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Gardens of Time Hidden Object Answers/Locations: Giza Riverfront

Giza Riverfront Object Locations/Answers
1. Biplane 21. Corn 41. Teapot
2. Shark Fin 22. Towels 42. Bug Spray
3. Spade 23. Saddle 43. Banana/ Yellow Fruit
4. Thought Clouds 24. Oil Can 44. Egg Carton
5. Pencil 25. Knife 45. Hedgehog
6. Eye 26. Bullwhip 46. Red Onions
7. Cow Skull 27. Violin 47. Wheel
8 28 48. Flashlight
9. Baling Twine 29. Branding Iron 49. Sun Hat
10. Goldfish 30. Scissors 50. Stool
11. Silver Horn 31. Ring 51. Washboard
12. Arrow 32. Gold Coin 52. Canteen
13. Bag of Flour 33. Makeup Brush 53. Turquoise Necklace
14. Umbrella 34. Rubber Stamp 54. Grasshopper
15. Lizard 35. Coin Purse 55. Boat
16. Symbol 36. Scythe 56. Inch Worm
17. Owl 37. Knot 57. Watering Can
18. Yellow Pepper 38. Ash Tray 58. Gym Bag (Below #10)
19. Pinwheel 39. Butterfly/ Monarch 59
20. Heart 40. Hand Print 60

Going on vacation. I'll be back in a week!

Hey guys, I just want to thank you all for coming to my site and continuing to come to my site! It has been almost three months (started December 19th) since I started this blog and there has been over 75,000 total pageviews so far!

I wanted to let you know that I'm going on vacation this week, so I won't be able to answer comments or post anything new.

Thanks for reading!

Facebook Game Go Fishing: How to Fish Guide

When I first started playing Go Fishing, I had some trouble figuring out how to actually fish. I finally figured it out and I'm assuming that some will have the same trouble that I did. Here is a guide on how to fish.

#1. First you must click on "Cast" to cast your line.

#2. Next you must wait for the green "Strike" button to appear. This button will take the place of the "Pull" button once the fish is hooked.

#3. Once the "Green Strike" button appears (as shown on the left) left-click on it and hold down your left mouse cursor.

#4. Once you click and hold the "Strike" button, you will see a gauge with a green bar, two blue lines on opposite ends and a yellow arrow on top.

Fishing Gauge:
Green Bar- Tension of the line
Yellow Arrow- The fish
Blue Lines-  Overpower the fish

As you hold down the cursor the green bar will move to the right and the yellow arrow will move to the left.

Your objective is to keep the green bar between the blue lines and get the yellow arrow all the way to the left. If you get the green bar to touch the blue line without going past it, then it will say "Overpower" and you will catch the fish faster.

If you go past the blue lines, too far to either the right or to the left it will say "Rod Overload" and if you even further right or left, the fish will get away.


#5.  Once you get the yellow arrow to go all the way left, you will have caught the fish! It may take a few tries before you start getting good at it.

Fantasy Baseball 2011: Top 25 Starting Pitcher Composite Rankings

Below is a list of Top 25 Starting Fantasy Pitchers for 2011. These composite rankings are taken from Yahoo! Sports, CBSSports and ESPN.

The top five pitchers this year are pretty much the same across the board. However the entire top 25 rankings are much different between Yahoo, CBSSports and ESPN.

Do you think the composite rankings, Yahoo's rankings, CBSSports' rankings or ESPN's rankings will be most accurate this year?

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