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Pocket Legends Recipe Farming Guide

So i have a way to farm any level 15 recipes in 5 minutes. First you will need to make a lvl 5 mage. DO NOT USE THE DAILY TO GET THERE! Once you are there use this build.

5 Strength
6 Dexterity
19 intelligence

4 frostbite

Armor+ Gear

LVL 5 firestaff ( from ellie the enchanteress )
Any armor
any helm

Ok now this is what you have to do
1. Get your daily
2. Go to 1: Road to Forest Haven
3:KILL ALL ENEMIES ( you do not have to kill all )
4:When you get to boss wait for skill to regen
5:hit him with your staff a couple times then use frostbite
6: make sure to kill him fast or he wont drop anything
7: keep remaking road to forest haven

Comment Any interesting Recipes you got from this guide
Will be making guides at later times
Recipies I got from this plan

Expert: 4 times
Artisian: 2 times
Sorcerers: Many
Alchemists: 10+
Blacksmith: Many
Armsman: Many


Anonymous said...

can i do this ant any level?

Anonymous said...

do i have to be level 5 or can i do this at any level?