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Guardians of Middle-Earth Mozgog Guide

Guardians of Middle-Earth Mozgog Guide by HellSpawN

If you enjoy doing A LOT of damage, throwing down in the thick of the fight, and making whole teams run from you on sight...look no further than Mozgog. As a warrior Mozgog has a decent health pool and decent resistance, making him fairly durable...more durable than most. Add to that his high passive health regeneration and an ability that heals him for 15% of his maximum health, and your opponents will have a hard time bringing you down. On top of all that, Mozgog can deal insane amounts of damage. All this makes Mozgog a Guardians that should be feared and respected. I have gotten multiple 20+ kill games using Mozgog, one of them I went 30-2-12. Here's how I use him.

BERSERKER RAGE- This is your bread and butter ability, and part of your Brutal Draught combo. It does so many things for you it's insane. It heals you for 15% of your health if you need it (more than cancels out the -12% health from Brutal Draught). It increases you movement speed if you need to chase or escape a fight. And most importantly at level 4 it nearly doubles you attack speed, allowing you to dish out a lot of damage in the 4 seconds it is active. NEVER fight someone when this is on cool down, which is fairly short I might add.

BRUTAL DRAUGHT- The second half of your combo, which should be used after Berserker Rage because it has a shorter duration. It adds a tone of damage to your attacks and allows you to dish out a stupid amount of damage to Guardians and structures. I personally never use this when Berserker Rage is on cool down, as the attack speed you get from it maximizes the damage you get out of it. Also note that while Brutal Draught is active you lose 12% of your health, and will take more damage from all sources, so be aware of that. The good thing is that Brutal Draught and Berserker Rage share almost the same cool downs, so when popping them both, they should both be ready at about the same time to do it all again.

VILE TAUNT- Use this to pull back people trying to run from you (which will happen a lot when playing Mozgog) so you can hit them more. It can also be used to pull people under your towers or into other team members moves. It also reflects a good chunk of damage, 56% at level 4. Not much else to say really.

BLOODIED BLADE- This is your Ultimate. It has a few uses, but it is mainly used as a finisher in 1v1 fights or it can be used to escape a group gank if need be. Pop it, fear them, and run away. It is a great ability in team fights as well. If you can hit 2-5 members of there team with this, your team should have no problems coming out on top.

SKILL POINTS- Max both Berserker Rage and Brutal Draught asap, doesn't really matter what order you do it in, as long as they are both maxed at level 7. Thay are your main source of damage. Your Taunt is just used to prevent people from getting away and such, it does that just fine at level 1. Your Ultimate isn't a great source of damage until it's maxed. This is generally what I tend to do.
Level 2 Berserker Rage
Level 3 Brutal Draught
Level 4 Berserker Rage
Level 5 Brutal Draught
Level 6 Berserker Rage (Maxed)
Level 7 Brutal Draught ( Maxed)
Level 8 Bloodied Blade
Level 9 Vile Taunt
Level 10 Bloodied Blade
Level 11 Vile Taunt
Level 12 Bloodied Blade
Level 13 Vile Taunt (Maxed)
Level 14 Bloodied Blade (Maxed)

PASSIVE- IMPLACABLE- Every character starts with 1.8 health regeneration...accept Mozgog! He starts with 3.8, allowing him stay in lane longer and gather experience. This is most noticeable in the early game. Use this to your advantage and be a little aggressive in your lane. Between this and Berserker Rage, your opponents will have a hard time bullying you, and allowing you to in turn bully them.

COMBO- Berserker Rage, Brutal Draught, swing for the fences, if they stay and fight they are probably going to die, if they run taunt them, swing, pop Bloodied Blade and they get feared, swing some more, GG. 9-10 times they should be dead from this.

PLAY STYLE- Mozgog is good at a lot of things. He can tank well thanks his natural health regeneration and Berserker Rage, he has decent CC in his taunt and his Ultimate. But he is best at dealing large amounts of damage in a short period of time. I find that he is best set up like a striker, because at his core that is really what he is. Be aggressive, be commanding, make your opponents think twice before engaging you. Early game it is easy to bully your opponents out of lane and force them to recall, giving you an experience edge. Because of this Mozgog is extremely good at pushing towers, and the Brutal Draught Berserker Rage combo will allow you to shred said towers in no time at all. He is also great at ganking because of this. If you push your opponents out of lane, you can use that time to go to another lane and get an easy gank or first blood. Just don't get greedy with him, as it is very easy to do with Mozgog. Early game there will be a lot of times where you get people to almost no health left and they get under their tower. Resist the urge to chase that far.

GOBLIN GATE RELIC- At level 14 this relic gives you a 20% chance to crit, and eventually increases your crit damage by 30%. Fill all 4 slots with Mithril Rubies of Strength. It doesn't activate until level 8, but you are naturally a good early game character so it doesn't really matter. At level 8 you get a 36% chance to crit, and the fun begins.

RED BOOK RELIC- You will have 7 Rubies in this build so you will get an additional 14% chance to crit at level 12, bringing your total crit chance to 50%. Fill it with either Mithril Rubies of Strength for even more crit chance, or Mithril Rubies of Precision for increased crit damage, It is really your preference.

EMPTY SLOT- Either 1 Mithril Ruby of Strength, or 1 Mithril Ruby of Precision. Again it is your preference.

With this belt you will be naturally criting for 50-62% of the time, and dealing 250-330 crit damage depending on how you slot the last 3 Rubies. With Brutal Draught active you will be criting for 330-450 damage, again depending on how you slot the last 3 Rubies. Add Berserker Rage into the equation and it is not uncommon to to deal 200 damage in the 4 seconds it is active. It is quite sickening at times. Once I reach level 12 I like to go solo the Uruk-Hai in the bottom of the map, if it hasn't been taken down yet. You should be able to kill it in about 6 seconds by yourself.

Why not build for attack speed? The answer is because there is an attack speed cap of 100% and Berserker Rage already brings you to 77% by itself at level 4. In my opinion it is best to maximize damage, and due to Berserker Rages attack speed bonus, crit chance in my opinion is the best way to do that.

LANES- Honestly Mozgog is good in every lane. He can go top or bottom and be pared with any Guardian fairly well, and he can do very well mid with his natural endurance, healing, and damage out put. Just go where you feel comfortable or where ever your team need/wants you.

LANE PAIRINGS- Mozgog pairs well with pretty much every Guardian. He can taunt enemies off enchanters, he can taunt enemies into traps and AoE abilities, and he can finish off opponents in no time that have been stun'd, rooted, or taunted by another Guardian. He is just a great guardian to have on your team, and one you should fear if you are facing someone who knows how to use him.

POTIONS- Critical Potions and Hunter Potions are what I find work best with Mozgog. I find that I don't really need the healing due to his passive and the healing of Berserker Rage. I am usually pretty healthy. Hunter Potions help when taking down multiple people. Critical Potions help burst people down.

TIER 1- I prefer to use Heal for more staying power. It has saved my life countless times, and often forces people to run when you pop it.

TIER 2- Smite in my opinion is the only command worth using in this tier. It is great to start an encounter with.

TIER 3- War Cry is a no brainer here. Increased movment speed, attack speed, and damage for you and any allies near you.

TIER 4- I actually find Flash of Light to be the most powerful tier 4 command. It blinds, slows and silences every enemy near you for 1.5 seconds, which basically means they are helpless for that entire time.

This is the first guide I have ever done, so sue me if it sucks =)

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