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Borderlands 2 Maya DPS Build

Borderlands 2 Maya DPS Build by Commiespartan

A build a buddy and I have been playing around with is a build similar to Zero's melee build, but for the lovely Maya. I'd love some feedback on it and help is appreciated.
The Gear
There are two main weapons that this build needs to run effectively, the Evisceration Rubi and the Norfleet.

: This is your main tool for destruction. The Rubi has a unique Red-Text effect as for whenever you deal elemental damage and long as the Rubi is wielded, you gain health based off the damage done. With all the elemental damage from Phaselock and from meleeing with the Rubi, as long as you're doing damage, you'll be healing. How do you do elemental damage with the Rubi you may ask? I'll get to that soon enough . Slag and Shock Rubi's are going to be your best bet.

Norfleet: Any Norfleet will do. This is your tool to escape Fight for your Life. You WILL go down in this build while learning it and even a few times is harder areas. The Norfleet is the perfect Second Wind weapon.

As for the rest of your weapon slots, that's up to you. While the melee is this build is fun, you'll need other weapons for those hard to reach enemies and bosses. It just depends on your weapon preferences.

The Gea:
The Bee/The Love Thumper: For DPS, long range, and bosses, The Bee is always a nice thing to have. It's not what the build focuses on, but it's wonderful for farming and dealing with enemies that can't always be brought down with melee. The most important part of the build though, is the Love Thumper, especially one with 39k Roid DMG. Everytime you melee and enemy, you release a Nova Blast. Nova Blast = Elemental DMG. See where I'm getting at? With the Rubi, meleeing an enemy will always regenerate your health by a decent amount. Once you get the practice in, the Love Thumper\Rubi combo is deadly. I prefer using an Inflammable Love Thumper for the Burn immunity, what you use is up to you.

Legendary Siren Class Mod: This is going to be your best bet for this build mainly because of the Movement Speed boost from Phaselocking an enemy. While it doesn't boost all the necessary stats needed for the build, it comes in handy.

Grenade Mods: The grenade mod is an important choice. You'll always want something elemental for the healing with the Rubi. Two of the best options are Leech grenades and Slag O-Negatives. Both steal health from the targets as well as heal you with the elemental damage. Slag and Shock, again, are some of the better options for melting shields or increasing the damage the enemies will take.

Relics: The relic is what I've struggled with the most. I've narrowed it down to a few options.
1. Health Relics (Blood of the Seraphs, Blood of Terramorphous, and Vitality Relics) These all present a nice health boost to your Siren.
2. Cooldown Relics. Simply, these are for bringing Phaselock back up as soon as possible to maximize damage and crowd control.
3. Resistance Relics. You're gonna be in the middle of a LOT of elemental damage from your abilities, grenades, and enemy fire. The survivability is nice in this build.
What relic you choose all depends on preference. You may want to try out a good Melee Relic or a pistol boosting one for the Rubi. It's all about your playstyle here.

The Build:


Flicker (7/5): Flicker is simply helpful in this build and helps boost Elemental effects with guns. Meaning more health regen. Plus, 42% is enough to Slag, Burn, etc most enemies with a few shots.
Foresight (10/5): I prefer to have the larger clips and reload speed because with this build you want to move fast. It's not all about the melee at times, so this comes in handy.
Immolate (3/5): Nothing super special here, we just need to help fill up the tree and the extra damage is helpful when looking to get out of Fight for your Life.
Helios (5/5): A great way to regenerate health, especially when combined with Converge (as we'll get to later).
Backdraft (5/5): When those shields go down (which in this case is what you want) that extra Fire Nova is great for damage and health regen.
Cloud Kill (1/1): DoTs, DoTs and health everywhere.
Reaper (5/5): Wonderful for picking of enemies quickly when you're not up in their face.
Ruin (1/1): Just a must. The damage and health regen from this is a necessity to the build.


Mind's Eye (7/5): That melee damage and critical hit is nice whether your bashing someone in the face or sitting back sniping them off.


Accelerate (10/5): More for the gun damage of the build. Plus, we do NOT want Ward here, it conflicts with the Love Thumper.
Kinetic Reflection (5/5): When you're standing in the middle of a crowd meleeing them all, it's nice to have those bullets bounce off you and into the crowd you're devastating.
Fleet (5/5): Your shields should always be down, so you're gonna want that movement speed. And with that speed boost from our class mod when something's Phaslocked, you're gonna be moving hella fast. It makes up for not having Zero's dash.
Converge (1/1): Pull them all together. Those Nova's are going to hit everyone there, healing and dealing tons of damage and adding more elemental effects to more enemies at once. A must for this build.

Basically, your strategy is simple. Whip out the Rubi. Loose your shields. When depleted, Phaselock em all together and go to town with those melee attacks.

This doesn't always work on most enemies (Buzzards, certain Bosses, etc.). That's why this build comes with the option of some gun damage as well and The Bee Shield to take care of those hard to reach foes.

I'd love to hear what you all have to say. Questions and comments are appreciated and wlecomed. Thanks for reading!

Thanks to imgunderful (PS3) for working on this with me and bringing the thought of a melee Maya to my attention.

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