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Maplestory Closed Beta Registration Announced For Thursday June 16th!

Nexon: You may have noticed that clicking on the ‘Go to App’ page will lead you to a Closed Beta Key page. Please note that you will only be allowed to access the game after June 15th! Developers are running around the game to make sure that all the pesky bugs are killed before the 15th. Hang in there!

Info From Balda Guerra in the Maplestory Discussion Page: "omg please READ!! every person that recived a Mail with beta key has 4 more extra beta keys fro friends!! so if you didnt get one ASK nicely to someone maybe you can get yours! i already give mine already!! so i feel sorry for you guys!! btw the beta starts til June 15th so you gonna use it til that day at specific time they give us!! PLEASE CHECK YOUR MAIL AT VERY BOTTOM OF IT!! you'll see your extra 4 Beta Keys!!! if you dont have friends give it away nicely n_n people its like crazy for them!! thanks for reading! :D"
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