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Wartune Guild Battle Guide

I always had wanted to make a Guide but never got around the chance to do it.
Now that guild battle have been out for quiet a while now. i decided to write a guide on my experiences and the tactic i have been using to win GB since GB started.
From day one since GB was announced, i read some Chinese post and learned from their experience and planned out our Guild's GB.
anyway, here is my 1st attempt at making a guild on Guild Battle.

GUILD BATTLE: The Art of Winning

Guild Battle: The basics

How do you gain points in Guild battle?
  • Secure Mystery Tower: every tick give points for holding it
  • Attacking Enemy Ward: More damage More points awarded per tick.

Terms for winning
  • Destroy Enemy Ward
  • Having 4,000 point lead
  • Wins by time out with more points
  • If both have same point at end of the hour, Higher Guild Strength wins

Guild Battle: The Rewards

Winning rewards by time
  1. Win by 4,000 points under 20 min : 1,000 Honor/insigs 10 whip
  2. Win between 20-40 min: 850 Honor/Insigs 10 whip
  3. Win past 40 min or by time out at end: 750 Honor/Insigs 10 Whip

Losing rewards by time
  • Lose under 20 min: 400 Honor/Insigs
  • Lose between 20-40 min: 450 Honor/Insigs
  • Lose past 40 min or by end of the battle: 500 Honor/Insigs

Guild Battle: The Strategies

Basic Tactics
- If the opponents are very weak and barely any player. there are only a couple thing you need to do to win with maximum reward.
  • send war chariot at start of GB. Should be able to send 2 within 20 min.
  • have strongest player hit their ward in waves
  • have lower level player take over mystery tower and defend and can also harass their player when they come out of their base.
This will guarantee you 1,000 Honor / Insignias 10 whip for reward

This is to show what you should be getting per tick for getting max reward.

max I've seen is 162
mostwanted per gain.JPG

and this is what you should see at 8:20 or before.
max guild battle win.jpg

Advanced Tactics
- if the opponents are about even strength in power or just a little bit stronger this is the tactic for you
  • Form teams of 4 players and form 4 teams
  • Assign team before each GB and assign your teams to a specific M.Tower
I have used this tactic a lot in the beginning couple weeks of GB and it worked very well. What i do is that i like to assign teams with at least one of each class. This will ensure that each team is balanced. Each team will get the archer damage buff or knight tanking power or Mage aoe power. Ideal team would be: 2 mage 1 knight 1 archer every tower. I know it's probably not feasible with the lack of mages we have. so i recommend at least 1 mage at each tower. If you do have enough players i would recommend forming at least 5 teams ideally. but to have the basic chance of winning, you should form at least 4 teams for the win. These teams will be composed of 4 and with the right team. you can hold on to the mystery tower indefinitely.

HERE IS HOW IT WORKS. ONE team can hold on to mystery tower against 50 if they are strong enough. Each instance battle allow ONLY 4 players to be in it. Defending tower will always have the advantage. As long as one of you still standing at the end of the fight. you will instantly spawn at tower again and tower is still yours. our fight with Empire shows that there will be waves of waves of player coming, we just kept on fighting non stop but not like they can take it over if the defending player is strong enough and can hold on to it. If waves upon waves of player are just random player keep on clicking it. all they can get is just a loss. All it do is spend their HP pack and keep the fight longer while strong player wait outside while we gain points every tick the tower is been held.

TIP: If you are a defender, DO NOT move outside of the circle, OR attack anyone, or you will lose your defending status. Having defending status means you will be with your assigned team when anyone start to attack the tower.

Below shows a Undefended Mystery Tower and what you get when you click on it.
Undefended MT.jpg

After you accept , you should have an Shield next to your name showing you are defending it.
Defended MT.jpg

And like my Tip above have stated. Do not move out of blue circle to chase or attack someone.

and if you move out of circle this is what you get. make sure you do not attack anyone either while in circle defending.
stopped defending MT.jpg

Back to the topic of assigning those 4 teams. Those 4 teams are for the purpose of taking over towers and defending them once taken over. These teams have to be very strong player of course. but another thing to note is communication is key. The REST of your guild are basically the PEONS. they must follow order and NOT attack mystery tower. If they are attacking and one of your team arrive. they have to wait to attack, and not only that, if any of the team member do attack, this will split up the attacking/defending team and it will make them weaker and might lose in the process. So the KEY is to tell your guild before hand. IF they are NOT on a team, they should NOT be attacking a mystery tower. The ONLY THING and goal of the PEON class is to get to that Ward tower and attack ward. that's the ONLY way to help gain extra points other than the mystery towers.

TIP: For attacking teams, there are 2 secret path, leading from the mystery tower to the mystery tower. If you ride past your side's mystery tower, and just go past it North and or South and then head the other way. This will ensure you NOT run into the mobs of fights that are stuck on the road. Normally people tend to forget these 2 secret paths on top and bottom of map. this is a good way to help your team travel to that side of their tower and attack it. And don't forget to use invincibility if you need to travel through crowded of people without getting into fight.

If both guilds are about even strength, having these tactics will ensure a win. I don't know how many time i've seen it. but I've seen strong guilds with their top player just charge into a tower by themselves hoping to win or hoping someone will come and help them win. That will never work if the teams are not organized. Having these tactics and preparation before hand will ensure a victory and the better communication guild will win.

Pro Tactics
- against very strong guilds 2x 3x 10x your strength is very tough.
- when it all come down to it, individual strength do play a strong part in it. Having 10 70+ against 10 50+ just isn't going to work. No amount of organization or tactic will save you at that point.
- so it comes down to what goals will you aim for? you would like to aim for the maximum reward. (so basically stretch out the battle as long as possible)

---Suggestions on how you can do that.
  • send war chariot if you can spare the wealth
  • form teams to hold on to 1 or 2 tower at the basic minimum
  • Having your low level PEONS form a wall of fighting PEONS in front of your own Ward

Sending 1 war Chariot will ensure they will NOT gain a 4k lead in 20 min.
If you have only enough players to hold on top 2 towers only. Then form 2 teams to hold those 2 towers. Knowing your enemy strength is key also. If you know they can only hold on to 2 also then that means you have a chance of taking 2 for yourself. If they send in their strongest to take the tower you are holding away. that means there are somewhere a tower been defended by weak players that you can take over. Having Vent / Teamspeak or another type of chat program really helps but since most people are at work or do not want to install chat program just for a browser game. Not many is that organized in leading a GB. ( feels like a raid now). just keep chat clear during that time and keep only informational information in G. chat or only.

the PEON wall is and will stop a strong player from hitting your ward if you got enough Peon and might ensure them never getting to the ward.

the PEON wall will actually ALSO save you from the 20 min lose. if you can stop enough of them from hitting your ward. this will ENSURE they will NOT gain a 4k lead in 20 min. (it's actually 15 min since the battle start at 8:05)

This is what a Peon wall looks like... stops everything from coming in.


[Pro Tip] having 2 mages use Delphic thunder Frenzy that is fully buffed can clear out the front row of 3 instantly if you are good
[Pro tip] Always use rage , war chariot, guild heal if you have the guild fund to spare ( we still got 3.6 mil left). use invincibility when situation arises. such as passing a mob of fights.

If anyone else have any suggestion or points that i have NOT covered in my Guide, feel free to message me. I think i covered it all now.
This is my experience and the strategies that i have came up with.

thank you guys for reading and hope this have helped you somewhat.

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