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Facebook Game Go Fishing: How to Fish Guide

When I first started playing Go Fishing, I had some trouble figuring out how to actually fish. I finally figured it out and I'm assuming that some will have the same trouble that I did. Here is a guide on how to fish.

#1. First you must click on "Cast" to cast your line.

#2. Next you must wait for the green "Strike" button to appear. This button will take the place of the "Pull" button once the fish is hooked.

#3. Once the "Green Strike" button appears (as shown on the left) left-click on it and hold down your left mouse cursor.

#4. Once you click and hold the "Strike" button, you will see a gauge with a green bar, two blue lines on opposite ends and a yellow arrow on top.

Fishing Gauge:
Green Bar- Tension of the line
Yellow Arrow- The fish
Blue Lines-  Overpower the fish

As you hold down the cursor the green bar will move to the right and the yellow arrow will move to the left.

Your objective is to keep the green bar between the blue lines and get the yellow arrow all the way to the left. If you get the green bar to touch the blue line without going past it, then it will say "Overpower" and you will catch the fish faster.

If you go past the blue lines, too far to either the right or to the left it will say "Rod Overload" and if you even further right or left, the fish will get away.


#5.  Once you get the yellow arrow to go all the way left, you will have caught the fish! It may take a few tries before you start getting good at it.


Anonymous said...

The best game of 2011 years!! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon, Its so addictive, quite realistic and accurate aswell...