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Elsword Choosing Your Class Guide

Elsword Choosing Your Class Guide by Lenne


Q. What is the purpose of this guide?

A. This character is mainly directed at new players who have trouble choosing which character to play.

By reading this guide, you will be able to find out the basics of what the character is: who is he/she, what can he/she specializes in, and additionally, how easy or difficult the character is in dungeons or PvP, and their future job advancements and how they affect your gameplay overall.

This guide will consist mostly of basic information. For further in-depth information of a character's job, there will be specific job guides linked within the section.

Q. How difficult is the character?

A. There will be a difficulty scale listed in stars (☆). ☆ is the easy, the max of ☆☆☆☆☆ being difficult.

This difficulty scale is based on how flexible the character is, in terms of damage output, survivability, and ease of attack/movement control.

Q. What is a "B-Slot?" Is it important to have one?

A. A "B-Slot" is the second set of skills in your skill menu. You will see the A-Slot, and below it, the B-Slot. Normally you are able to use up to 4 active and special active skills in dungeons and PvP. The B-Slot is an extra slot, so with it, you can use up to 8 skills, and having that amount of skills allows you to be prepared for almost any situation, in dungeons or PvP. However, the B-Slot requires K-Ching, and some players may not be able to afford it or just do not want to spend money.

No class "requires" a B-Slot, although it is very, very helpful for everyone. Some say a few classes, like Elemental Master, require a B-Slot, but they are saying that because playing Elemental Master without a B-Slot is just very difficult. It's not impossible to reach Lv60 or become SS rank with solely 4 skills, but it may take more time. I will list for every class 4 sufficient skills to take for a hybrid situation (dungeons and PvP in general.)

Q. What if I still can't choose a character right for me?

A. Then I have no help there at all. Try a lottery drawing with all six characters. And if needed, do another lottery drawing with the character's job classes.

Q. I see the some classes/abilities "CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE IN NORTH AMERICA". Does that mean we won't get them? They look so cool though!

A. We will get them. Do not worry, but what you must NOT do is ask everyone on the forums. No one knows exactly when the rest of the classes/abilities will arrive.

So, let's start the guide!

Elsword, the Knight
Elsword, is an ambitious but hot headed young swordsman, trained by the leader of the Red Knights, his sister Elsa. Elsa left her little brother to lead a mission, never to return. Elsword now searches the land for two things; El, the precious gems that power his kingdom, and his missing sister.

Specialties: Swordplay, Counter-attacks, Super Armor

Elsword's Way of the Sword

For in-depth information, see this page:

When playing as Elsword, there will be an additional gauge below the skill hot keys. This "Way of the Sword" gauge will enable you to activate one of two kinds of power: "Aura of Vitality" or "Aura of Destruction" for a period of time.

Depending on the type of combo attack (Z and X keys) or skill you use, the gauge will lean towards vitality or destruction. While in either "Aura of Vitality" or "Aura of Destruction", you will receive special benefits.

Note that the system they use is not what what it may appear to be at first; vitality-type attacks take away vitality from the gauge, leaning the gauge towards destruction; destruction-type attacks take away destruction from the gauge, leaning the gauge towards vitality; this is why only attacks that use the gauge area affected in the respective aura.

*Example, the attack combo ZZZZ. All of its attacks are Vitality-type. Therefore, it must use vitality. Performing this combo over and over will drain vitality and fill the gauge with crimson aura, and will lead you to Aura of Destruction.

*Example 2, the attack combo XXX. All of its attacks are Destruction-type. Therefore, it must use Destruction. Performing this combo over and over will drain destruction and fill the gauge with azure aura, and will lead you to Aura of Vitality.

Aura of Vitality

When the gauge is completely blue (by using destruction-type moves), the Aura of Vitality  will be unleashed in the form of an azure aura. Destruction-type moves do not affect the gauge in this state.

Under the effects of Aura of Vitality, you obtain the following benefits:

*Increased movement, jump, and attack speed.
*All skills that are vitality-type will cost 30% less mana.
*Using combo attacks or skills that are vitality-type will greatly increase the mana you gain per hit.

Aura of Destruction

When the gauge is completely red (by using vitality-type moves), the Aura of Destruction will be unleashed in the form of a crimson aura. Vitality-type attacks do not affect the gauge in this state.

Under the effects of Aura of Destruction, you obtain the following benefits:

*Skills that are destruction-type will deal 50% more damage. Combo attacks that are destruction-type will deal double damage.
*When attacked, Elsword will "howl," and enemies within his immediate surrounding are damaged and knocked away. Elsword will also become stoic for a short period of time. This ability will not activate again until the stoic runs out.

*Be aware that Aura of Vitality and Aura of Destruction have no time limits. They become empty once Elsword attacks enough or becomes attacked enough.


Sword Knight & Lord Knight

Summary: Uses swordplay to dish out high amounts of physical damage to enemies.

Dungeon Difficulty: ☆☆
PvP Difficulty: ☆☆

Recommendation: The Sword Knight and Lord Knight classes are the traditional, physical-damage dealing Knight classes of an MMO. Beginners to the game are recommended to try out Elsword as a Sword Knight/Lord Knight to get a fresh feel, and you could either stick with this basic, yet very damaging class, or try out other classes once you're more familiar with the game.

Some Skills of SK/LK:

 Windmill - Elsword spins around with his sword to form a moveable whirlwind attack dealing damage continuously while being in super armor.

 Armageddon Blade - Elsword transcends his sword with a powerful aura that increases the overall range of his attacks for a period of time.

 Sandstorm - Elsword prepares a stance and summons a wide sandstorm that sends any enemy flying up into the air while dealing heavy damage and lowering their Accuracy.

B-Slot "Needed?": No.

Non-B-Slot Recommended Skills: Armor Break, Sandstorm, Iron Body, Optional 4th Skill

Magic Knight & Rune Slayer

Summary: Combines Elsword's basic physical swordplay with additional magic attacks consisting of fireballs and runes.

Dungeon Difficulty: ☆
PvP Difficulty: ☆☆

Recommendation: The Magic Knight and Rune Slayer class gives a new feel for Elsword (the character). You'll be able to follow up your sword slashes with burning fireballs as a Magic Knight, or once you become Rune Slayer, you'll have stylish attacks using powerful runes. If you like your knight character to also have magic abilities that burns your enemies to nothing, then this class is for you.

Some Skills of MK/RS:

 Sword Fire - Elsword drives his sword into the ground to create a fiery explosion all around him, continuously dealing heavy damage and Burning his opponents. Afterwards, his sword will gain a special buff allowing him to Burn any enemy he attacks.

 Storm Blade - Elsword unleashes a swarm of rotating blades that spin around him in a wide range, continuously dealing heavy damage to anyone caught in the attack.

 Luna Blade - Elsword conjures up a gigantic magical blade above him and sends it downwards, dealing heavy magical damage while reducing the victim's mana.

B-Slot "Needed?": No.

Non-B-Slot Recommended Skills: Sword Fire, Sword Enchant, Splash Explosion, Optional 4th Skill

Sheath Knight & Infinity Sword


Summary: Dual-wields his original sword and a new sword known as Conwell to deliver speedy slashes, totaling up an immense amount of physical damage.

Dungeon Difficulty: ☆
PvP Difficulty: ☆

Recommendation: The Sheath Knight and Infinity Sword is a new class that transforms your basic knight character into something more agile and destructive. Carrying two swords in hand, Elsword is still able to destroy all enemies in his way in a speedy fashion. For those who like the concept of dual-wielding, or for those who love dealing quick hits while still hitting with high power, this class is for you.

Some Skills of TK/IS:

 Maelstrom Rage - Elsword throws Conwell forwards as it erupts into a small localized frenzied storm of swords that draw-in and deal continuous damage to nearby foes.

 Phantom Sword - Elsword summons an independent aura blade that looks like a gaint Conwell and it mimics the movement of his equipped sword.

 Rage Cutter - Elsword stabs a Conwell into the floor, creating a spell circle. Mini Conwells will then erupt from the circle, damaging any targets as they rise and cause them to Bleed.

B-Slot "Needed?": No.

Non-B-Slot Recommended Skills: Sword Fall, Mirage Sting, Optional 3rd Skill, Optional 4th Skill

Guides for Elsword:

Sword Knight/Lord Knight:
Sword Knight and Lord Knight Guide by hikariinu124

Magic Knight/Rune Slayer:
Magic Knight and Rune Slayer Guide by Lenne
Full Magic Knight/Runeslayer Guide by lecaf

Sheath Knight/Infinity Sword:
Infinity Sword Guide by NanayaS

Aisha was already a mage of the highest order at the tender age of 12 until a ring of sinister power absorbed her abilities. Intelligent and brash, she once again starts her journey to relearn all that she lost.

Specialties: Fire/Lightning/Space-Binding magic, Fireballs, Teleportation, Gliding, Party Buffs


High Magician & Elemental Master

Summary: Uses fireballs and the elemental spells of fire, ice, lightning and wind to deal heavy damage to foes.

Dungeon Difficulty: ☆☆
PvP Difficulty: ☆☆☆☆

Recommendation: The High Magician and Elemental Master class covers the basic use for the elemental magics of an MMO. High Magician will start out carrying new fire and ice spells, then as Elemental Master, you'll gain a new wind spell, as well as ice and wind-thunder attacks, and finally the ability to destroy everything with a shower of meteors. Elemental Master will also be able to buff party members efficiently, making Aisha not only a powerful damaging mage but also a good party support. For magic-lovers who love the use of elemental variety, this class is for you.

Some Skills of HM/EM:

 Blizzard Shower - Summon numerous ice crystals from the air, damaging and freezing opponents on contact.

 Cyclone - Aisha summons a cyclone in front of her that continuously moves forward, repeatedly damaging the enemy if caught.

 Meteor Shower - Summon multiple meteors from the air, burning anything that gets touched by one.

B-Slot "Needed?": Yes.

Non-B-Slot Recommended Skills: Meditation, Blizzard Shower, Meteor Shower, Teleport.

Dark Magician & Void Princess

Summary: Uses close-range attacks with the powers of darkness to deliver immense magic damage.

Dungeon Difficulty: ☆
PvP Difficulty: ☆☆

Recommendation: The Dark Magician and Void Princess class is the offset path for the traditional magician. Bearing the incredible powers of darkness, Aisha can deal a variety of unbelievable attacks that are simple yet powerful at the same time. For lovers of destructive dark magic, this class is for you.

Some Skills of DM/VP:

 Death Field - Aisha uses Death's dark power to deal heavy magic damage within a wide radius and curse affected enemies by reducing their movement speed and disabling their skills. After a period of time, an explosion will set off onto any victim hit.

 Plasma Cutter - Aisha points her finger and casts a laser straight ahead dealing continuous damage to multiple enemies. In Awakening, multiple lasers will be summoned to deal more hits.

 Phantom Breathing - Aisha summons Petit Angkor in front of herself to unleash powerful dark energy which can trap opponents; anything caught in this attack is affected with Constant Mana Drop Ailment.

B-Slot "Needed?": No.

Non-B-Slot Recommended Skills: Mana Steal, Hell Stone, Death Field, Teleport.

Battle Magician & Dimension Witch


Summary: Uses close-combat with staff, powerful "star balls" and magical field attacks, and use the ability to control space-time powers.

Dungeon Difficulty: ☆☆
PvP Difficulty: ☆☆

Recommendation: The Battle Magician is a new class that transforms your basic far-ranged magician character into a close-combat mage with intensive staff strikes. Not only is this close-combat style new, but the Battle Magician will also be able to "transform" into a greater magic being, highly enhancing your strength and mana gain. Once becoming the Dimension Witch, you'll have new space-time powers to create a unique close-ranged attack style. For lovers of a close-ranged magician and for "magical girl" lovers, try this class out.

Some Skills of BtM/DW:

 Super Nova - Aisha channels her magical force into her staff and releases the stored energy, causing a giant sphere to spin and cause high damage.

 Magical Makeup - Aisha transforms to become bigger, granting her bonus attack range on her staff attacks, enhanced combos, and increased mana gain.

 Distortion - Aisha summons a space hole in front of her, damaging any targets that are inside and absorb magical projectiles.

B-Slot "Needed?": No.

Non-B-Slot Recommended Skills: Energy Drain, Guillotine Press or Energy Spurt, Magical Makeup, Optional 4th Skill.

Guides for Aisha:

Base Job: "Beginners Guide to Base Job Aisha" by Oofoe

High Magician/Elemental Master:
"Path to Elemental mage Aisha" by Cinderella
Aisha - High Magician and Elemental Master Guide by Lenne

Dark Magician/Void Princess:
Aisha - Dark Magician and Void Princess Guide by Lenne

Battle Magician/Dimension Witch:
Aisha - Battle Magician and Dimension Witch Guide by Lenne

Rena is an elf living in the mortal world. Her place in this world is jeopardized by the weakening of El, the power gems that energize everything including the connection to her home world. If this power fades the ties that bind the two planes will vanish as will Rena herself. She uses her abilities as a Ranger to protect the El and her friends.

Specialties: Martial Arts, Archery, Double-Jumping


Sniping Ranger & Grand Archer
Summary: Delivers fast flurries of arrows combined with intense wind elemental skills.

Dungeon Difficulty: ☆
PvP Difficulty: ☆☆☆ (☆ for Team PvP)

Recommendation: The Sniping Ranger and Grand Archer class is the basic ranged archer path of an MMO. Sniping Ranger begins using newly-gained wind skills to deliver long ranged arrow attacks. Grand Archer further improves barraging of arrows, gaining a freezing arrow attack along with an intense wind arrow. Her simple arrow barrages are easy to repeat over and over, making playing the ranged support role very, very easy. For lovers of archers that like to support from afar, this class is for you.

Some Skills of SR/GA:

 Wind Wall - Rena casts a wind vortex in front of her that sucks in nearby enemies, trapping them in its center until it dissipates.

 Gungnir - Rena fires a powerful shot into the air which casts eight large tornado-arrows to rain down on the field around her.

 Aero Strafe - Rena jumps backwards high into the air and shoots a wind-powered arrow down at a 45 degree angle which explodes upon impact with the ground or an enemy.

B-Slot "Needed?": Yes.

Non-B-Slot Recommended Skills: Freezing Arrow, Stigma Snipe, Aero Strafe or Gungnir, Optional 4th Skill.

Combat Ranger & Wind Sneaker

Summary: Uses improved martial art skills to deal devastating physical blows.

Dungeon Difficulty: ☆☆☆
PvP Difficulty: ☆

Recommendation: The Combat Ranger and Wind Sneaker class is the offset path for the traditional ranged archer. While she still has her bow, Rena will focus on close-combat kicks as Combat Ranger, having a variety of powerful attacks in her arsenal. As Wind Sneaker, the kicking becomes more easier and powerful, and not only does Rena become stronger, she'll gain extra combo skill and the ability to heal allies while increasing their attack speed. For lovers of a close-combat focused archer, this class is for you.

Some Skills of CR/WS:

 Sharp Fall - Rena plummets downwards and stomp on the ground, causing a large radial shock field that Stuns opponents.

 Violent Attack - Rena launches opponents into the air with a series of somersault kicks, then drills into them diagonally towards the ground.

 Nature Force - Rena illuminates her feet with a green aura which greatly increases her physical attack damage while decreasing her knockdown rate for a limited amount of time, extending the amount of combo attacks she can do.

B-Slot "Needed?": No.

Non-B-Slot Recommended Skills: Sharp Fall, Nature Force, Arielinna, Optional 4th Skill.

Trapping Ranger & Night Watcher


Summary: Carries the Blade of Erendil to specialize in assassination, using a variety of traps that explode into powerful blasts of wind.

Dungeon Difficulty: ☆☆
PvP Difficulty: ☆☆

Recommendation: The Trapping Ranger is a new class that transforms your basic far-ranged archer character into a cautious assassin, which is a new feel for the close-combat lovers. The Trapping Ranger possesses explosive traps and speedy skills that can assassinating the enemy quickly. Even though this makes Rena sound like she'll one-hit KO everything (which actually, she can), Trapping Ranger is in fact, more of a tactical and luck-based class, for some of her skills will damage the enemy fully, or chances are you may not get the damage you want. Additionally, Trapping Ranger's traps also act as zone control; a factor that would entertain players who like to use logic and prediction in gameplay. Once you become the Night Watcher, your attacks become more swift and stylish, carrying greater combo variety with the Erendil to eliminate all in your way. If you prefer this swordswoman feel, like a luck-based class, or love tactical play, then this class is for you.

Some Skills of TR/NW:

 Explosion Trap - Rena releases a trap from her bow onto the ground that will detonate when an enemy touches it or a certain amount of time has passed.

 Fatality - Rena executes a single, quick slash that deals varied physical damage. The damage output is either Critical, Normal, Weak, or Failure.

 Furious Engage - Rena quickly rushes forward, slashing three times and ending with a more powerful kick that leaves enemies airborne.

B-Slot "Needed?": No.

Non-B-Slot Recommended Skills: Fatality or Gliding Strike, Delayed Fire, Explosion Trap, Optional 4th skill.

Guides for Rena:

Combat Ranger/Wind Sneaker:
Rena - Combat Ranger and Wind Sneaker Guide by Lenne

Sniping Ranger/Grand Archer:
Rena - Sniping Ranger and Grand Archer Guide by Lenne

Trapping Ranger/Night Watcher:
Rena - Trapping Ranger and Night Watcher Guide by Lenne

Raven is a fellow commoner from the Kingdom of Velder who rejected the idea of nobles and aristocrats. However, he was still proud of his kingdom, and thus worked hard to become the Captain of the Crow Mercenary Knights. Being a commoner in such a high-ranking position, he caused jealousy among the nobles. It was just a matter of time before he was framed and sentenced to prison. His friends, comrades, and fiancée rescued him and hid within the forest in the outskirts of Velder.

It did not take long before they were all surrounded by Velder soldiers and slaughtered one by one. Everything that Raven cared for and loved was stripped away from him, right before his very eyes. He stared at all the dead bodies around him as he slowly took what would have been his last few breaths. Just then, a Nasod figure appeared before him offered Raven a contract, for rebirth and power, he would conquer Velder and have revenge on the ones who caused his suffering, Raven agreed, then blacked out.

Raven awoke in a Nasod capsule, with devices attached to various parts of his body. Reborn with a prototype Nasod claw, he becomes the leader of the Velder Rebellion and blindly fights to destroy the kingdom he once protected. That is until he met a crew of young, ambitious heroes who reminded him of his duty to protect the people he once loved. In atonement for his sins, he decides to join Elsword and his friends on a new life adventure of finding the missing El.

Specialties: Swift Blade Slashes, Powered Nasod Arm Attacks

Special Ability: Raven's Rage

As Raven, when you enter awakening, a Nasod core will appear behind Raven. Whenever Awakening is activated for the first time, the Nasod core will appear automatically. This Nasod gives Raven two new abilities, as well as a cool looking accessory to him as Raven travels.

The Nasod core is called out when Raven awakens. The core itself has two modes, attack and defend. The more Raven attacks in awakening, the bigger the Nasod core grows, and its effectiveness grows. The Nasod however, grows at a slower rate when Raven is hit.

If Raven use an active or special active skill, the core will shape itself into a dark dagger, and pierces the enemy at a rapid speed. The Nasod core's attack power varies on its size and skill used, and will also ignore the enemy's defense.

However, if you are standing on the ground and being attacked in front of you, the Nasod core will shape itself to form a covering shield, to reduce damage to you. However, this defending act reduces the Nasod core's size. If it's too small, the core will vanish (It will come back if you attack or receive attacks, however). You cannot move during the guarding animation, but you can use the Shadow Strafe skill to move out of it.

If Raven activates awakening with the third orb filled (it is a flaming orb now), he will create a dense, small electric cloud around him, dealing semi-constant damage.The damage dealt from the cloud does not add to the knockdown counter, and does not stun.Raven will gain 5mp each spark. It's a great MP gainer as Raven passes through lots of mobs.The electric cloud deals damage every 2.5 seconds per opponent.

Sword Taker & Blade Master

Summary: Relies mainly on sword skill to deliver flurries and slashes at extreme speeds that even Elsword cannot match.

Dungeon Difficulty: ☆☆☆
PvP Difficulty: ☆☆

Recommendation: The Sword Taker and Blade Master is the agile class for Raven, executing high-speed slashes faster than any other character. Many skills involve the blade, which are usually light and not so strong as you think, but the power you are looking for resides in the multiple hits you deal. Of course, you still have your Nasod Arm, which you combine with your swordplay to add with damaging scratches, or use it to summon a small blackhole to carry your enemies in as you slash them to nothing, but even this requires some experience and fast reactions. To be able to deal the best damage in both dungeon and PvP situations, you need to adapt to Raven's swordplay combos. Though, if you love the style of speedy sword attacks and long combos, then play this class.

Some Skills of ST/BM:

 Hypersonic Stab - Raven dashes forward and unleashes a fury of slashes faster than the eye can see, slashing all in his path.

 Bloody Accel - Raven strengthens his sword by sacrificing the blood of surrounding enemies with a spherical slash, successfully giving him a buff that allows him to drain his enemies' HP while causing the Bleed status on them.

 Wolf Fang - Raven does a short leap forwards to tackle his opponent with his Nasod Arm. On contact with a target, Raven will use the opponent to propel himself into the air and swoop downwards causing two crescents from his blade to attack the target, dealing more physical damage.

B-Slot "Needed?": No.

Non-B-Slot Recommended Skills: Shockwave or Flying Impact (noted) or Giga Drive, Bloody Accel, Shadow Strafe, Optional 4th Skill.

Over Taker & Reckless Fist

Summary: Utilizes powerful, explosive weapons combined with a transformed, demonic-like Nasod Arm to deal powerful damage.

Dungeon Difficulty: ☆☆
PvP Difficulty: ☆☆

Recommendation: The Over Taker focuses on Raven using his Nasod Arm to deal vicious attacks. Following this path will allow Raven to use destructive weapons, including a nuclear missile. And of course, the power of the Nasod Arm grows as you gain new attacks that are brutal and straight-up front, enough to make the opponent suffer. Once you become the Reckless Fist, Raven further channels his rage and Nasod insanity on his Nasod arm, dealing lethal blows of damage effortlessly than ever before. If you like this merciless side of Raven's raw power, try this class out.

Some Skills of OT/RF:

 Valkyrie's Javelin - Raven instantaneously materializes 6 black javelins into the air and crash them down onto enemies, scorching the ground in explosions.

 Nuclear - Raven drops a nuclear missile in front of him, exploding into a huge cloud and obliterating everything caught in the explosion.

 Wild Charge - Raven charges the Nasod Arm, then unleash the power by charging forward at high speeds with a devastating punch.

B-Slot "Needed?": No.

Non-B-Slot Recommended Skills: X-Crash, Arch Enemy, Weapon Break, Optional 4th Skill.

Weapon Taker & Veteran Commander


Summary: Bears the overheating of the Nasod Arm to reduce enemies to ashes with large amounts of incinerating fire attacks.

Dungeon Difficulty: ☆
PvP Difficulty: ☆

Recommendation: Weapon Taker is a new class that transforms Raven into a split between the two "pure" paths of either Blade or Nasod Arm. Wearing a black suit that shows the color of soot, the Weapon Taker unleashes bursts of flames at his enemies. At the cost of enduring the pain of overheat, Raven is able to further increase the strength of his attacks, unleashing an unbelievable amount of power. Becoming the Veteran Commander further maximizes the overheating feature, making Raven a powerful figure. For lovers of insane fire-type attacks, or unstoppable inferno power, then this class is for you.

Some Skills of WT/VC:

 Bursting Blade - Raven engulfs his sword in flames and does three aerial flips with it.

 Giga Prominence - Raven plows his Nasod Arm into the ground and unleashes flames underground, causing geysers of fire to erupt around him, damaging anyone and anything nearby.

 Ignition Crow - Raven shoots out a flaming crow, which will fly to a certain range, also leaving behind a trail of flames that will damage targets.

B-Slot "Needed?": No.

Non-B-Slot Recommended Skills: Revolver Cannon, Bursting Blade, Bleeding Slicer, Optional 4th Skill.

Guides for Raven:

Sword Taker/Blade Master:
"Guide to Sword Taker and Blademaster" by ApacheCzar

Over Taker/Reckless Fist:
"OT/RF Beginners Guide" by SuperSaiyan113

Weapon Taker/Veteran Commander:
Weapon Taker/Veteran Commander Guide by DubiousDisk

Eve, an upper-class Nasod, was once called 'The Little Queen of Nasods' when Humans and Nasod coexisted in Ancient Elrios. The times were peaceful and they worked side by side with their creators. However, the reign of prosperity was fleeting, as the power of El began to weaken. Nasod civilization declined without its power source. They sought help from the Humans, but they were denied help, and the war of Nasod and Humans began. Years passed with the Humans winning the ancient war but at the same time diminishing the El's power. Only a few ancient Nasods survived the war and made it back into their preservation capsules.

For thousands of years, Eve was preserved in her capsule unit to avoid the catastrophe until an El fragment flew into it. Eve woke up to only find out that she was stranded alone in this new present time. She gathered her remaining energy and ancient knowledge to revive King Nasod and the Nasod race. After all, a queen cannot be without a king and Eve understood that best.

Years passed and King Nasod was on a mission to continue the ancient war with the humans. He and his followers had become corrupted and no longer acknowledged Eve. In the midst of the war, a young red-haired boy and his friends destroyed the last remains of Eve's race and ended King Nasod's life. Once again, Eve is left stranded and alone in this present time as though her efforts were meaningless. Not all hope is lost! Eve decides to regain the power of El and hopes to revive her race once again. She decides to follow the red-haired boy and his friends to find the El Shards and revive her race. It was, after all, the first time a boy said he wanted to be her friend.

Specialties: Nasod Weapons, Electronballs, Propulsion Boost, Party Buffs


Code Exotic & Code Nemesis

Summary: Uses an arsenal of destructive Nasod weapons to destroy her enemies.

Dungeon Difficulty: ☆☆
PvP Difficulty: ☆☆☆

Recommendation: Code Exotic and Code Nemesis lean toward the destructive weaponry of Nasod. Examples of such destructive weapons are greater, damaging spears, explosive grenades, or even a blaster. Once you use the mighty Queen's Throne, Eve becomes a weapon herself, destroying anything in her path. For lovers of this unique class with the desire to destroy and support at the same time with party buffs, this class is for you.

Some Skills of CEx/CN:

 Iron Scraps - Eve releases a series of small metal stingers in all directions, dealing high damage.

 Queen's Throne - Eve creates an explosion which summons standby stingers on her back for a certain periods of time, piercing enemies in rhythm with her gear strikes.

 Atomic Blaster - Eve takes a step back, pulling out a blaster and fires it in an upward arc, sending the enemy into the air.

B-Slot "Needed?": Yes.

Non-B-Slot Recommended Skills: Iron Scraps, Atomic Blaster, Mega Electronball, Optional 4th Skill.

Code Architecture & Code Empress

Summary: Commands loyal Nasod Guardians to fight, combining physical blows with magical electric sparks.

Dungeon Difficulty: ☆☆
PvP Difficulty: ☆☆

Recommendation: Code Architecture gives Eve a new style of fighting. In this new Code, a loyal Nasod known as Oberon fights along side you with tightly gripped swords in his hands. Most skills you will do involve Oberon slashing the enemy at high speeds or sending a powerful sonic boom at them. Once you become the elegant Code Empress, you'll gain a new helper, known as Ophelia, to add magic electricity to your combos. If you like this butler and maid combo to fight by your side, then try this class on for size.

Some Skills of CA/CEm:

 Genocide Ripper - Eve summons Oberon to slash enemies in front at extreme speed, ripping them apart.

 Electronic Field - Eve summons Ophelia to cast a huge electrical magic sphere, causing the enemy to continously get damage with a final huge damage finisher at the end.

 Assault Spear - Eve summons both Oberon and Ophelia, who together hurl a giant spear towards the ground which explodes momentarily after impact.

B-Slot "Needed?": No.

Non-B-Slot Recommended Skills: Spitfire, Genocide Ripper, Electronic Field, Mega Electronball.

Code Electra & Code Battle Seraph


Summary: Uses the strength of the El to create high-power electron beams and be output in different forms of El-force through reconfiguration.

Dungeon Difficulty: ☆
PvP Difficulty: ☆☆

Recommendation: The new Code Electra is a new class that transforms your little Nasod Queen to having new, amplified electron powers. Code Electra has the ability to amplify El-powered energy beams into larger streams of powerful energy, or triple the output into three spread beams. Once becoming Code Battle Seraph, not only do you obtain homing El-energy beams, but also become the queen of mobility. Living up to her Seraph name, Eve can zap through the sky at high speeds. Combined with the devastating power of El, Code Battle Seraph is truly a powerful being. For lovers of laser beams, the angelic-look for Eve, or simply love the features of El-energy, then you should definitely try this class.

Some Skills of CEl/CBS:

 Thousand Star -  Eve summons a special gear with condensed El Energy that will aid her in combat.

 Giga Stream - While drawing a significant amount of El-Energy from within the body, Eve creates a large force-field before herself and then fires the beam, amplifying it into a larger stream of El energy.

 Energetic Heart - Eve increases the El-infused core output of power to the maximum amount for a short amount of time, activating Fusion Mode.

B-Slot "Needed?": Yes.

Non-B-Slot Recommended Skills: El Crystal Spectrum, Thousand Star, Particle Ray, Taser Pilum.
*Use Mega Electronball until you can replace it with Taser Pilum.

Guides for Eve:

Code Exotic/Code Nemesis:
Eve - Code Exotic and Code Nemesis Guide by Lenne

Code Architecture/Code Empress:
Eve - Code Architecture and Code Empress Guide by Lenne

Code Electra/Code Battle Seraph: Coming soon!

Members of the Seiker family are known protectors of Hamel City, the capital of Senace Kingdom. It is to this name that Chung was born. Widely known as Prince Seiker, Chung was trained for combat from his early years. When Senace Kingdom came under attack, his father devoted himself to defending it. Unfortunately, the demon possessed him, causing him to lose all control of his own body, and the noble fighter unwittingly came to lead the enemies to attack Hamel. The Prince tried to hold his father to try and stop him, but got seriously wounded by him.

With the help of Elsword and his friends, Chung escapes the battlefield and is on the way to recovering from his wounds. Meanwhile, most parts of Senace are now occupied by the demons. He then decides to leave Hamel to the Red Knights and go with Elsword to train and become stronger than ever. He swears to himself that he will not use the Seiker name and will call himself Chung until he returns to save Hamel and take the Water El back from the demons.

Specialties: Close and Far-Ranged Attacks, Tanking, Counterattacks

Special Ability: Berserk Mode

Like all characters, Chung also has his own Awakening Beads. But his awakening function sets him apart. His 3rd awakening bead at first glance, looks like its locked, with chains covering it. The way to unlock it is just like unlocking other awakening beads, getting enough hits. The main reason it looks different is to show you that your Berserk Mode is ready and fully functional.

When activating awakening with all 3 beads filled, you will see that Chung gains a helm. This is proof that Berserk Mode is activated. In Berserk Mode, not only does Chung gain a slight boost in his attack strength and skills, but more importantly, Chung gains Unlimited Ammunition. This means that he has limitless ammo. Skills that normally use one or two, or even all your cannonball supply don't effect your ammunition count. Therefore, you can spam all of your powerful skills that require cannonballs, but just be sure to keep an eye on your mana. However, it is wise to use his Awakening Mode only at desperate times or when getting prepared for a boss battle. It will take a while for you to achieve Chung's Berserk Mode again, and his form only lasts for 90 seconds without any awakening time modifiers.


Fury Guardian & Iron Paladin

Summary: Relies on sheer strength and brute force to deliver powerful physical blows.

Dungeon Difficulty: ☆
PvP Difficulty: ☆

Recommendation: Fury Guardian and Iron Paladin keeps Chung's usual Destroyer whacking and whamming with some powered upgrades. Fury Guardian will access incredible battle cries that deal powerful damage, a couple of them also crippling the opponent with a status ailment. Once you become Iron Paladin, your combos are extended further to the point where Iron Paladin is truly a mighty class. For people who love smashing opponents continuously without end, or if you like this feminine-like look on Chung, then this class is for you.

Some Skills of FG/IP:

 Pandemonium - Chung gathers his energy and unleash his voice, causing enemies to Panic.

 Pain of Caladblog - Chung overwhelms his surroundings and fills a certain radius with intense, piercing shouts. The frequency of this sound wave is so intense that he lands a curse on his opponents (when they have a Status Ailment), which will cause the opponent to explode after a short period of time.

 Land Demolisher - With heavy might, Chung smashes his Destroyer onto the ground to create a large crater, giving him a special earth-shaking buff that adds extra hits and damage to his attacks.

B-Slot "Needed?": No.

Non-B-Slot Recommended Skills: Pandemonium, Land Demolisher, Pain of Caladblog, Optional 4th Skill.

Shooting Guardian & Deadly Chaser

Summary: Uses Destroyer strikes as well as fast, piercing bullets shot by the new Silver Shooter guns.

Dungeon Difficulty: ☆☆
PvP Difficulty: ☆☆☆

Recommendation: Shooting Guardian gives Chung a new style of fighting. With a new weapon known as the Silver Shooter in hand, you combine regular Destroyer strikes with quick bullets from your new gun. Once you become the Deadly Chaser, you'll now have two Silver Shooters in hand, and with both, you'll be able to fully disable enemies from a distance. For lovers of these quick-draw guns and a change for the brutal close-combat Chung, try this class out.

Some Skills of SG/DC:

 Comet Crasher - Chung shoots his cannon 135 degrees downwards in midair, bombarding the area with cannonballs.

 Bullet Blitz - Chung fires a bullet from one of his Silver Shooters that homes in on any nearby enemies.

 Artillery Strike - Chung sets the Destroyer on the ground and selects an area around the map using the cross-hair to be bombarded with missiles.

B-Slot "Needed?": Yes.

Non-B-Slot Recommended Skills: Rumble Shot, Comet Crasher, Bullet Blitz, Optional 4th Skill.

Shelling Guardian & Tactical Trooper


Summary: Uses cannon balls in a varied and continuous manner, holding heavy artillery and a wide range of explosive weapons from a distance.

Dungeon Difficulty: ☆
PvP Difficulty: ☆

Recommendation: Shelling Guardian is a new class that transforms the Chung you see today into a dangerous guardian who holds powerful explosives in hand. Rather than up-front cannon bashing or a second weapon to attack from afar, Chung will actually use his Destroyer's cannon blasts to deal immense magical damage. Even he is feared by all dungeon monsters, because his deadly Carpet Bombing is the most powerful skill in the game. And if the bosses aren't large enough, Dread Chase also takes care of them. Becoming a Tactical Trooper will further amplify the power dealt with cannon blasts, making this class powerful in both close and ranged styles. If you like how Chung blasts his enemies to nothing with the Destroyer, or if you want to throw a bunch of grenades everywhere, then feel free to try this class.

Some Skills of ShG/TT:

 Dread Chase - Chung fires 5 homing missiles at his enemies, exploding on impact and dealing high magic damage.

 Carpet Bombing - Chung fires a signal flare, calling for 2 waves of airstrikes, dealing immense amounts of magic damage.

 Tactical Field Chung summons out a field that will damage any target within the field during initial summon, and additionally grant a super armor effect and MP recovery to Chung and his allies within the field.

B-Slot "Needed?": No.

Non-B-Slot Recommended Skills: Dread Chase, Carpet Bombing, Optional 3rd Skill, Optional 4th Skill.

Fun Fact: Shelling Guardian's fan-nickname is Pikachung.
Fun Fact 2: Tactical Trooper's fan-nickname is Raichung or Chungdam.

Guides for Chung:

Combo Guide:
[Base Chung] Basic Comboing Guide

Fury Guardian/Iron Paladin:
Sukai's Guide to Chung

Shooting Guardian/Deadly Chaser:
Chung - Shooting Guardian and Deadly Chaser Guide by Lenne
spweasel's Guide to Shooting Guardian/Deadly Chaser
Sukai's Guide to Chung

Shelling Guardian/Tactical Trooper:
Sukai's Guide to Chung


Ara Haan


Ara Haan was born in Fahrmann, the dominion of the Gods which is located at the North of the Fluone continent.She is a descendant of the Haan Family that protected the sealed of the Gumiho-god (nine-tailed fox god) for generations. One day, the village disappeared as a whole because of the demon invasion. The demon that led the invasion of the village was none other than Ara's brother, Aren Haan, also known as Ran. She travels together with the Gumiho after signing a contract with it to search for her brother.

Specialties: Spear Martial Arts, Spirit Energy, Wind Walking

Ara's En

For in-depth information, see this page:

Changes to Ara's UI image in En mode.

Like Chung, Ara has a 3rd awakening bead transformation called the En Mode. While in this mode, her appearance changes, in which her hair will become fully white and 9 spectral tails will appear on her back, giving her the looks of the Gumiho.

Within En Mode, Ara gains the following:
Standard awakening damage increase;
Spirit Bar Regeneration: 1 Orb filled per target killed (indicated by a black fire surrounding her enemy);
HP Recovery upon killing an enemy;
Increased Attack Speed and shortened casting time for skills.

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