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Day Z Beginner's Guide

Day Z Beginner's Guide by Shin

Hi guys, first post. Made an account to basically combine everything I've learned about Day Z, including those dreaded client errors. I think I've had them all.

Ok, so - errors first.

Error compiling pixel shader: You need to go into Steam, force remove of Arma2: OA and close Steam. Open Steam (right click and "run as administrator") - redownload/install and you should be fine. Don't forget to run the Beta too.

Wait for host: You need to delete Battleye associated with Arma2: OA and delete Day Z itself. (Don't worry you'll get it back) Go to - C:Program Files(x86) or whatever. Then Steam, SteamApps, Common, Arma2 Operation Arrowhead, then @dayZ. Delete everything in this folder. Then go to Expansion, BattlEye and uninstall BattlEye.

Ok, then open DayZ Commander and  go to install/update and redownload DayZ latest patch. Start up Arma2: OA FROM YOUR DESKTOP OR ICON

This will then reinstall BattlEye.

Being kicked for server restriction #40, #44 or #45

You'll need to be able to see hidden files. Forgotten how to do this but it should be easy enough. Go to C: Users then your username for the computer. Then AppData, Local, Arma2 OA and BattlEye - delete this .dll.

You'll generate this file again upon logging on.

Ok - the guide.

Shinjetsu's Totally Awesome Newbie Guide
You'll want to find an official server (click the option to hide unofficial in DayZ Commander) and one with 1 - 5 players and a good ping.

Ok, so you spawn. Argh! WTF IS THIS HUD? Look at the bottom right. Quickly. This is where you are. Remember it. Then go to and decide where to go. Ready? Excellent. If you spawn really far from Cherno or Elektro, then you're likely to die unless you're a vet. If you're a veteran player, why are you reading this? I can't teach you anything. Go away.


Firstly, press G. You will have a really Amiga game looking inventory. You will have Painkillers, bandages, a backpack and a flashlight. Firstly remember you may open your backpack to put things in. I didn't learn this ability for a while. Your standard backpack has 8 slots. Its useful for food, drink, medical supplies and ammo. Anything else, don't bother. Certain things if you right click will have an option. Never use the flashlight, ever. I'm not even going to tell you the hotkey because its not going to be needed. Ok, so your next job is to move. Sounds simple right? Most of your time out in the open will be spent sprinting. W is run forward, but double tap it and you'll sprint. Useful for outrunning zombies. A,S and D are generic movement keys from there. Numpad Enter is to go 3rd person. Useful to give yourself a panoramic view. Alt toggles mouselook, meaning you can run and look over your shoulder. Give it a try. Get used to this, because when Zeds are after you, its vital. Then we have Z (prone) X (crouch) and c (stand) - the shift key allows you to walk while crouching, so give that a try. V is for "vaulting" basically jumping over stuff. Don't bother vaulting unless you think you need to. Its a bit unpredictable sometimes if you'll break a leg (I did)

Right, well you can move, you can use the inventory and you know where you are.

You'll notice on the right there are some indicators. One is thirst. One is Hunger, One is Blood and the other is temperature. If you can't decipher from the icons then please find the nearest sharp knife and stab it into your eyes, because they clearly aren't being used for purpose. You'll notice that the hunger and thirst bars deplete while you run. Don't worry - these are like petrol gauges. You can survive when they're blinking. Just. You'll want to find some beans/sardines/pasta and coca cola/pepsi/mountain dew. Don't make this your immediate concern however. You've got a good hour or so to find that stuff. You'll find them mostly in residential areas on your way to a large city. The blood one however is important. See below. The others that are the eye icon and the ear icon are the levels of visibility and noise. Don't make much noise. 2 is.....acceptable around Zombies. Anything above 2 and you're asking for trouble. Same with vision. Although some Zombies are superpowered and have seen me from 200m away when i had 2 visibility. Anyway;


You are likely to see Zombies. Right mouse button zooms slightly. Walk around the edge of built up areas in a crouch. Pay attention to the surroundings and their pattern/path. You can make it! If not....well.....see below.

If you are bleeding, get yourself to safety. You've encountered a Zed. You'll notice a + sign is in the blood icon. Don't stop. Run. Zigzag. Find trees. Hills. Anything. Don't run in straight lines. Press Alt and look around as you run. Only when you stop hearing them is it a good idea to apply bandages. Now, hopefully you did this quick enough to avoid dropping below 9000 (roughly 3/4 of the bar) If not, you'd best press ESC and try again. You're too far from a town and if you're playing in a group, you're likely to hinder your team mates. Its ok, you'll find them again (if you were lucky enough to meet them before a big city)


Middle mouse button or Enter. You're likely to find allsorts. Best loot is tools and guns. Common stuff is food/drink. You'll want a hatchet. If you get one, and no primary weapon then right click it in inventory. Remove from toolbelt and you will have a zombie one shot kill weapon. Reload it first with "R". (weird I know)

Do not engage zombies. I repeat.


There. That was simple. You're best running away and hiding. The hatchet can get you out of a squeeze with left mouse button as attack, but you should be stealthing with shift, x and going prone around zombie areas.

Shinjetsu's Big City Guide

Ok, so you're moderately armed. You have food and drink (hopefully) - now its time to do a speed raid of a big city. This is a one shot deal, so get it right. You'll want to spend time scouting the area to find the least zombie infested path. Remember, right mouse button. And do NOT engage if you can help it. Don't use any gun you find in a city for gods sake. AK47's and 5 mags at a time do NOT spawn so even if you do get super lucky, the mag will be gone quicker than painkillers in Michael Jacksons medicine cabinet. What you get here will be your "expedition" gear. Because you'll need stuff to move with. Don't forget, if you're low on space, you need to select your backpack and "open bag" in the inventory screen. Save this for food and ammo.

CHECKLIST - rated /10 for importance

HUNTING KNIFE - this will be your food source - 9
WATER BOTTLE - this will be your....drink...source - 6 (if you find drink then its less important)
AMMO - 10

You cannot leave without a weapon of some description. If you're holding your hatchet, you may pick it up again after picking up a primary - it goes into your toolbelt again. You will want enough sidearm (pistol) ammo to hold off an average zombie attack (3/4 zombies) so we're talking 2/3 mags. You shouldn't have shot anything yet. I hope you haven't. Your primary is for killing other players if you cross them. Lets get that out of the way now.


They want your stuff. They'll say "Friendly" in side chat or by pressing "/" to type it. Do not believe them. If there are no zombies around, shoot the hell out of them. It avoids them potentially doing it to you. If there are Zombies around. Run. This person wants your stuff. Make it to a safe distance and consider logging off for a while. I have a story about a particularly patient sniper, but I'll save it.

Once you have the above items, its time to leave. Optional extras can include - map, watch, toolbox and crowbar (crowbar is crap)

Thats all for now folks. I'm aware I've probably missed some vital stuff, but I'm sure you'll fill it in for me below.


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