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Path of Exile CI Zealot's Oath Templar Build

CI/Zealot's Oath/Ghost Reaver/Unwavering Stance/Resolute Technique by iGematriA

Trying out Zealot's Oath build on templar, I've got a similar Skill Tree for the witch. But Templar has way much better survivability early game.

Early 41 Points:

Use Lighning Strike, ground slam/sweep for AoE. Just focus on leveling.
Grab Resolute Technique on your way to the Marauder tree.

Skill Tree

65 Points:
Grab the life leech, Unwavering Stance, Berserking and life leech nodes from the duelist. Pick up the Diamond skin if you feel like lacking on resists

Pick up the 2 Endurance Charges whenever you can, because this will help alot on facing High physical dmg mobs. 25% reduced phys dmg total from that!Grab the life regen/charges, as this also will help. And works with Zealot's Oath also.

85 Points:
Now get to the middle part of the Passive Skill tree to pick up those life regen nodes, with 2 resists node[Fire/Lightning]. And then start climbing up from the templar tree to get the Inner Force. Now you're close enough to Zealot's Oath, when you enter CI

Final 95+ Points:
From Inner Force to CI, hoping you have enough Energy Shield[[3-5k ES]. Then to grab Arcing Blows and Ghost Reaver. You will need to respec 11 Points, from the life% nodes in the templar area and marauder area. Then pick up Zealot's Oath!
Pick up the extra Body and Soul if you want.

Pick up every +30 Dex and Int Nodes everytime you can! This will help a lot on those auras and support gems. (can't really add them up on the skill tree, im on max points there. Other passives are pretty much endgame level 95+

Skill Tree


Skill Gems:
SpoilerSingle Target LS: Weapong Ele Dmg, Faster Attacks, Life Leech
AoE LS: Weapon Ele Dmg, Faster Attacks, Pierce, Greater Multiple Projectiles
Alt AoE Sweep/Cleave: Weapon Ele Dmg, Faster Attacks, Increased AoE, Life Leech

[Sweep or Cleave: depending on if you choosed Maces/Staves or Swords]

Want More Dmg? Sure: switch up a gem, and use More Physical Damage on Full life, works very good once you have CI

Damage: Elemental Weakness, Conductivity

Survivability: Enfeeble, Temporal Chains, Punishment

Clarity, Discipline, Wrath, Anger, Vitality (maybe, if enough mana left)

Blood Rage for more life leech

Leap Slam for mobility if you want!But I suggest not using it, since mobs in Act 3 are pretty dangerous. Use it if you're not using Quicksilver Flasks.

For Weapons:
You will need: High %Physical Damage, add +Phys Dmg, add +Lightning Dmg and Attack Speed

Thank you for Reading my build guide, hope it will work for you! Have a nice day!

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