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Army Attack Up To Almost 2 Million Users In Less Than 2 Weeks

Since it's release on Facebook, Army Attack has amassed 1.9 million total users. This is especially
impressive since the game was released less than 2 weeks ago.

Digital Chocolate's Army Attack is a War, turn-based game that allows you to build troops, conquer land and destroy your enemies. Here is the game description from the developers:

Ten-Hut! Listen up soldier, a war has broken out and your services are needed to put together a resistance. An evil power has taken us by surprise and captured all the cities and villages. It’s up to you to fight back and free the land.

Become a true army commander and lead your troops to victory in Army Attack. One more thing soldier, make sure to invite your friends as fellow commanders; you’ll need all the back up you can get.

• Become a powerful army commander, gather your troops and lead them to victory
• Wage war in more ways that ever before – unleash your fury in thrilling combat and get your hands on vast selection of modern arsenal
• Be a celebrated hero – free the cities and towns of your captured homeland and boost your war efforts with invaluable help from the civilians
• Complete missions to earn money and battle reserves
• Wreak havoc with your friends – invite your friends to join the war as allies and bring mayhem to the enemy on all fronts!
If you have some free time, try it out. In my opinion it's a strategy game that's better than your average CityVille or FarmVille. 

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