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Broken Realm Ice Den Dungeon Guide

Hey, I'm a level 41 Paladin (Non-Casher FYI) in S2 (SpiritBlade). I solo Ice Den Normal (all mobs) and I solo Ice Den Hard (Up to the first boss).
Here's how I do my Ice Den runs:

I do my runs in this order so I do not have to kill every single mob, and evade from getting attacked. (You don't have to do that if you can stealth.)
1-2: I fought about 3 or 4 mobs there, didn't take long.
2-3: Fought around 2 mobs, could have fought more if I took a different way.
3-4: Fought 1 mob.
4-Boss: Only had to deal with the boss, no other mobs swarming around me and there were around 8 in that area.
4-5: Fought 2 mobs.
5-6: Fought around 2/3 mobs, could have just killed 1 or 2.
7-9: You cannot evade most of these mobs, and they're all clustered together. If you are a paladin, you can use FrostBite to get them up close without having other mobs chasing you. Don't kill these all at once. There are 2 Hypnosis Ents in 7-8 in Normal, and 3 in Hard. Each Hypnosis Ent you kill will spawn 3 Murloc Mages, so deal with them one at a time if you are having trouble.
9-Boss: There you go, to the final boss. I haven't done this solo in hard yet- but I'll do it someday, and I'll give a few tips on that.

Class Recommendation:
Paladin - SpiritBlade or Frostblade
Mage - Cleric
Barbarian - Lord/Casher Berserker

ATTR Points recommendation:
Paladin: 2 END 1 STR/Int (choose a subclass that only uses 1 type of Attack!) Or 10 lvls = 3 END alternate to: 5 lvls = 2 STR/INT 1 END and put all Subclass ATTR Points into STR or INT

Mage: 2 END 1 INT (If you're a Cleric)

Barbarian: 2 END 1 STR, and 3END if you're a good casher

Skill Points recommendation:
Ice Den Guide2.png

Note: If you're gonna do ID Hard at around my level, you're gonna need a cleric to kill the final boss.
Note #2: Sorry! I didn't add anything for Rangers yet because they are fairly squishy, and I don't know exactly how to help.

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