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Path of Exile Maximum Life Leech

Two 6% claws (with 1-5% leech mods?): 12-22%
Raker Cluster by Shadow: 4%
Carnage Heart: 5-10% (non-unique: 1-5%)
Slitherpinch: 3% (non-unique: 1-2%)
Wurm's Molt: 1% (non-unique: N/A)
Two leech rings: 2-4%
Life Leech support: 1-5%
Blood Rage buff: 4-6%
Warlord's Mark curse: 3-7%
Blood Drinker and the leech cluster nearby: 3% (long skillgrimage, not recommended)

62% (65% with hard-to-reach passives) leech from physical damage from attacks.

Highest without uniques or faraway nodes would be 55%.

EDIT: Forgot about Warlord's Mark.
iBones wrote:
[Quote Pyramid Removal]

Life leech is a slippery slope. Reach too far, and your physical damage isnt high enough to merit enough leech as you level. Early to mid game, I find leeching to be entirely more viable than say lvl 75(which is where most builds "end".

I agree completely with your first point. I was just running the numbers for ghousty.

As for viability, I have to disagree on your second point. I believe a heavily leech-based build would work just fine endgame. A high enough ES or HP pool coupled with such high leech would make Armor and Evasion nigh irrelevant (given the opportunity to attack, of course; Eye of Chayula and Dream Fragments would be necessities for endgame content, unless you enjoy being stunlocked or frozen).

Speaking of itemization, a feasible percentage life leech to aim for around level 60 (with BloodRage and a LifeLeech gem, dual wielding Fright/Eagle Claws) would be 30% or more.

In terms of skills, I'd use DualStrike with MeleeDamage (and/or OnFullLife if CI) > FasterAttacks > LifeLeech > AddedFire for single targets, and WhirlingBlades with FasterAttacks > MeleeDamage (and/or OnFullLife if CI) > LifeLeech (or LifeOnHit if HP). For auras, Discipline (if CI) > Grace > Hatred > Clarity (a must at lower levels, but worthless endgame due to mana leech). Obviously, also socket BloodRage somewhere, and WarlordsMark if you want even more leech or need an on-demand boost to your survivability.

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melpheos said...

life leech is capped @ 20%