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Maplestory Adventures on Facebook Frequently Asked Beta Questions!

Question: How can I play the Closed Beta?
Answer: You need a Closed Beta key to play the MapleStory Adventures Closed Beta. Click on the “Go to App” button and enter your Closed Beta key to start playing.

Question: What is a Closed Beta key? How do I get one?
Answer: Closed Beta keys were sent out to everyone who applied for one by taking the registration survey which ended on June 9th, 2011. If you signed up for the Closed Beta, the keys were sent to the email address you provided in the survey. Everyone who registered received multiple keys, so if you missed out on registration but know someone who is playing, they may have an extra one you can use.
From time to time, there will be Closed Beta key giveaways on this page.

Question: My level doesn’t appear to be increasing anymore. Is this a bug?
Answer: The Closed Beta version of the game has a level 30 cap. Once you reach this, you will no longer be able to level, but you may continue playing.

Question: What happens after Closed Beta? Will my character still be around when Open Beta starts?
Answer: All players will start with fresh characters in the Open Beta. Players who participated in the Closed Beta will receive an exclusive reward in Open Beta.

Question: Hey, I found a bug! How do I report it?
Answer: If you’ve encountered an issue in the game, please go to the Support tab (link: and submit a report. Your feedback helps us to improve the game!

Question: I don’t have a bug to report, but I’ve played MapleStory Adventures and I have some suggestion regarding the game. Is there any way I can tell you my thoughts?
Answer: We would like to hear from everyone who has played the MapleStory Adventures Closed Beta. There is a Closed Beta survey (link: where you can answer questions about your gameplay experience.

Question: When is the MapleStory Adventures Open Beta?
Answer: The Open Beta is just around the corner. We’ll post the launch date in the future, so be sure that you’ve “Liked” this page to receive the latest updates.

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