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Fieldrunners 2 Tower Guide

Fieldrunners 2 Tower Guide by iReviewTheApps4u

So after a lot of searching I realized nobody was going to jump on the grenade & start this so here it goes. As I get more info from those of you who have the other towers I will add it in so post what you have & I will edit as much as I can keep up with. Try & keep a similar format in your posts about new towers so I can easily update the main post. Usefullness is relative so keep it simple. Most important stats are damage & cost so I need those for the towers I don't have yet. I'm sure I made mistakes so I apologize ahead of time & will correct them as they are pointed out to me. I am focusing on towers that deal damage but feel free to post the stats on slow towers & I will add them in. Since I haven't unlocked everything I'm not sure if any of the bigger unlocks are damage or slow towers so please post.

In no particular order...

Radius: Large circular
Damage: 150, 300, 450
Cost & Upgrades: $35, $25, $25
Usefulness: Crowd control on early levels(Reminds me of mortar from Fieldrunners 1 but a bit weaker)

Radius: Cross shaped 3 spaces shoots from all 4 sides
Damage: 150, 300, 450
Cost & Upgrades: $60, $45, $45
Usefulness: Good if you can get them to activate each other.

Radius: Medium circle but hits everyone
Damage: 366, 733, 1100
Cost & Upgrades: $90, $70, $70
Usefulness: Great at entrances, exits, crowd control, also good at intersections & plane paths

Radius: Medium
Damage Levels: 700, 1400, 2100
Cost & Upgrades: $70, $50, $50
Usefullness: Great all around tower for taking out big & small guys

Radius: Large
Damage: 75, 150, 225
Cost & Upgrades: $20, $15, $15
Usefullness: Not much after a few levels, I don't recommend it.

Radius: Medium circle
Damage: 35, 70, 105
Cost & Upgrades: $5, $4, $4
Usefulness: Mazing

Radius: Cross style 2 spaces in each direction, Shoots one direction at a time & hurts all in path
Damage: 125, 250, 450
Cost & Upgrades: $40, $30, $30
Usefullness: if you can bottle neck them or place it at the end of their path.

Radius: Medium Circular
Damage Levels: 300, 600, 900
Cost & Upgrades: $50, $40, $40
Usefullness: Great all around crowd control but I prefer the Spark over it to do the same thing although spark does less damage.

Spark Tower:
Radius: Medium & Square shaped, acts like a pyro tower but cheaper.
Damage Levels: 160, 320, 480
Cost & Upgrades: $30, $20, $20
Usefullness: great on corners or bridge bottlenecks, or in planes path. One of my favorite towers for the cost/damage ratio

Link Tower:
Radius: one space inbetween each link
Damage Levels: Damage dealt is an average of the two links but if both are upgraded on the same level you will see 1400, 2400, & 3600
Cost & Upgrades: $45 each ($90 for a functioning tower) then each upgrades run $35 each so damage will change as you upgrade them both.
Usefullness: Anywhere you want. I prefer to set it up at a entrance or exit. If you run the beam left to right it will still hit planes that cross over its path.

Rail Gun:
Radius: Very large with a small circle gap around the tower about 1-2 spaces wide.
Damage Levels: 850, 1700, 2550
Cost & Upgrades: $120, $90, $90
Usefullness: power tower best used against air & tanks. Set these up towards the back to take out the tough guys.

Radius: Very large with a large gap in the middle
Damage Levels: 280, 560, 840
Cost & Upgrades: $120, $90, $90
Usefullness: None really, for the cost/damage ratio it needs a HUGE buff to make it worth using.

Radius: unknown
Damage Levels: unknown
Cost & Upgrades: $65
Usefullness: supposedly boosts nearby towers damage

Radius: 3 Squares
Damage Levels: 300, 600, 850
Cost & Upgrades: $55, $55, $55
Usefullness: Area Damage

Radius: Medium Square
Damage Levels: 1500, 3000, 4500 per Mine
Cost & Upgrades: $110, $80, $80
Usefullness: It spits out mines in a clock style format every second or two it spits out another one until it forms a full circle/square of mines surrounding it. I would use this at the end for the big guys who get by everything else.

Radius: Medium Circle
Damage Levels: 300, 600, 850
Cost & Upgrades: $70, $35, $35
Usefullness: Great tower for crowd control with a great cost/damage ratio. Place them far away from each other as damage won't stack.

Radius: Medium Circle
Damage Levels: 120, 240, 360
Cost & Upgrades: $40, $30, $30
Usefullness: Early stages only (Needs a buff to be useful)


Anonymous said...

That's only a few of the towers try to get them all up and that would make this website 110% better

Anonymous said...

This was useful. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The best use of the link tower is around a bridge. Place 4 of them at each corner and they will form a nice net of damage and let the runners go through them twice.This is good for killing weak runners fast, sucks with tougher ones.

Anonymous said...

I see different stats on a few towers (maybe they nerfed them?)

Rad tower cost is $70, $55, $55
- means it's dmg/$ ratio decreases for the last upgrade

plague damage is 100, 200, 300
cost is $55, $40, $40
- extremely low damage means it's not useful on heroic really at all

railgun damage is 633, 1267, 2000
- makes the extra cost over tesla a harder choice

Anonymous said...

nuke is 400/800/1200

Anonymous said...

some pictures maybe?

Anonymous said...

Much of the information on this page is wrong!