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Path of Exile Physical Ranger Build

Path of Exile Physical Ranger Build by Kowz

I am currently top 200, fluctuating between 100-150 position world wide, in terms of levels. I don't claim to be amazing or that my build is the best, but it works well and I have been making headway.

I started playing 3-4 days before open beta and spent that time getting two rangers to level 30+ and theory crafting a build that would play similar to a multi-shot Amazon from D2.

Passive Skill Build

As of writing this, I am level 64 and have every point in this build.

My end goal is this build.

Gems (Goal) - Skimping on a bit since only have 4Links ATM
Green - Split Arrow
Green - Faster Projectiles (SUPPORT)
Green - Faster Attacks (SUPPORT)
Green - Fork (SUPPORT)
Green - Mana Leech
Red - Life Gain on Hit (SUPPORT)

Green - Frenzy
Green - Faster Attacks (SUPPORT)
Green - Faster Projectiles (SUPPORT)
Green - Mana Leech
Blue - Increased Critical Strikes (SUPPORT)
Blue - Increased Critical Damage (SUPPORT)

Green - Grace
Green - Haste
Red - Reduced Mana
Red - Determination

Red - Rejuv Totem
Red - Increased Duration (SUPPORT)
Green - Projectile Weakness
Red - Reduced Mana

Blue - Raise Spectre
Blue - Minion Damage (SUPPORT)
Blue - Minion Life (SUPPORT)
Green - Blind (SUPPORT)

Frenzy - Single Target DPS ability.
Split Arrow - AOE clearing ability + psuedo healing ability with life on hit.
Grace - Evasion (which becomes armor)
Haste - Attack speed/Move speed
Determination - Armor
Rejuvenation Totem - Healing totem, good for fights that limit flask useage.
Projectile Weakness - Primary curse.
Raise Spectre - Minion to tank/blind enemies.

How It Works
*Mana will be a huge problem between ~15-55. I used two hybrid flasks, two mana flasks, and one quicksilver. If I was on hardcore I would use three hybrid, one emergency heal flasks, and one quicksilver.
*You'll need about 400 mana to run your two armor auras effectively. The end goal is 600-700 mana which will give you about 200 spare mana after the three auras.
*Once you start pumping out ~350+ DPS on your stat page, assuming you don't attack more than 2.5 times a second, you will be able to sustain split-shots with 6-7% mana leech. I personally use a unique belt with 2%ML, the mana leech gem 3% ATM, and a 2% ML quiver.
*Projectile weakness curse is necessary for mana leech. It gives 30% damage which means more leeching per hit. Without it applied to a rare mob with regen health modifier in Merciless A2/A3 you will need flasks to burst down the mob with sub 1k DPS on frenzy.

*This is your primary single target DPS ability. On top of this, it is critical to keep your charges capped to give your abilities faster cast/attack times. You primarily want to always kill the pack of mobs with splitshot first then finish the boss with Frenzy.
*In merciless difficulty opt for the frenzy charge. The 7th charge is great for this build.

*This ability will be your primary killing ability. It not only clear packs of mobs quickly, but is used to keep you alive. Later in the game, 50+ish, you will be able to get a full health bar in 1-2 shots on a full pack of mobs.

Regen Totem
*This totem is great for group play and for fights that are prolonged to the point of zero flask charges. It is a never ending "heal".
*It can also tank hits for you and be used in clever ways, such as blocking door entrances. I like to put it in doorways and shoot over it. Mobs can't walk through it, but you can shoot over it.
*Do not cast it without frenzy charges if you're fighting many mobs. Without the charges you will spend too much time casting and might die.
*Some prefer brotem, aka, skeleton summoning spell totem over regen. I prefer regen because of its group use and love my spectre ;).

Raise Spectre
*This ability is coupled with minion damage, health, and blind. The goal is for it to be a sponge, extra DPS, and a utility blind. The mobs raised will blind your enemies giving you and your party that extra edge survival wise.
*Raising rare/legendary mobs will create the normal version of them without their awesome modifiers, but some mobs naturally do neat abilities like curses, summons, etc. Experiment and find them out.

Gear and stats
I have already gone over the gems, but I will now go over the gear and stats you should aim for.

Stat Priority & Goals
You want to eventually reach:
1) 8%< mana leech.
2) 12k< armor.
3) 75 all resist, including chaos.
4) 700< mana.
5) 3000< life.
6) 90%< chance to hit.

With these goals in mind, your gear wants the following stats, listed from highest priority to lowest:
All Resistance
Mana Leech
Physical Damage
Evasion Rating
Attack Speed

I personally like to use:
1 - Hybrid Flask w/ increased recovery speed
2 - Hybrid Flask w/ increased amount by a lot.
3 - Granite Flask w/ evasion rating
4 - Utility resist flask(I have every element in my inventory, fire dispels burning, cold dispels frozen, lightning gives extra resist, chaos gives extra armor).
5 - Quicksilver flask w/ dispel frozen.

Hope it helps! If you have any questions/suggestions feel free to post in this thread or contact me in-game. My character name is "Kowz".
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Evolutionise said...

I'm struggling to work out the links between nodes in the link you've provided to your skill tree choices. Are you able to provide a complete build? Thanks.