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Wartune Healing Mage Build Guide

Wartune Healing Mage Build Guide by RexTyphoon

Building a Healing Mage
I wanted to post a Guide that actually deals with Healing Mages specifically.

First of all, it's important to understand that if you make a healing mage from the start, you will get TROUNCED. It is better to save up Vouchers and respec your mage around Level 40 when you can invest in enough attack skills to keep yourself standing in Duels and Battlegrounds; being a healer mage is only truly relevant for Catacombs, Multi-player Dungeons, Arena Battles and Guild Wars where you need to keep yourself and others on their feet. Some might argue for BGs, but with the disparity in levels, I just build up rage using basic attacks when facing overpowering opponents, and then use my attacks on opponents that are closer to equals with me.

Skill Tree.jpg

As already noted (and which this guide will be based on doing), it is better to respec at Level 40, at which point you can adjust skills around and still remain potent. This will run around 895 vouchers/Balens to do the respec, but if you have the vouchers it will make it worthwhile.

First Things First - Damage is Still Everything

Healing is linked to damage for Restoration and Blessed Light.

RESTORATION - Targets Teammate with Lowest Hit Points (35 Rage, 15 Second Cooldown)
Restoration 1 - 50% + 100 of Magic Damage Restored
Restoration 2 - 65% + 200 of Magic Damage Restored (QTE 10% Damage Reduction Buff for 2 Rounds)
Restoration 3 - 75% + 300 of Magic Damage Restored (QTE 10% Damage Reduction Buff for 2 Rounds)

BLESSED LIGHT - ALL TEAM MEMBERS (60 Rage, 60 Second Cooldown)
Blessed Light 1 - 90% + 100 of Magic Damage Restored, +10 Rage
Blessed Light 2 - 110% + 400 of Magic Damage Restored, +10 Rage (QTE +25% Hit Point Restoration)

As Nazgul has noted, MATK is necessary for mages, and gems, potions, and equipment that boost MATK are critical. However, there is also the Passive ability Mana Master which shouldn't be ignored; this grants a boost of 5%, 10%, and 15% to magic damage; when combined with the Passive Healing Empowerment, it can increase healing by up to 23%

The problem of course is how to stay in a fight when focusing on healing. In this case, you will have two healing skills (Restoration and Suntoria) and three attacks. The three attacks should consist of a Lightning Bolt, Rain of Fire, and Thunderer, all of which should be at level 2 (same as your healing skills).

Option 2.jpg

Why am I going this route? Cheaper Rage costs as well as QTE benefits. Some may notice I only have 1 point in Castinator - for those who prefer Castinator at Level 2 (8% chance to reduce Rage costs) that is fine, but I like having Meteoric Destroyer for Catacombs and Campaigns. AoE is always nice for those non-boss mobs or even the bosses with mobs. Castinator can be bumped up to 2 at Level 42 anyway.

At this point, you are a healing mage at level 40, but still have future progression to do.


Suntoria, unlike Restoration and Blessed Light, relies on max hit points, and for this it is the ultimate Knight sustainer (or anyone with relatively high hit points - which emphasizes the need for the healing mage to boost hit points). Anyone with Arena gear will have enough rage to start with a Suntoria to offset incoming damage and build up their rage for other attacks (or heals). Getting this to Level 2 for 7 turns of healing allows for 7 turns of building up rage to cast it again.

SUNTORIA - All Team Members (30 Rage, 45 Second Cooldown)
Suntoria 1 - Restores 4% of Max Hit Points for 5 Turns
Suntoria 2 - Restores 5% of Max Hit Points for 5 Turns (QTE - +2 Turns)
Suntoria 3 - Restores 6% of Max Hit Points for 5 Turns (QTE - +2 Turns)


Most people ignore Purification, but when you're facing off against upper levels, particularly mobs or stacked debuffs, Purfication is quite handy - AND CHEAP AND APPLIES TO ALL TEAMMATES (And did I mention it is cheap?)! This one is particularly good to have running during Campaigns, MP Dungones and Catacombs where the mobs and Bosses debuff party members. This requires building up Meteoric Destroyer, but an AoE is always nice, even if it is relatively rage costly.

PURIFICATION - All Team Members (20 Rage, 30 Second Cooldown)
Purification 1 - Discharges 1 Negative Buff for all teammates
Purification 2 - Discharges 2 Negative Buffs for all teammates (QTE - -5 Rage Consumption)
Purification 3 - Discharges 3 Negative Buffs for all teammates (QTE - -5 Rage Consumption)

Blessed Light - Before 50 Or After?

Is Blessed Light worth it before Level 50? I think so, but it is costly and won't fully arrive until L60. Taking the above Build, you can have Blessed Light 1 by Level 44 (1 point in Purification at 42, 1 Point in Blessed Light at 44), but you still need to build up Restoration, Suntoria, Meteoric Destroyer and Purification to Level 3 before you can have Blessed Light 2. Considering the rage costs though (60), you can fire off a Suntoria AND a Restoration with QTE bonuses for an extra 5 rage; staggered, you get a nice cool down and can keep people standing, even in Nightmare levels, and you won't need Blessed Light. Two mages, one healing focused and the other with a Suntoria as well will do just fine.

Arguably (and this is your character, so do what is best for you), I would aim for Blessed Light at Level 46 (which means Castinator 2 OR Restoration 3 at level 42 and Purification 1 at Level 44). This is handy if you wind up doing MP Dungeons and you're the only healer; in the time it takes for the cooldown to end, you can fire off a Suntoria, two Restorations and still have enough rage (probably) to cast Blessed Light again.

BLESSED LIGHT - ALL TEAM MEMBERS (60 Rage, 60 Second Cooldown)
Blessed Light 1 - 90% + 100 of Magic Damage Restored, +10 Rage
Blessed Light 2 - 110% + 400 of Magic Damage Restored, +10 Rage (QTE +25% Hit Point Restoration)

Keep in mind, to get Blessed Light 2 you need:
Castinator 1
Restoration 3
Healing Empowerment 2
Meteoric Destroyer 3
Suntoria 3
Purification 3

30 Levels, + 4 for Blessed Light 2

General Build Notes

For a Healing Mage then, the important stats to build up are:

MATK - this impacts not only your damage, but you're healing. If you're doing 5K damage at 40th level, you're also doing 4K+ heals every 15 seconds for 35 rage each (Restoration).

PDEF - if you want to stand up against Archers and Fighters (not to mention Paladins, Griffins and Knights), you need a high PDEF. We don't get the benefit of a high one, so we need to boost it through equipment and gems. This is simply to keep us standing.

Hit Points - Aside from keeping us alive, Suntoria relies on restoring a percentage of our hit points over rounds. It seems redundant to stress the need for hit points, but I'm going to do it anyway.

MDEF - One of the benefits of Healing Empowerment is that aside from boosting Healing by 4%/8%, it also boosts MDEF by 10%/20%. That combined with being a mage, our MDEF goes up with our Intelligence as well, so this is not as important as boosting MATK, PDEF, or Hit Points. This is not to say it isn't important - it IS, but we make up for it in other ways that we can't make up the others with.

Critical - As criticals don't really impact healing, this is strictly for those healing mages who want to maintain some measure of offensive capability. I like having a high critical myself, particularly for Catacombs runs against L50+ mob bosses. It helps.

Addendum: According to Akirayama0ka, crits do impact healing, which gives you further reason to add them. Even if they didn't, I still like boosting my criticals to make my mage multi-functional. Thanks for the correction Akirayama0ka.

Happy Healing Everyone.

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