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Elsword Rena Basic Guide

Elsword Rena Basic Guide by Lenne

Important Notes:

- This guide is still a WIP, and any additional help/opinions or correcting information would be appreciated.

- Do not take this guide as your own. Plagiarism, is of course, very bad. If you must show this to other people then please credit me by adding the URL link to this page or to the ggFTW page.

What to expect from this guide:

[*]The Basics of Rena
[*]Skills, and which to get for your preferences
[*]Helpful Tips
[*]Skills and Combo Extras (More Tips)

This guide will not only focus on how to use Rena well, but will help you develop as a great Combat Ranger and eventually a Wind Sneaker.


(Click underlined titles to go to the post)

1: Rena, the Ranger
- 1.1 Information
- 1.2 Basic Attacks and Sequences
- 1.3 Ranger's Skills

2: Rena, the Combat Ranger
- 2.1 Information
- 2.2 Additional Basic Attacks and Sequences
- 2.3 Combat Ranger's Skills

3: Rena, the Wind Sneaker
- 3.1 Information
- 3.2 Additional Basic Attacks and Sequences
- 3.3 Wind Sneaker's Skills

4: Extras
- 4.1 Tips and Special Tricks
- 4.2 Combo Videos
- 4.3 Skill Build Help
- 4.4 Equipment Recommendations
- 4.5 Element Enchants

1: Rena, the Ranger

1.1 Who is Rena?

Rena is an elf living in the mortal world. Her place in this world is jeopardized by the weakening of El, the power gems that energize everything including the connection to her home world. If this power fades the ties that bind the two planes will vanish as will Rena herself. She uses her abilities as a Ranger to protect the El and her friends.

Rena is a marksman with ranged weapons but can call on the elements to fuel her magic attacks as well. When cornered though, she has no problem striking enemies with her awesome kicks. She also has the ability to seemingly fly through the air with her double jump.

1.2 Basic Attacks and Sequences

You must first know that Z and X are the basic keys for every character. For Rena, Z is the sequence of her kick combos. X is the use of her bow and arrows. Because this is guide leads you to the path of the Combat Ranger, you are likely to be using Z a lot more than X.

Z - A simple kick.
ZZ - Two combo kicks.
ZZZ - Three combo kicks.
ZZZZ - Three combo kicks followed by a powerful knockdown kick.

X - Shoot an arrow.
XX - Shoot two consecutive arrows.
XXX - Shoot two arrows, then backflip and shoot two more arrows, both piercing the enemy once.
XXXX - Shoot five consecutive arrows, finishing with a final arrow that pierces the enemy and knocks them down.

ZZZ^Z - Three kick combo followed by a kick that will knock the enemy high up into the air and away from you.
ZZZX - Three kick combo followed by Rena sliding behind the enemy and shooting an arrow.

XXX^X - Rena fires the four arrow combo followed by another three arrows upwards in a 45 degree angle from her facing.
XXXvX - Rena fires the four arrow combo followed by another three arrows downwards in a 45 degree angle from her facing.

>>Z - A sliding kick.
>>ZZ - A sliding kick followed by a upwards kick that knocks the enemy up high.

>>X - A maneuver where Rena slides and turns around, sending an arrow in her opposite direction. The arrow will knock down the enemy.

^Z - Rena jumps and then extends her leg to kick ahead.
^^Z - Rena double jumps and then stomps down to the ground.
>>^Z - Rena jumps and extends her leg, kicking ahead.

^X - Rena jumps and then shoots one arrow straight ahead.
>>^XXX - Rena dashes and then jumps, shooting an arrow downwards 45 degrees with each X pressed, finishing the last shot with 3 spread arrows.

1.3 Ranger's Skills

What are Skills? Skills are attacks that enhance your character's game play. For Rena, she uses many skills involving her martial arts and her powerful imbuing of elements into her arrows.

Note there are different types of skills: Active, Special Active, Passive, and Buff skills.

Active - Skills that happen immediately unless canceled by a hit. Active skills are added to the quick slots.

Special Active - Skills that are just like Actives, but the game of Elsword adds the extreme epic to these kinds of skills. The character performs a special skill that will shortly freeze the area. During this, a cut in art of the character slides in while he/she shouts out the skill names. Then, the skill is performed. Very fun.

Passive - Skills that upgrade the character, permanently. Passive skills are never added to quick slots.

Buffs - Buffs are skills that upgrade the character, such as physical attack, magic attack, and defense. They are like passives, however, they are not permanent as they are used in the quick slots. Because they are used in the quick slots, they provide more efficiency to the power up, however they cost MP and are timed.

Now, please remember the following terms:

PvE - Stands for "Player vs Environment." This term is used for mainly if you are to dungeon a lot. If you like to do lots of dungeons rather than PvP, then you are a PvE build.

PvP - Stands for "Player vs Player." This term is obvious, but just in case, this term is used for mainly if you prefer to PvP than do dungeons.

Hybrid - This term is a combination of both PvE and PvP.

It will be stated the number of SP that must be invested required to access the next row. I will be sequentially stating each skill by where it is in the row. As for skill recommendations, I'll be stating how many points you should invest into skills by dividing into builds. It is RECOMMENDED, not a must (well, except a few). However, there will be times when you have the choice to pick what skills to put points in, because of the SP investment limit.

If you are having trouble memorizing your path of skill investment, fear not. There is a Skill Simulator for all characters. Click the following link to head to Rena's CR and WS skill tree.

All right, let's start!

(0) Row 1:

Basic Magic Defense Training - Increase magic defense permanently.
This basic skill is a passive that permanently increases your magic defense. This skill should be maxed for all builds.
PvE: 5/5
PvP: 5/5
Hybrid: 5/5

Rail Stinger (100 MP) - Step backwards and shoot a powerful charged arrow that pierces through two enemies, dealing magical damage.
This skill is your starter skill, and it is a good one too. Not only is it good for the early levels, but it has great damage. With the Awakening effect, you can pierce through ALL enemies in the way instead of two, which is useful in PvP if you are lucky to have aligned opponents. Even though you are likely to not use this in your second and third job, this is still great to max.
*Skill Note Hollow Tips: - Rail Stinger will pierce through 4 enemies and the damage is increased by 15%. -Obtained from Toma in Bethma
For those that absolutely love Rail Stinger, this skill note is a must. I suggest getting it only if you feel like you have no other skill notes to use.
PvE: 5/5
PvP: 5/5
Hybrid: 5/5

Rising Falcon (30 MP) - Perform two cartwheels forward, kicking all enemies in front of you twice each, and then perform a drop kick.
A decent beginner skill. With style, you'll deal okay damage, but the main effect of this skill is that you get a small invincibility effect as you cartwheel. If timed right, you can evade attacks. Useful to have, recommended for beginners, though it's likely that you will get rid of this in the future.
PvE: 1/3 or 3/3
PvP: 1/3 or 3/3
Hybrid: 1/3 or 3/3

(5) Row 2:

Basic Physical Defense Training - Increase physical defense permanently.
This passive skill increases your physical defense. This is a must max, not just because Rena has poor defense, but also for points investment to access the later rows.
PvE: 5/5
PvP: 5/5
Hybrid: 5/5

Perfect Storm (200 MP) - Summon a tornado that picks up enemies and blow them upwards, dealing magical damage.
You are thinking, "This skill looks so cool and strong!" Do not get this skill at all. There are way better powerful and better looking skills. You will be glad you did not get this, trust me.
PvE: 0/5
PvP: 0/5
Hybrid: 0/5

(10) Row 3:

Basic Strength Training - Increase physical attack permanently. Prerequisite: Basic Physical Defense Training
A must have passive, because Combat Ranger and Wind Sneaker needs that physical attack boost. Max this.
PvE: 5/5
PvP: 5/5
Hybrid: 5/5

Assault Kick (80 MP) - Perform a double kick, dealing physical damage.
Just like Perfect Storm, it's weak. Sure, Rena looks awesome doing a double kick combo, but really, there are other skills with more damage. There are also combo tricks in using this skill. If you want the Multiple Stinger skill later, then go ahead, but I only recommend this skill if you can utilize Assault Kick well by comboing after using it, you really like this skill, or if you're getting the future Multiple Stingers skill. You could only invest into this skill if you kept Physical Defense Training at Lv0.
PvE: 0/5 or 5/5
PvP: 0/5 or 5/5
Hybrid: 0/5 or 5/5

(15) Row 4:

Basic Magic Attack Training - Increase Magic Attack permanently. Prerequisite: Basic Magical Defense Training
A must max. Do not question it.
PvE: 5/5
PvP: 5/5
Hybrid: 5/5

Siege Mode - Hold your position and shoot arrows that will knock the enemy down.
Let's explain the mechanics: In this Active skill, Rena does a stunning bow strike before preparing to shoot. Then after she holds her bow in front of her, you can press Z to shoot two straight-shot arrows, or X to shoot 5 arrows that rain and home in on targets in range, either key dealing high damage. The Z arrows will deal 154% per arrow at the cost of 21 MP per shot, while the X arrows deal 115% per arrow at the cost of 28 MP per shot.
After you fire five volleys of arrows (whether 5 X's, or 2 X's and 3 Z's, etc.) Siege enters a cooldown mode. If you walk out of Siege, it enters cooldown. If you get hit while in Siege, there is no cooldown.
Overall, Siege does immense amounts of damage if you can repeatedly fire arrows at either single enemies in PvP or group of enemies in dungeons, and especially best on large enemies in dungeons. A recommended have, it's simply amazing. You can also do a special trick with Siege to deal a lot of damage if you visit 4.1 Tips in this guide.
[B]*Skill Note: Bow String Maintenance[/B] - Decreases the cool-down after shots by 10%, helping you fire more arrows faster. -Obtained from a rare Monster Drop
This skill note allows you to fire faster. If you have attack speed issues or are worried your enemy might get away, feel free to grab this note. However, it is very rare to get this note.
PvE: 1/1
PvP: 1/1
Hybrid: 1/1

(20) Row 5:

Magic Accelerator (70 MP) - Increase magic attack by 20% for a given duration.
This buff is nice, even for a future Combat Ranger, who often uses Siege. If you are going to be spamming the Z or X key in Siege Mode, you might as well combine it with this. There are two more Accelerator buffs, you have the option to put 1 point in each or max one buff only. I recommend this buff more just because of Siege spamming, but at your 2nd job you'll probably stick to kicking more.
PvE: 0/3 or 1/3 or 3/3
PvP: 0/3 or 1/3 or 3/3
Hybrid: 0/3 or 1/3 or 3/3

Multiple Stinger (175 MP) - Shoot 3-way Rail Stingers twice to deal magical damage to two enemies in the way. In Awakening, stingers pierce through all enemies. Prerequisite: Mastered Assault Kick
This is basically the Rail Stinger upgrade. You need to have Assault Kick mastered, but regardless, this skill is not that much good at all, as its damage is easily replaceable by another future 175 MP skill.
*Skill Note: Know Your Strength III - First Shot of the Stinger arrows do not knock down the opponent. -Obtained from a rare Monster Drop
The skill note for this skill makes it much stronger against flinchable enemies, still, it's worth it. But I will say that the power in this skill is amazing if all six stingers connect.
PvE: 0/5 or 5/5
PvP: 0/5 or 5/5
Hybrid: 0/5 or 5/5

(25) Row 6:

Power Accelerator (70 MP) - Increase physical attack by 20% for a given duration. Prerequisite: Mastered Basic Physical Attack Training
This buff is nice, however, in the CR skill tree, there is an even better buff (50% increase at max level) but lasts only 10 seconds, while the max here is at 20% for 35 seconds. I recommend you just 0 or 1 this buff, unless you truly focus on physical attacks and decided to not take the Magic Accelerator.
PvE: 0/3 or 1/3 or 3/3
PvP: 0/3 or 1/3 or 3/3
Hybrid: 0/3 or 1/3 or 3/3

Shield Accelerator (70 MP) - Increase defense and magic defense by a % for a given duration.
From Lv1, it's 30% increased defense for 25 seconds up to max Lv3 for 35 seconds. To be honest, it isn't really worth it. The defense addition is not seen to be nice, Rena already has poor defense and there's really no worth to try and get your defense equal to the others. It's better to use your skill points for the other buffs or somewhere else.
PvE: 0/3
PvP: 0/3
Hybrid: 0/3

Siege Swift - Increase attack power of Siege Mode as well as decreasing mana consumption and the activation time to be in Siege Mode.
This skill, is a definite max. It helps you get into Siege quicker and increase attack power, while getting rid of some of that high MP cost.
PvE: 3/3
PvP: 3/3
Hybrid: 3/3

(30) Row 7:

Phoenix Strike (250 MP) - Shoot an arrow with the power of a phoenix that deals magical damage in all of its path, inflicting burn status for 10 seconds.
This skill is pretty neat. At max Lv5 it deals a single hit of 2028% damage. This is a great skill to rid all aligned monsters in dungeon, so it could help you do dungeon runs more quick. DO NOT USE THIS SKILL FOR PVP, EVER. You think that it does a lot of damage, but honestly, you do more with three Rail Stingers or multiple Siege Shots.
*Skill Note: Phoenix's Affinity - Increases critical chance by 10% and the enemies burn for 10 more seconds. -Obtained from a Rare Monster Drop
The skill note looks okay, I'm pretty sure no Rena depends on Phoenix Strike all the time (especially PvP). There's probably better skill notes.
PvE: 0/5 or 5/5
PvP: 0/5
Hybrid: 0/5 or 5/5

Aero Tornado (300 MP) - Back flip into the air and shoot a powerful wind sphere 45 degrees downwards that deal magical damage to everything in it.
This skill, is wonderful. It is a very powerful skill indeed. In Awakening, the wind sphere changes color to red, and also summons 2 Rail Stingers that rotate outwards to deal damage. There is a good trick with that ability, and for it, see 4.1 Tips. I only highly recommend this skill if you do not wish to Siege-X spam all the time against dungeon bosses. Later as a Combat Ramger, you'll be able to get a 200 MP skill that will even out damage this skill. As for PvP, use this only if you are very much doing multiplayer matches or just want to spend 300 MP quickly on enemies.
PvE: 0/5 or 5/5
PvP: 0/0 or 5/5
Hybrid: 0/5 or 5/5

(35) Row 8:

Backflip Shot (30 MP) - Back flip into the air and shoot arrow(s) 45 degrees downwards. During this skill, Rena gains invincibility.
This skill is very useful as it says, provides invincibility. It also increases damage by 10% per level, while also increasing the number of arrows shot, 3 at max. In PvP, you can also use this in combos as it does not affect the combo limit counter, meaning you can do more damage. Regardless of how you see this skill, it is a must max.
*Skill Note: Nimble Landing I - Reduces the cooldown of the skill by 1 second.-Obtained from a rare Monster Drop
The 1 second may not seem significant but it's pretty noticeable if you use this skill a lot. Though I suggest you use the other skill notes first before coming to this one.
PvE: 3/3
PvP: 3/3
Hybrid: 3/3


And that's all of Rena's beginner job skills. When you've reached Level 15, you can begin the job advancement pre-quest:

Complete 2-4 in any difficulty.
Eliminate 7 Mickeys in 2-3 on Very Hard.
Speak to Hoffman in Elder.
Complete 2-4 on Hard.

And after that, you have three quests to choose from: Sniping Ranger, Combat Ranger, and Trapping Ranger. Obviously, you should have chosen Combat Ranger.

Talk to Ruichel in Elder
Eliminate 8 Giant Brothers in 2-2 on any difficulty.
Defeat the Bat King (Miniboss) in 2-2 on Very Hard mode.

Clear 2-5 on any difficulty within 8 minutes .

3.Clear 2-5 on Very Hard (☆☆☆) with at least a B rank.
Clear 2-4 on Very Hard (☆☆☆) with at least a B rank.

After you have finished, you are now the Combat Ranger, an archer with improved martial arts!

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