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Runescape Kalphite King Survival Guide

Kalphite King Need To Know's:

- If his wings are YELLOW, it means he's in melee attack mode & he's currently weak to Fire spells, this is the point where you want to put on your wand & shield if support and keep your distance, it's very important as support to stay to the side of him because he has an ability to PLOW through a crowd. Also, in this melee phase/mode of him, he performs an INSTANT KILL move where a player turns green. The only way to avoid this is by having a teammate w/ a shield use the PROVOKE shield ability and then quickly use RESONANCE to heal instead of being instant killed. Tanks here would need to be wearing the best MELEE damage soaking armor (Virtus) for the best chances @ survival while praying melee.

-If his wings are GREEN, it means he's in ranged attack mode & he's currently weak to stabbing attacks, this is where support is gonna want to switch to a melee stabbing weapon whether it be rapiers or a Zamorakian spear. Everyone should be praying Ranged at this point in battle.

If his wings are BLUE, then this is the most deadly phase you will face, at this moment he will be using magic attacks in the form of ball clusters & is weak to ranged, ARROWS only. Your best chance @ survival throughout this face is to stick to the walls & range him from afar while also avoiding/ dodging the exploding ball clusters.

-The RED AURA, if the King appears to have a red aura around him, this means you need to stop attacking, at this moment all damage done to him will indeed heal him.

-DIG Attack, during this attack he will dig underground, upon him rising you will see a glimpse of him just like what you see as he spawns for the first time, he will only appear under the person he was targeting just before his dig attack you need to move immediately or you will suffer around 2k damage.

-His minions, do not worry about the minions as of now, they don't do much besides cause lag and help to regain adrenaline. :|

:O What you need to know if support:
1. Wear the best Melee damage soaking armor. (Virtus)
2. Always be sure to bring a shield (Arcane Spirit Shield) w/ you.
3. When his wings are yellow in melee phase be sure to use a wand & shield.
4. When his wings are green in range phase be sure to switch to stabbing weapons.
5. When his wings are blue in mage phase be sure to switch to your bow (Zaryte > Crystal > Dark) and stick to the walls.
6. If in Virtus, while support, keep range prayer up at all times until blue winged mage phase, that's when you pray mage, for that phase only.

:@ What you need to know if Tanking:
1, There must be at least 4 tanks - two Main Tanks & two Dps Tanks
3. If Survival/Main Tank, wear Virtus w/ Arcane Spirit Shield while praying Melee with a wand/fire spells during yellow wings, with Chaotic Rapier/Stab weapon during green wings, and I recommend during Mage with either a Zaryte/Crystal bow, or switching back to your wand/shield (survivability). Recommended, that as Tank, to Remain Praying Melee through all phases.
4. If Melee Off-Tank/Dps Tank bring the best damage increasing armors. That means you will want Full Torva & Dual Chaotic Rapiers.
5. *****MOSTLY though, I recommend Virtus, Arcane Spirit Shield, Wand/Rapier switch, Overloads, Restores, Rocktails, & learning his phases.

Armors: Virtus > Ganodermic > Void/Subjugation

Shields: Farseer Kiteshield > Arcane Spirit Shield > Chaotic Kiteshield > Subjugation Ward

Melee Weapons: Drygore Rapiers > Chaotic Rapiers > Zamorakian Spear > Dragon Spear

Ranged Weapons: Zaryte Bow > Crystal Bow > Dark Bow w/ Dragon Arrows

Magic Weapons: Chaotic Staff > Virtus Wand > Ahrim's Wand > Master Wand > Grifolic Wand

Magic Spells: Fire Surge(Lvl 95) > Fire Wave(Lvl 75)

--On A Side Note--
* ALWAYS Bring a Shield for Res/Prov.
* Dreadnips & Dominion Mines appear to be able to be used <- according to the wiki.
* Also, it's recommended that you avoid using AoE Abilities.
---**Easy Access*--- I recommend having maybe two people on your team who are bank runners where they wait outside the tunnel with supplies for Combatants who may need it, trust me this really helps and makes it much easier to do.
^^^^Also, be sure to do the Quest: "Desert Treasure" this will literally cut your trips back to the King in half, due to the ability of having the Bandit Camp Lodestone.

*Upon Death*: If you are to die in the King's Lair, your gravestone will appear in the Graveyard outside the Lair inside the Dungeon. To get back it should take between 2- 4 minutes, just enter the Exiled Kalphite Dungeon and you will see the arrow toward your grave. Be sure to use PROTECT Items @ all times within the King's Lair as well as protect items that may disappear upon dying.

--Thank You For Reading, Good Luck & Have Fun Fighting this Monster! Hopefully You get some good loot. --- Also, please give me feedback as well as information on what can be done better with this guide and what needs to be updated/fixed. Thanks! :)

###(NOT RECOMMENDED)###: But... for best damage... During Yellow Wings/Melee Phase, use wand & book w/ Fire Surge. During Green Wings/Ranged Phase, use Dual Rapiers. During Blue Wings/Mage Phase use Crystal Bow.

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