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Borderlands 2 Gaige Plasma Build

Borderlands 2 Gaige Plasma Build by Atroization

This is a very aggressive build and the most effective one for Gaige that I've seen. It is custom designed by me. Assuming you play it right, you wont be sitting back waiting for your shields to recharge. You burn bright and fast, keep up your momentum and you will never lose a battle.

The plasma anarchist makes good use of fast firing, high power e-tech equipment. E-techs are known for having fast fire rates, high damage, and decently quick reloads (2.5-3.5, not the fastest but good enough). In order to keep your momentum up, this is exactly what you need. The high DPS is essential to keep Blood Soaked Shields proc'ing, which is what you depend on to stay alive.

You will make good use of your anarchy, but in a different way than one might think. Using rational anarchist and discord, you won't want to stack anarchy over ~30 times. The objective behind this is to get your 25 initial stacks quickly from Rational Anarchist then activate Discord and burn through them in combat. This will give you a good fire rate bonus, as well as a huge accuracy bonus and some health regen to help out with Blood Soaked Shields. After you've run dry, Rational Anarchist will kick in again and you'll have 25 new stacks to fuel Discord. Repeat the process until your foes lie dead on the ground in front of you.

You are the Plasma Anarchist.

Skill Analysis/The Build

Build Link


Myelin: 5/5, this is your only other option other than the broken More Prep.

More Pep: 0/5, this skill either was designed incredibly badly and doesn't work, or is glitched and should be fixed in the future. Regardless, it has very little effect on your damage output. Don't try to argue with me about this, I fully tested the skill and it was found to have very little effect.

The Stare: 0/1, this build is very focused upon personal damage and less on DT. He won't last long in fights but you'll be doing massive DPS.

Strength of Five Gorillas: 0/5, Shock storm provides the better option here as DT is rarely going to be used.

Shock Storm: 5/5, our class mod boosts this by +5 giving us pretty decent bonuses for the skill. Although, the main reason we're taking this is just to move up through the tree. It's a good skill, so try to utilize it when you can.

Evil Enchantress: 1/5, this skill only affects DoT and is therefor not too important. We put one point in though, as our mod gives +4 to this skill and we don't want to waste that.

Shock and "AAAGGGGHHH!": 1/1, simply helps spread a decent amount of DoT and it's only one point. The damage for this skill out-performs Shock Storm even when SS is at 5/5. Why not?

Electrical Burn: 3/5, this is a different skill. Initially I thought it would be a 20% chance at 5/5 for every time you actually put the electrocute effect on an enemy. Instead what this does is give a 20% chance for every time the DoT takes effect, which can happen as many as 10 time per proc. I took it down to 3/5 as DoT isn't too important compared to strict damage.

Wires Don't Talk: 5/5, pretty simple here. More shock and electrocute damage = more DPS and more dead enemies. Very important skill. Boosted by our class mod.

One Two Boom: 0/1, the hitbox is pretty glitchy when it comes to activating this skill, as well as the fact that it takes DT an awful long time to use this skill. Even further, you must take your attention off the fight at hand in order to fire directly at the ball with your low-speed projectiles and hit the weird hitbox. Overall not a good skill to take.

Interspersed Outburst: 0/5, this skill is too expensive in terms of points and doesn't do enough damage even at 5/5 to warrant its use. Slag isn't too important in this build either, just ignore it completely because you're doing an insane amount of damage anyway. (It can be noted that this skill does about 11k damage per stack, but our reloads are so quick and there are rarely any delays in fights so it tends to be a waste of 5 points in my opinion. You may take points out of the BFF tree and put them into this skill if you really would like to, but I don't advise it.

Make It Sparkle: 0/1, won't be investing enough points in this tree to make it to this skill unfortunately. We were here really only for Wires Don't Talk.


Smaller, Lighter, Faster/Anarchy: ALL, simply because it's necessary to continue down the OC tree. Plus, Anarchy is the cornerstone of this build.

Blood Soaked Shields: 5/5, this skill is OP to say the least. But, we're abusing it. With the high damage of our weapons, we can keep this proc'ing almost constantly and stay alive no matter what as long as we don't stop firing.

Robot Rampage: 0/1, DT is not effective in this build, so points are best put somewhere else.

Preshrunk Cyberpunk: 0/5, as mentioned at the beginning of this thread, our style doesn't involve bringing our stacks anywhere above 30, therefore this skill is completely unnecessary.

Annoyed Androd: 0/5, basically the same as my comment for Robot Rampage. DT isn't used in this build.

Discord: 1/1, again a necessity for this build. You should have discord active over 90% of the time you're in combat.

Typecast Iconoclast: 4/5, this will increase the amount of time that we can keep discord active by proc'ing while discord is draining our stacks. Plus, we've got nothing else to put points in to work up to Rational Anarchist which is essential for this build.

Rational Anarchist: 1/1, again a necessity. Burn through your 25 stacks then go and do it again with this skill.

Death from Above: 0/5, this skill is pointless in several different ways. One, it does very little damage (around 18k for 5 stacks worth of drain? No thanks), and it appears to be glitched and sets off even when you aren't mid-air. Overall a pointless skill as it is counter intuitive to what we want to do regarding our anarchy drain.

The Nth Degree: 0/5, first of all we won't be investing enough points to even get up to this skill. But it case you thought about it, don't get this skill. An analysis was done on Reddit that found that after 1 point in the skill, your overall damage goes up by only 2%-5% per point in the skill. Overall a waste of points.


Close enough: 5/5, just a useful skill in general, and it's better to have this than Cooking Up Trouble. We're really only in this tree to get access to The Better Half.

The Better Half: 4/5, unfortunately we don't have enough points to go all the way to 5/5 in this, but this is a very good skill to have.


Shield: You're going for a medium-high capacity shield. Somewhere in the range of 40-50k. I personally use a Black Hole, as it has an effect similar to a singularity grenade, then explodes with a shock nova. The great thing about this effect is it can even go off while you're down, giving you a good chance at a second wind. Any shield is good though, just make sure the capacity is within the aforementioned range.

Grenade Mod: This is mostly personal preference. I like to use the Breath of Terra simply because it covers a very wide area and does a lot of damage. Any grenade mod you feel is appropriate is good though.

Class Mod: You are going to want a Catalyst class mod. Mine enhances team DoT damage by 40%, while giving +5 to Shock Storm (semi-useless), +4 to Wires Don't Talk (extremely useful) and +4 to Evil Enchantress (pretty useful). All in all, a great mod. You could also consider looking for a blue class mod (mine's purple) with +6 in Wires Don't Talk but getting rid of the +5 to Shock Storm. Up to you.

Relic: This is again up to you. E-techs have a reputation for consuming ammo really fast, so if you want to throw on a stockpile relic to help you out in that regard, it's all good. I personally choose to use a Shock Damage +30% mod, as it just helps out and I have no trouble with ammo when I carry both a sub, shotty, AR, and launcher.

Weapons: SHOCK E-TECHS! LOTS OF SHOCK E-TECHS! E-tech weaponry, like I said in the intro, do a lot of DPS due to high fire rates and high damage. As for what you want to prioritize, Plasma Casters have superior stats compared to the AR's (blasters) in all of the stats apart from damage. Better reloads, elemental chances, fire rate, accuracy, etc. I choose to use a caster as my main weapon and a blaster as my backup, with either an e-tech shotgun or an x7 Shock CC as a backup for the blaster.

As for what brands, I personally like Hyperion simply because I don't have to aim down sights and I can still be accurate. But, Dahl have faster reload speeds and Maliwan have better elemental stats (damage and chance to shock). So it's really just personal preference.

That's about all I have for this amazing build! Leave a comment if you need to know more and I'll add it to the thread!

Random Notes (Read Before Posting)

-Posts suggesting changes to this build won't be taken seriously at this point and you will be ignored/turned away. This may sound harsh, but this build has been refined to the point that any point changes just changes the direction of the build away from elemental/DPS.

-This is an elemental build. Don't tell me the build would be more effective if I went down BFF instead of LBT. It won't.

-Want to shuffle points around? Good, customize it for yourself. But don't slam me on my choices. Every talent has points in it for specific reasons and like I said, the build has been refined to a very sharp edge. I truly believe this is the most powerful it can get.

-The only variable I would say is whether to take Shock Storm vs More Pep. I personally choose Shock Storm as MP has a very small effect on your DoT, and since we're killing so fast anyways it doesn't seem very useful to affect DoT damage.

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