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Path of Exile Dual Strike Duelist Build

Path of Exile Dual Strike Duelist Build by Ransagy

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Build Details
It's pretty standard - Dual Strike and Cleave, Lots of life and regeneration to keep up Blood Rage and its Frenzy charges. Enduring Cry for endurance charges, Warlord's for leech and more endurance and probably IR+US because being a real hybrid still sucks terribly compared to the alternative. I'd rather have life as my defense with the dual wield block rather than a meager amount of evasion and terrible armor to boot.

Flasks are probably still a customary Granite for sticky situations with mobs and a few diamonds to quickly regen/wipe a mob when needed.

I'm going to try Flicker Strike as well this time, After seeing Ceto's videos and remembering Epsi's daggers Shadow, But it's more of a secondary attack beyond my mine single-target and AoE skills.

So, Dual Strike, Cleave, Flicker Strike, Warlords, Enduring Cry, Blood Rage, Whirling for escape maneuvers. All evasion gear if i do take IR, Otherwise probably all armor gear and Grace for the decent evasion chance. I'll probably use Anger because it's so low cost and maybe try Ceto's idea for Wrath and shock chance, But i don't like trying to gimp other stuff to gather the needed INT stat. Maybe Haste will get a buff some day.

Build Walkthrough:

Start with the left starting area path, go down to Golem's Blood. Take the first right starting node for 6% IAS sometime, Order not important. Grab middle start life circle while you're at it. Go towards Diamond Skin since we'll be near Cruel by this level. Go grab Blood Magic and then IR and US. It's a good time to race to the Mara starting point for Blood Drinker, general STR nodes (life and phys damage), Life nodes and the extra resists and regen so we can sustain Blood Rage. Might as well grab the extra endurance charge there and near the Golem's Blood circle. Now go grab all the life nodes above and to the left of IR, Thick Skin nodes and the STR notable and life nodes. At this point, We should have a decent amount of life (trusting you got some life on your gear) and defenses. Try to get some resists on your rings and such as well. Now it's time for DPS, So we can grab Ambidexterity, Berserking (could have grabbed this earlier, i guess), Cruel Blade near the bottom of the Duelist tree middle, Blade Master circle and the Frenzy charge near it and Fending up over Ambidexterity.

Bandits quest: I really hate the concept of helping criminals for a bonus as far as the role playing mentality goes, But if you don't give a damn - I'd probably take Oak's bonus this time around. More life is more defense is surviving longer (or at all), Even at the loss of a few skill points. They might end up being equivalent or better than some of the STR/Life nodes we wanted to take, So why the heck not.

General considerations: Might not have enough mitigation, So would need to adjust and grab some armor/evasion nodes. But since DPS might also suffer unless i can get very good swords/rapiers, That might have to be a concession in order to get that 10k dps target. Might also need to grab some of the +30 DEX nodes to have enough to wield the higher end dex gear, Even if i have a +20 Onyx amulet and/or the +30 INT nodes if i really do want Wrath.

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