gloves
Attack +56

Bear Gloves
Attack +89

Dragon Claws
Attack +105

Spiked Gloves
Attack +112

Attack +45

Killer Cleaver
Attack +68

Rising Sun
Attack +102

Please Comment With Any Weapons that are not on the list.

Facebook Game Monster Fusion: Monster's List

List of Monster's in the Facebook Game Monster Fusion. Please Comment With Any New Monsters You Create or Find!!!

Here is the Link:

Monster Galaxy Monsters (Mogas) List

Army Attack Up To Almost 2 Million Users In Less Than 2 Weeks

Since it's release on Facebook, Army Attack has amassed 1.9 million total users. This is especially
impressive since the game was released less than 2 weeks ago.

Digital Chocolate's Army Attack is a War, turn-based game that allows you to build troops, conquer land and destroy your enemies. Here is the game description from the developers:

Ten-Hut! Listen up soldier, a war has broken out and your services are needed to put together a resistance. An evil power has taken us by surprise and captured all the cities and villages. It’s up to you to fight back and free the land.

Become a true army commander and lead your troops to victory in Army Attack. One more thing soldier, make sure to invite your friends as fellow commanders; you’ll need all the back up you can get.

• Become a powerful army commander, gather your troops and lead them to victory
• Wage war in more ways that ever before – unleash your fury in thrilling combat and get your hands on vast selection of modern arsenal
• Be a celebrated hero – free the cities and towns of your captured homeland and boost your war efforts with invaluable help from the civilians
• Complete missions to earn money and battle reserves
• Wreak havoc with your friends – invite your friends to join the war as allies and bring mayhem to the enemy on all fronts!
If you have some free time, try it out. In my opinion it's a strategy game that's better than your average CityVille or FarmVille. 

Maplestory Adventures RPG (For Facebook) Nearing Closed Beta Release

Maplestory Adventures For Facebook Nearing Closed Beta Release

Message from Nexon: Thank you to everyone who Liked our page and took the Closed Beta key survey. The response has been overwhelming. We still have a few spots left for the Closed Beta so be sure to complete the survey if you haven't. If you've already done it, tell a friend!

If you are looking to get in on the closed Beta, there are still some spots left! Go take the survey at

It seems that everyone who has already taken the survey will be allowed entry into the Closed Beta of Maplestory Adventures. The actual Beta testing is likely to take place in the next week or so as the full game release is scheduled for this Summer!

New Unofficial Site For Maplestory Adventures

What Exactly is 4G LTE?

What Exactly is 4G LTE?

4G LTE is said to be the latest, fastest and most advanced 4G network in America. With 4G LTE technology you will be able to download pictures, movies, games, apps, etc. at lightning speed (Speeds up to 10x faster than 3G).

Verizon 3G download speeds can range from 0.6 to 1.4 mbps (Megabytes per second) while Verizon 4G LTE download speeds range from 5 to 12 mbps!

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and according to Verizon, it provides wireless options for a previously wired world. With 4G LTE you will be able to download pictures and stream videos in real-time rather than waiting for your pictures to load or for your videos to buffer.

4G LTE is also great for helping businesses achieve maximum productivity. With the great speed of 4G LTE, wireless video conferences are now possible, allowing you to minimize costs and travel time. Even when you're not in your office you can still be there with 4G LTE.

The Following Devices Support 4G LTE:


Revolution by LG

Droid Charge by Samsung

Thunderbolt by htc


Samsung SCH-LC11

Verizon MiFi 4510L


Pantech UML290

Verizon USB551L


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Motorola Xoom

Gardens of Time 13+14=?

Anyone know the answer to this???

Gardens of Time: In the briefcase, where is the butterfly?

Please Comment If You Have The Answer To This

In Moshi Monsters How Do You Get Dustin Beaver?

Please Comment If You Have Info. Rumor Is he Comes Out on June 16th.

Facebook Game: Diner Garden- Recipes & Ingredients List

Level 1: Clear Soup, Ingredients= 1 Onion
Level 1: Tomato Soup, Ingredients= 2 Tomatoes
Level 1: Simple Pasta, , Ingredients= 1 Wheat
Level 1: Eggs, Ingredients= 1 Egg
Level 1: Chinese Soup, Ingredients= 1 Onion + 1 Chicken
Level 1: Simple Marinade, Ingredients= 1 Onion
Level 1: Simple Carpaccio, Ingredients= 2 Onions
Level 2: Fried Rice, Ingredients= 2 Rice, 2 Eggs

Here's the start of the list. Please comment to add any recipes or ingredients to the list. Feel free to comment if you have any questions on Diner Garden. Thanks For Reading!