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Guardians of Middle-Earth Neutral Creatures Guide

Guardians of Middle-Earth Neutral Creatures Guide by MechaJeff

In Guardians of Middle-Earth there are menageries of neutral creatures that inhabit the lawless areas present on the 3-lane map. These are identified on your mini-map with red dots and are generally located in small nooks and hideaways.
There are four unique creature camps, and they spawn within 30 seconds of the match starting, so they will be there waiting for you right at the start if you wish to challenge them.
Total, there are six unique creatures and 10 camps where they can be found. Two of them I will save for later in this article, so first I will be discussing four different creatures duplicated across 8 camps.

The Wraith

The Wraith is located near the entrance to the middle lane. It is a very simple creature to defeat, causing relatively insignificant damage that silences you very briefly each time it attacks.

BUFF: 15% Cooldown Reduction
DURATION: 100 seconds
RESPAWN: 100 seconds

The Stone Giant

Also located near the entrance to middle lane, but opposite the Wraith, the Stone Giant hits a little harder than the Wraith and his attacks also briefly stun, making him a slightly more credible threat.

BUFF: 20% Crowd Control Reduction
DURATION: 100 seconds
RESPAWN: 100 seconds

The Wargs

Located just below and just above the bottom and top lane towers respectively, the Warg is assisted by a pair of Warg pups. The pups themselves cause very little damage and die quickly, but the Warg itself can be a brutal opponent if tackled early on without assistance.

BUFF: +100 Max Hitpoints
DURATION: 120 seconds
RESPAWN: 180 seconds

The Spiders

Much like the Wargs, the Spiders are located above or below top lane, but on opposite ends. The Spider is accompanied by two Spiderlings that are of little note, and can be vanquished easily, but the Spider is a dangerous opponent to challenge without friends or a couple levels under your belt.

BUFF: 3% Movement Speed
DURATION: 120 seconds
RESPAWN: 180 seconds


Middle-Earth is inhabited by many creatures fair and foul, some small and some large. Located at the very southern tip is a dangerous and powerful Uruk-Hai that should only be attempted by several seasoned Guardians. Even more deadly is the truly titanic Troll in the far north who can only be bested by an entire team of veteran Guardians. Each provides powerful buffs to the victorious team and defeating them should be considered an important objective to keep an eye on.

The Uruk-Hai

Spawning at the 6 minute mark, the Uruk-Hai is designed to be tackled by several mid-level Guardians and slaying him will grant a powerful team wide buff. His attacks cleave nearby allies, so mobbing him with melee Guardians could be disastrous.

BUFF: +25 Basic and Ability Damage Penetration
DURATION: 180 seconds
RESPAWN: 240 seconds

The Troll

The mighty troll is the penultimate predator on the 3-lane. Mighty and hulking, he should not be taken lightly and choosing to attack him will represent a major commitment by your entire team of mid to late-game Guardians. Suitably, he does not spawn until the 8 minute mark. Defeating him will cause significant damage to all of your opponents leading towers as well as provide a major structure damage bonus, perfect to decimating your enemy’s base.

BUFF: +50 Bonus Structure Damage, 50% of total life in damage to all valid lead enemy towers
DURATION: 240 seconds
RESPAWN: 240 seconds

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