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Path of Exile Whirling Blades Shadow Buid

Path of Exile Whirling Blades Shadow Bulid by Furritus
Hey there, furritus here. I'm trying to make a guide so that everyone can learn to play a shadow easier. I myself am not that experienced, so expect the guide to evolve as i progress through the game. Right now I'm inexperienced, but i have played diablo 2 and such. I would love critique as it only helps me, just try to keep it positive.

Starting off:
When you start off go ahead and do the tutorial. When you get to town, the gem you are looking to get is fire trap or whirling blades. These two skills are your main combo when fighting. Not only does it keep you safe, but it kills fast too. The technique is very shadow like, lay a trap and wait for them to walk into it. then use whirling blades for a hit and go.

Mob Combo:
trap_ground_fire blade_flurry

I usually want to get viper strike for the chaos dps ticks. Other than that you should be double striking the boss, or if you have it flicker strike too. When you start to think you may die from being so close, go ahead and whirling blades out to regen. When you do this throw down some more fire traps on him too. Rinse and repeat.


Obviously you use a dagger for this build, and pair it with a shield. You're going to want rings that give life, life regen and resistances. I look for armor on my shield, as well as a few green slots. Resists, and hp are best on your equips. On the dagger, go for damage though, and try to get some life per hit.

Skill Tree:
I really love poison and DoT, as it allows you to be safer in the long run. Poisons main aspect to me is get in and get out before they know what hit them. Besides this you really need health and such. Health more so because of chaos dmg. The main skills to get are Adders Touch, Iron Reflexes, Unwavering Stance, and Eldritch Battery. The total stats from this are:

Life: 216% +20(flat)
Life Regen: 1.5%
Dagger DMG: 190%(dagger+1h)
Attack Speed: 26%
Chaos Resist: 24%
All Resist: 25%

link:Furritus's Shadow Tree
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Hey there.

I also use the combo of whirling blades and fire trap, and it is tons of fun. I just want to give you a couple of suggestions on your passive tree:

I took away the 6 point Dagger cluster south of the Shadow Starting area as well as the last 2 little dagger nodes in the Big circle in the north.

Therefore I got you:
- bloodthirst which is 2 points for 60% critchance
- minddrinker (which since you play physical wand should help you a lot with your mana)
- Deep wisdom in the north west, which also should improve your mana pool
- arcing blows (those 30% lightning damage will always be helpful since lighning damage is quite common on rings ammys and maybe your dagger as well)
- Celerity in the south (8% movement speed will always help a lot)
- Berserking (next to Unwavering stance) gives you 15% attackspeed which is huge and espacially important for spamming whirling blades.

Regarding your gear:

1. Life,resists and high Evasion should be focus on all your basic armor pieces.
2. One of the pieces (e.g. helmet) should be Energy Shield based, so that you will profit vom EB. In general one of your problems is the fact that you do not have many ES nodes, making the conversion of ES to Mana not have that much of an impact. You don't get any +% max mana or mana reg either, so you will probably have to leech most of it.
3. Rings and amy are one of the best damage boosters, you should get a lot of ele/ phys dmg/ crit (ammy) on them.
4. Your Dagger should definitely have a lot of attackspeed, anything below 1,4 APS is to slow in my eyes. Besides that physical damage and crit are helpful.

Regarding your links i would suggest:

Whirling blades with Faster Attacks, Melee Physical Damage, Mana Leech, (Whith 5l/6l you could add increased crit chance, increased critdamage or weapon elemental damage and added fire damage (since it converts physical damage which in your case is high))

Fire Trap with: Increased area of effect, increased duration (should be enough don't waste a 4l on that)

Viper strike: Probably with added fire damage, chaos damage, and life steal to keep yourself healthy in 1 v 1

Additionally you should use: Auras:

Anger, Grace, Wrath are mandatory in my eyes.


Offensive: Elemental Weakness or Vulnerability or Critical Weakness
Deffensive: Enfeeble for hard bosses, Warlords Mark for hard groups.


Summon Skeletons + Increased Minion Life + Spell Totem

Those guys will be your best friends.

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