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Facebook Game: Diner Garden- Recipes & Ingredients List

Level 1: Clear Soup, Ingredients= 1 Onion
Level 1: Tomato Soup, Ingredients= 2 Tomatoes
Level 1: Simple Pasta, , Ingredients= 1 Wheat
Level 1: Eggs, Ingredients= 1 Egg
Level 1: Chinese Soup, Ingredients= 1 Onion + 1 Chicken
Level 1: Simple Marinade, Ingredients= 1 Onion
Level 1: Simple Carpaccio, Ingredients= 2 Onions
Level 2: Fried Rice, Ingredients= 2 Rice, 2 Eggs

Here's the start of the list. Please comment to add any recipes or ingredients to the list. Feel free to comment if you have any questions on Diner Garden. Thanks For Reading!

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