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Path of Exile Beginner's Bow Ranger Build

Path of Exile Bow Ranger Beginner's Build by Luve

hello there ;)
So maybe you're new to this and in the same Situation that i was in: Ive browsed this forum in order to find a build i like for my ranger. There are builds that are physical heavy which is appealing at first but apparently elemental damage is considered stronger - than i looked those up and most suggested that i invest many +str notes to move into templars territory.
In short: I didnt like what i found. Actually i didnt want to specialize in anything but instead be good at everything :F Also theres no gear to start with and so i didnt need something super special.

i made a list of things i want:
fast movement & fast attacks (because slow bowyers are boring), lots of crits (fuck yeah, CRITS! D:), lightning and cold damage (be freezed and be shocked!) while having decent survivability.

to achieve that i isolated the talenttree on the rangers part with Ice Bite and Arcing Blow as keystones. Within this area i was after major notes that increased overall damage instead of only partial. Then defensive major notes that relied on evasion + lifegain. I made up a rule that every branch must end in an important major note or i wouldnt start it + as little +10 stat notes as possible had to be wasted. Maximum frenzy Charges & maximum Critical Strike Chance were also conditions. This was the result:

(75 of 111 points used)

finally i made up a plan in what order to spec into this. Since i started in hardcore and damage doesnt seem to matter to much at the beginning the part next to the duelist starting area is most appealing. Also Ice Bite lays here which comes handy early on. This basic build can be completed in normal.

(40 of 111 points used)

also a theoretical high level build for a kind of "final goal" where i dropped the rule that every branch has to end in a major note. Also crit multiplier is more appealing here since at that point id hat quite a bit of crit chance.

(98 of 111 points used)

what skills to use?

for normal mode:
Attack, Frenzy (later on), Ice Shot (for 2+ targets), Wrath

for cruel mode:
Frenzy, Wrath, Split Arrow (pierce gem is a must), Blood Rage, Projectile Weakness

later on (not there yet, can only guess):
Elemental Hit (frenzy stacks sustained by blood rage),
Wrath, Split Arrow (pierce gem is a must), Blood Rage, Projectile Weakness, Temporal Chains

This build doesnt need very specialized equipment, nor very good items in general. As a basic ruleset there are a few things you might look for tho:
- your bow should be atleas 1.3 fast
- your bow should have +% physical damage (for higher leeches)
- your bow should have lighting or cold damage (both if possibru ^^)
- line up pierce gem with Split Arrow
- +%elemental damage, +critchance / multiplier, +lightning/cold damage, +life/mana leech, +attack speed, +movement speed are stats you might watch out for
- +life is always welcome, especially when you took up the +life notes
- +%manaregen is a nice thing at start.

video of level 46 playing in cruel act2 (43). Note that these mobs are easy and i totally made this video for "ok that works" purpose on your side. i'm currently level 50 and in late act3 with no problems whatsoever, tho im farming gear alot because mine is extremly bad.

the playstyle in a nutshell:
Youll end up having 6 max frenzy charges in cruel and 7 in merciless with a duration of 14 seconds. Your goal is to always keep them running, either by attacking with Frenzy atleast once every 14s even while aoe'ing - or by activating Blood Rage (like i did a few times in the video.. youll love blood rage when things die fast). The Damage is a wild mixture of Physical, Lightning and Frost. Since the critical strike chance is pretty high, the status ailments chilled and shocked will be applied often (read up on that here). A fast attack speed without frenzy is important too, since youll build up charges very fast that way. Champions & Bosses should be dealt with by using Projectile Weakness and Temporal Chains. Projectile Weakness also comes handy if you want to kill a summoner/totem that is behind mobs (since it increases Pierce).

As a general look i must say +run speed as a ranger is often overlooked. im using boots with very clumsy stats just for the +25% speed that happened to be on them. think of this stat as both defense and offense.. youll end up kiting many things atleast for short distances or round enemys up for better aoe positions. there is no better protection than running away from danger - and your shots can kill those baddies even offscreen with shift+click if you know where you left them. use your feet ranger! ;D

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Serban Matei said...

hey thank you for taking the time to tell us a bit about your build. good luck in the farming :)

Serban Matei said...

hey! thank you for taking the time to post about your build. interesting :) good luck farming!