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SMITE New Player Tips

SMITE New Player Tips by Nick

General Smite Tips
I have only been playing Smite for a few days but I have been a fan of MOBA games for years. Below is a list of Smite tips that will help you get started with Smite and with other MOBA games.

Money and levels. Early in the game your primary goal should be to earn money and level up. The more money and levels you earn the easier it will be to dominate in later stages.

Concentrate your attacks on enemy minions early in the game. Do not bother fighting enemy Gods, it will either cost you a lot of health an mana or get you killed. By concentrating on minions you can earn money and purchase extra items/abilities which will give you an edge come end game.

Jungling for buffs and xp. If you are not familiar with jungling, it simply means killing neutral monsters in order to take their buffs. You will find neutral camps spread out across the map. By raiding these camps and killing neutral monsters you gain xp and some very cool buffs.

Purchase healing potions and learn to use them. Healing potions do not heal in one big hit, they heal 250 hp over 25 seconds. You should take a healing potion before your health drops below 50%, don’t wait until your down to 10%. It is also a good idea to take a healing potion before attacking a neutral camp or attacking an enemy god. This ensures that you are constantly healing while taking damage.

Communicate effectively. Use the chat function (by pressing ENTER) to communicate with your teammates.

DO NOT RUSH ALONE!. You may be a god but you are not Rambo. Rushing will get you killed and whenever you die you aren’t earning money or xp.

Use the mini-map, it is full of useful information such as friendly positions, enemy positions, defenses and neutral camps.

Know how to build your god. You should learn your gods weaknesses and counter them by purchasing the right items and abilities. If your god is slow buy items that improve speed. If your god has low Physical Protection buy some armor.

Don’t wast time. Using your time efficiently is essential. In early game you should either be slaughtering minions, jungling or

Smite Defense Tips
Stay behind your minions. Minions make perfect meat shields, let them take all the blows and only help them when it is safe to do so. Your minions will automatically attack any enemy god who attacks you in their vicinity.

Use your towers. Towers do more than just protect lanes, they protect you. If you are low on health of facing multiple gods run to a friendly tower. Towers immediately target any gods attacking you.

Consider buying the Sprint item. Sometimes it is smarter to run than fight. If you are low on health and have multiple gods on your tail using the Sprint item will allow for a quick retreat.

Watch your flank. It pays to always look behind you, having an enemy god sneak up on you can be devastating. The further you move along a lane the easier it is for enemies to flank you.

Juking. If you are running from enemy gods don’t follow the obvious path. Run into jungle areas and take unpredictable turns. It is harder for enemies to follow you if they cannot predict your moves.

Smite Attack Tips
Try to attack in groups. Obviously if you are in a group of gods you are more likely to kill enemies when you attack.

Use your skills properly. When you activate a skill you will see a ground target that shows the damage path of the skill. Make sure you get the maximum amount of enemies inside the ground target before firing. This may seem straight forward but many players don’t do it right. In the image below the top row shows a good use of skills and the bottom a bad use of skills.

If you do not use our skills properly you are simply wasting mana and costing yourself money.

Those tips and tricks should get your started in Smite and should give you an edge.

Have your own Smite tips?

If you have your own tips leave a comment and share them.

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