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Path of Exile Easy Merveil Runs Guide

 Path of Exile Easy Merveil Runs Guide by wWizard

Hey guys, first time poster here. I'm immensely enjoying this game and think its really going to stand out in this era of gaming when beta is complete.

Something like this may have been posted before, but as I said, I'm a new poster, and I've been too busy playing the game for the past 3 days to peruse the forums. I've found a way to do fast and easy Merveil runs and would like to share it with everyone.

Merveil is the boss of Act 1 and can drop some pretty decent loot if you have enough %rarity items equipped. I do this run with my level 31 Shadow and each run only takes me about 3 minutes to complete. Make sure you have a good quantity of portal scrolls with you before you start.

Step 1:Pick a difficulty and a decent character that isn't going to have any trouble with Merveil on the diffculty you have selected.

Step 2:Hop on a waypoint and select Act 1: Cavern of Wrath. This will be the longest part of your runs, but fortunately you only have to do it once. Head through the Cavern of Wrath killing things along your merry way until you find the doorway to Cavern of Anger. STOP! Do not go through the door just yet. Open a portal next to door, but do not go through your portal you just opened. Just leave it there. Now enter the Cavern of Anger.

Step 3:Here you want to move quickly. You only have 8 minutes before your portal closes, and we DO plan on using it. Search quickly for Merveil's room and do not bother with every monster. Dispatch the Unique and Super-Unique monsters that spawn in this area, but remember to keep your feet moving! Merveil's spirit will periodically appear and whisper things like "..This way.." or "..Come..." Seeing her means you are on the right track and should travel in that direction.

Step 4:This one is easy. Kill Merveil and collect your loot.

Step 5: Exit via the forest and access the waypoint you find outside. Take the WP to town in Act 1 and stash/sell your goodies. Run down to your personal beach-front property and take your portal back into the Cavern of Wrath. If you did everything correctly in Step 2, you should be looking at the entrance to the Cavern of Anger. Drop another portal then ctrl+click the doorway and select "NEW". This respawns everything in the Cavern of Anger, including Merveil!

Once you have clicked "NEW", you can repeat steps 3 through 5 as needed! I hope some of you find this guide useful, and if you have easier methods, please share! Happy hunting!

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