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Age of Wushu Killing Players

Killing a Player
If you have killed a player illegally, your slaughter value will increase by 400. Delivering killing blow (FINISH HIM!) will further increase your slaughter value by 50.

How to differentiate whether it is legal to kill a player or not?

●Killing an exposed spy as a patrol
●Killing a player who initiated an attack on you first (Sword icon above him)
●Killing a criminal with police status
●Killing a kidnapper with or without police status

●Killing an unexposed spy
●Killing a spy without patrol status
●Killing a criminal without police status
●Killing a player with orange / red / purple name with or without police status

So if you ever wanted to be 'justice' by killing a bad guy without proper status, think twice before acting!

Slaughter Value (杀戮值)
You can check your slaughter value (SLV) through character interface 'Hotkey C'.

The name of your character will turn orange as soon as you got your first blood! (SLV > 0) Following by red name (SLV > 2,000) & purple name (SLV > 8,000).

SLV will reduce overtime when you are online. Amount reduced is based on the colour of your name. However, once your character's name turn purple, your SLV will not reduce automatically anymore.

If you wish to reduce your SLV when your name is purple, you will have to pay money to the beggars. (Players' life skill) You will get thrown into prison and beheaded if you got killed.

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