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SMITE God Tips

SMITE God Tips by infinity2209

~God specific~ (This will relate to tips for certain gods, playing and countering.)


1. If Agni farms minions using path of flames, stand in the flames and attack him. The minions will focus him and with your own burst damage you can do significant damage. Forcing him out of lane or even netting a kill.

2. Save ultimates for when combustion is up, the extra damage is great for forcing enemies out of the lane.

3. Be careful when recalling on low HP near an Agni, it's very easy to simply forget and end up sniped by an ultimate.



1. Purification beads, get this early if the enemy Anubis has done well until level 10, he'll likely be farmed enough to dish out massive damage if he can stun you. this ability is a massive Anubis counter. - RocketCokkit

~AO Kuang

1. He'll generally push extremely hard, have him ganked (attacked from behind by another player of your team). His escape is a movement speed steroid, slows go a long way to netting the kill.

2. While running away from an enemy throw down your tornado(3) on your feet as you move to injure/slow pursuers or force them to go around it. - Ynaht

3. As Ao Kuang, start with a good MP5 item. Doom Orb if you are building that, or Chronos' Pedant if you are not. Circlet of Focus does not work well with Ao Kuang. - Aoeui

4. Spamming joke or taunt as you cast your ultimate can allow you to "over-ride" the noise and hence, prevent the enemy team from hearing it. - SeraphicDemon

5. While most people generally accept Ao as a mid god think again. Ao makes a formidable side lane god who allows someone on your team free reign of the jungle with little danger of Ao being pushed out of lane as long as he plays passively. -Naleag

6. When Building Ao remember his passive. Keeping this in mind you can easily build nothing but items that give +mana, and defense, and become very tanky, and still net more than 500 MP a game. Typically I start a game with 2 BOV, 5 mana pots, and 3 health pots. SUSTAIN FOREVER! - Naleag.

7. Use Tornadoes on left and right lane when pushing the enemy Pheonix. Lay it right at the opening where they walk out of the base. It covers the entire lane and gives you an advantage. Either they walk through it and take the dps, or it zones them out and you can more easily take the phoenix. Pay attention to AA'ing the pheonix if they do walk out. It will instantly aggro you. - EZBakeLoven

8. When being chased by someone you'll probably die to, go into a tight space like the jungle or run in a straight line. Fire your ult directly ahead of you. If they're chasing you, they have the option to try and side-step, which wastes their time, jump out of reach of the line, or take the ult. All of these are good options as then you can attempt a counter juke if they jump it, or keep going if they are knocked to the side. - EZBakeLoven


1. Her ultimate will go through all creeps, so don't hide behind them and there's no need to shoot around them either. If facing Arachne your best chance is to simply dodge from side to side.

2. Arachne should always stack eggs at a camp extremely early in the game. Preferably blue camp.

3. Be careful of taking on Arachne early in the game, she has incredible power early in the game. Drain life will heal her a great amount, while dealing significant damage to you.

4. If ganking as Arachne, be sure to lay an egg behind the opponents or on an escape path you expect them to take. This'll cause them to run into it and add an extra slow and much more damage to your combo.

5. Her eggs act as wards that even stay around after you have died. - Jmeredith06

6. When going to gank or just attacking a God that has a leap/escape move, don't waste your ultimate until they use it. Once they do use it right away and you should grab them back (all leaps go in a straight line...He Bo is a great/easy example. - Jmeredith06

7. Before you use your Life Drain ability, attack the God 2-3 times, if able, so that your poison stacks on them and THEN use your ability to maximize damage and possibility of a kill. - Jmeredith06

8. -If you need to escape, the jungle is your friend!!! Run in the direction of your eggs or teammates and if you still just can't shake them...use your 3 (CC Web thingy) and aim it at your feet, it will be instant and without delay. - Jmeredith06

9. Buy rank 2 boots and 3 health potions. Lay one egg at blue. Run to speed buff and lay three eggs. Kill the speed buff and run to blue and drop the second egg. Kill blue with 2 eggs and life drain on boss minion. Run to HP and kill it using 1 egg. If unable to do so, proceed to lane. - Jourmand1r


1. Either Aegis or Purification beads will cancel the pull effect.

2. Do not underestimate Ares's damage in the middle of the game. A 1 --> 1 --> 3 --> 4 can take out almost any squishy or at least take them very low in HP.

3. Stay as far away as possible from Ares's tower if you don't have a counter. If you get pulled, your almost certainly going to die. Play as you would against a Sobek, only even more careful.


1. Be careful of her boar. Every game people stand around with low HP without realizing that her boar has massive range and is extremely quick.

2. Hand of the god will damage/kill her boar depending on how many ranks she has in her ultimate, preventing it from jumping to anyone else.

3. Placing a trap down under the feet of your enemies after stunning with your boar is a sure fire way to hit the traps root.

4. Her 3 ability can be fired over walls. You aren't able to see the aiming circle, however if you predict an enemies movement, it's possible to hit them.

5. When playing against Artemis, be sure to save your crowd control for whenever she pops her 2. This is extremely important if attempting to take her on alone. If you can waste her 2, her damage is massively reduced.



1. 3 hits, hand of the god, and eat minion is a near instant clear of the easy creep camps. You can get mana buff and be at green before lane minions have gotten even close to each other. - RocketCokkit

2. The minions Bakasura vomits up can block paths, just like any minion or player. If chasing someone down, vomit into a small area where the large crowd of minions will block. This works well in the jungle where there are narrow passageways.

3. Hand of the gods will kill bakasuras minions instantly.

4. Save crowd control, when you see his hands glow orange he has true damage on each attack. This is a perfect time to stun him, as you'll waste his damage steroid.


1. Early game you can afford to poke with your pounce then jump back to safety before minions can hit you, either do the poke sparingly or take some mana pots so you don't run out of mana while doing that. - Wasting

2. The pounce is also an excellent escape ability, you can jump over a wall in the jungle and once out of sight of the enemy jump back to where you were before so they search the jungle aimlessly trying to find you. - Wasting

3. Do not underestimate Bastets potential to dive you. You aren't safe under the turret on half HP. It takes a simple 1 --> 2 --> 4 to take out most squishes almost instantly. She's most dangerous early in the game, while she's gaining damage on 1 and 2 by levelling.


1. If a cupid drops hearts and he's full HP, be sure to pick them up. He's probably looking to gain mana.

2. If against a cupid/whatever lane try to focus cupid. If you focus the other god cupid can keep them up forever with hearts that refill his mana. If cupid picks up his own hearts he heals, but loses the mana. It's your best bet. -Naleag


~Guan Yu

1. Popping Aegis after the first bounce of his ultimate will block the second and third strike. If hit with the second strike of the ultimate you will be silenced and unable to use Aegis to block the stun.

2. Be sure not to waste crowd control on a Guan Yu while he's using his ultimate.


1. Aegis can make you immune to most of his ultimate, while beads will allow you to escape. Consider picking either or both of these up if a Hades is doing well and especially if your playing a god that can't escape.

2. While it's generally accepted to build Hades as a tank consider picking up Qin's blades on Hades. Sound crazy? Hades passive is applied by auto attacking, and it makes his skills much better. Why not augment that with a 30% chance to do a sweet 10% of a heroes total health? Since you'll need to be auto attacking anyway may as well take the chance. - Naleag


1. You may not crushing wave out of an Odins ultimate. Your only chance of escape is to wait it out.

2. Your 3 will send enemies upwards in relation to their position and the point where you casted, you can use this to either send them flying towards your team or send them away to save an ally. This can also be used to separate the enemy team if you cast it in the middle of 2 gods. - Desastrado

3. Hebo is rooted in place for a short duration when using his 3, plan accordingly.

4. Check out "TheKoalaBeast" Hebo guide on page five, post seven. It includes tips on playing him effectively. As well as build and reasons to use that build.


1. Use your cc removal skill wisely, and for the benefit of the team; don't get baited by something trivial if you know that hades has his ult up and is in the middle of your team. - Newmz

2. Do not underestimate Hel's damage potential. She may have heals but she can also burst for 750 at least, on low magical protection once she hits 5. Coupled with a slowing gem and her own slow it's very easy for you to be chased down. Keep in mind her slow has much longer range than her 3.

3. If playing against a Hel, be sure to have her ganked as much as possible. it's very easy for her to push a lane and constantly push you back to base. She's also extremely easy to gank and will likely push constantly.

4. Hel is the ultimate counter to an Ares. Especially in arena. Tell your team mates to run toward you if there grabbed by Ares, that way you can be sure to hit your entire team with cleanse instead of only one or two.


1. Kali counters RA extremely hard, if she walks around RA while attacking it's very difficult to land anything at all on her. She also counters a number of squishy damage dealers such as Artemis simply because she will out DPS almost anyone, while being immune to CC.

2. Kali is an extremely good solo lane, she scales extremely well with ability damage and due to siphon blood is difficult to move from the lane. Her 1 --> 4 also makes her hard to gank.

3. If playing against Kali it's usually best to bait her ultimate out, then have her ganked since she'll usually push extremely hard with 2.

4. "Smekarn" posted a very long, detailed guide on how to jungle with Kali. Check it out on page four, post ten.



1. Odin works very well in combination with Zeus and Ymir, it makes avoiding there ultimates impossible. If playing against them your best chance is to either stay beside Zeus, so he'll be trapped in with you if Odin ultimates. Or simply stay out of range of the Odin/Ymir combination.

2. Jump abilities will get you out of Odins ultimate. Aegis can be used to reduce the time you spend trapped in his spear wall.

3. Odins attack speed buff can be deadly if he happens to be paired with a physical carry.

4. When moving through the lane be sure to hug the walls as Odin's passive can see potential enemy ganks or junglers taking buffs. - Ynaht

Whenever you want to ult, make sure you look behind you to see if your friend is in the circle or not. If they are wounded, wait till they are out. If they are ready to kill, make sure they are in the circle as well then attackspeed buff. And remember to take the ring down if there is an emergency(Enemy Zeus ulted in the ring...etc) - scoutsteel


1. Ra is best used along with someone with good CC. Agni + RA can be formidable, so can RA + Ymir. This allows you to land both your skillshots with 100% accuracy.

2. Use RA's heal to prevent towers from killing your creeps. This makes RA one of the best pushers in the game, especially combined with his potential to kill creeps in one shot with searing ray.

3. Gem of Isolation can be used to slow people at a great distance. As well as to help land your other skill shots.

4. His 1 (celestial beam) can hit the same enemy multiple times if they run through/with it, so using it while they are running away will do more damage as it will hit them 2 or 3 times. - maxterchief

5. Use all three of your abilities in the fountain, after you back from a lane. This boosts your passive to three stacks while costing no mana.

6. Aim Ra's Celestial Beam and Ao Kuang's ultimate through anything. If you aim it through a wall, the jungle, your own tornado, the target will have a much harder time noticing it in time to dodge it. - Aoeui

7. As Ra, get Circlet of Focus as first item. Use basic attack until you see the item icon above your HP bar, that means your next spell is free. Ra have no problem to buy other items than boots as his first items because of his passive and this item allows you to stay in lane longer than any other setup with any other God. - Aoeui

8. When Playing Ra, to deal a superb amount of damage, but at a mid to high risk, throw down your 1 then right after use your ultimate. The noise from your 1 will drown out the ultimate. And if your lucky, your ult and your 1 will hit. This generally works well with stuns. - BloodRaiin


1. His grab will no longer go through enemy creeps. You can hide behind your minion wave for complete protection.

2. Be careful with chucking people back early game if minions are near the enemy, they will most likely kill you if the enemies are on the ball. - Wasting

3. Also use your Pull and tail whip sparingly early game as it will use up half your mana with each combo, try to use it only when your partner is ready and you have minion advantage, this way you will secure a lot of damage and hopefully a kill if you can get your minons onto attack them. - Wasting

4. Remember to stay close to the edge of a tower and just hit minions while having your pull ready for an enemy to walk into range of it so you can chuck them back into your tower. - Wasting

5. Sobek regenerates nearly all of his mana while in his ultimate. Just because he appears to have very low mana, doesn't mean he's a free kill. You may end up facing a sobek with full mana.

6. Never use your 1 or 2 on stunned/slowed enemies. It reduces the stun time and can sometimes even let them escape. Use them after a stun/slow to keep them in your grasp. - HybridNeos

~Sun Wukong

1. Don't chase Wukong. You'll very rarely catch him. His passive activates very quickly and compared with his jump makes him extremely difficult to catch. Unless your absolutely positive his team aren't waiting for you, don't chase.

2. Remember his leap has a fairly decent range and he has an AoE fear, this makes him a pretty formidable initiator, especially in lane where he can't be focused. Expect him to jump on your head when your half HP and leave the lane before he does so. He may also jump over camps to engage, such as the damage camp or the blue camp.

3. Wukong is most deadly when there are only two targets. This is due to his furious monkey jumping between them both instead of spreading the damage over five targets. This can give him extremely high burst damage. Be careful of jungle encounters where there aren't minions to take the heat.


1. Be extremely careful if playing middile lane when there's a Thor in one of the side lanes. Within 5 seconds of walking in the jungle he can land an ultimate on you, long before any miss calls come in. Picking up beads and playing defensively is a great idea, his ganks are potentially more lethal than a Bakasura or a Loki.

2. In the early laning phase, Thor is extremely strong. His hammer can do massive damage if he hits both strikes and a well placed 2 can trap you in with a pile of minions that are stronger than the enemies gods themselves.

3. If your low HP and expect a Thor might be coming for you, don't recall. It makes you impossible to miss. Instead run as fast as you can, back to base. The closer you can get, the more dangerous it gets for Thor to ultimate on top of you. In team fights you may wish to save beads or an escape ability just to avoid Thor.


1. It's very easy to bait with, or be baited by Vamana. He gains alot hit points while under his ultimate. Remember if he's low HP that he may suddenly have alot more hit points than you expected to deal with. He also gains massive amounts of protection, as well as a large physical damage buff.

2. His ultimate will last longer (0.5sec per attack up to 10 seconds) if he's attacked while in the ultimate. If you ignore him it'll expire much faster.

3. You can escape just about any gank with him by throwing your umbrella then dashing the opposite direction, the umbrella will take much longer to return to you and hit everything between you and it. - Gronkowski


1. Good combinations for Ymir are RA and Odin. His frost breath with RA's ultimate is a sure fire hit, as well as RA's insane slow being very useful to hold them in position for Ymirs ultimate.

2. Ymir can't be stunned, or moved while using his ultimate. The only ways to prevent the damage are to either escape the range of the ultimate, kill Ymir before it finishes or use some sort of invincibility, such as Aegis.

3. Consider snagging a creeping curse on Ymir. When used properly it allows you to almost always land your ult. - Naleag


1. Zeus works incredibly well with Odin since Odin's ultimate prevents the enemy from simply walking out of Zeus's. Odin+Zeus lane can completely shut down certain gods who have no way to escape the wall and are fairly weak early in the game. Artemis is a good example of this.

2. Zeus can backfire extremely hard due to his lack of escape. If the enemy Zeus is dominating your middle lane then have your jungler gank him.

3. Aegis can work well against Zeus. He'll always want to have three stacks of his charge on you. If he does so, pop Aegis if you expect he's about to use his detonate and you can block almost all of his damage. Aegis doesn't last the entire duration of the charge though.

4. Be extremely careful of Zeus's 1 when standing near only one ally. It's very possible for it to bounce between you both, giving 2 stacks on one and 3 on the other. This can let Zeus land kills much easier than he'd usually be able to as it gives him around 600 damage from his 1 and another 700 or so from his 3. This also applies when standing further away on low hit points. If he nets a 1 on your ally, it may bounce to the minions and ultimately to you, allowing him to finish you off with a detonate.

5. Zeus is more than capable of killing three enemies from full HP at the same time, if he's a fair bit ahead. Don't underestimate the damage he can do in return, even if jumped by three people.

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