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Path of Exile Marauder Beginner's Build

Hello, my dear fellows!

Are you looking for a decent Marauder Melee Build? But, oh. You are new player and don't understand game's mechanics, you don't know what's needed in the game nor which skill are those coolest?

Let me present you basic marauder build - well known (for CB-players) cookie-cutter:
- All equipment pieces you need are strenght-type! You won't bother about Dexternity nor Intelligence for a single while!
- Even all your gems require red-sockets that are easiest to get on strenght-type equipment!
- You will NEVER miss, what strongly affects you damage output!
- Your defense is your health regen, which you easly can increase to 200 health PER SECOND (500 is viable too, but it's way hard).
- Such enormous health regen makes you very-very tanky! HC builds are very often based on it!
- Your tankyness does not affect damage much! You are using high-damage two-handed weapon, what with addition of few strong passive nodes and support gem will make you 1-hit-ko blues without much efford!
- ALL gems we need we will get from quests!
- You won't care about mana. Well at some point you will stop using potions!
- You won't be stunned. Ever. We hate stunlocks (like those in d2, don't we?)
- You start with high base resistances, what really help early on, when you don't get game much!

How to do that? Just follow following (sic!) skilltree:




1. First thing you should get is Blood Magic - to screw mana issues as fast as possible
2. Then you should go for Resolute Technique, what will make you always hit
3. Then you should make your way to Duelist's Health Nodes, through Unwavering Stance to improve your survivabilty.
4. And at last - either fill out Damage Nodes, or head to Templar's Health Nodes.


With this guide you will need just two skill gems with supporting them support (sic!) gems. What is more: all of them you will get very early and from quest rewards! Those skills are most often used in melee builds.

Let me point, that all those skills require red socket - color, which is most probable for us to get.
Ground Slam just awesome, as it is actually mid-ranged attack. This distance is undoubtedly ass-saver. Secondly with such big range you are able to hit at once much more enemies than with other melee skills.
"GROUND SLAM" + "Life Gain on Hit" + "Melee Physical Damage" + "Fire Physical Damage"

SECONDARY ATTACK - 1vs1 (bosses, rares)
Heavy Strike is our boss-killer. I has high effectiveness, what make our one-to-one damage just huge.
"HEAVY STRIKE" + "Life Gain on Hit" + "Melee Physical Damage" + "Fire Physical Damage"

For support gems we use the same gems in both cases. They are also red, and quest-obtainable.

"Life Gain on Hit" - is first support gem we should apply, as it's just big jump in survivability. We will stop spending health. We will start GAINING health for each attack.
"Melee Physical Damage" and "Fire Physical Damage" are just for increasing damage output.


OTHER SKILL GEMS - not required
Of course there are more widely used skill gems. They are not that simple and easy to use, and usually not that effective. Some of them will replace our active skill gems, some will replace support skill gems, and at last some can be used additionally. They are not required by the build, so this part is more like additional information, for further improving your character by YOU.


2h-mace (with highest physical damage you've found)


To increase our survivality (health regen) to unbelievable scores there are ONLY three things we should care about in equipment:
- HEALTH REGEN BONUSES (mainly early-on)
- Resistances

1. But u nup, ima goin' to gonna DIE super-fazt wiht bloodz magiks!
Actually with "Life Gain on Hit" you will regain health faster than you will be able to spend it. Also with so high health regen you won't have problems with maintaining health

2. How to progress your build
Blood Magic -> Resolute Technique -> Unwavering Stance -> Duelist's health nodes -> Templar's health nodes

3. It's this build viable in very-very end-game content.
This bring me through all four difficulties on CB like through butter. But it (obviously) wasn't checked in OB reality. In end-game content all melee character do poor. This build will also do poor, especially it is more newbie-oriented. But it is great character to start with to gather some currency and equipment for ours EleBows or CiColdCrits.

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Léon d'Auterne said...

If it isn't much trouble could you make and link a skill map with or any other builder tool? Thanks in advanced for the guide.