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Planetside 2 The Gunderer Guide

Planetside 2 The Gunderer Guide by LaRoaZ

I have experimented with using the sunderer as an actual weapons platform, since everyone and their dog likes buying the AMS and then deploying them in places that i cant help but laugh at. Also cry.

I'll restate that more clearly, This loadout assumes the AMS will be undesireable due to large numbers of friendly AMS in the area you are fighting in. This loadout is designed as an alternative to AMSing for people who dont feel like driving a tank or want to do something with a few of their friends that is easy to coordinate.

As with any multi person vehicle with a dedicated driver role, the most important thing for you to obtain in order to use it effectively is good gunners. People you know and whom you can communicate with, people who have a history of being good at seeing things and leftclicking on them. Without at least one person that fits this description, you are wasting your time.

I have used this idea while solo with reasonable effectiveness, provided population is low in the areas you are driving around in.

First, The Anti personnel variant:
I usually go with a kobalt on the front, and a mortar on the back. Use whichever anitpersonnel weapons your gunners are familiar with. I use these two because they form a magical combination. The kobalt is a direct fire laser precise machine gun that will kill infantry before they realize they are being hit. This is stunningly effective versus people who assume sunderers arent a threat and just fire ze missiles at them. Heavy pops out from behind a rock, and before hes aimed or locked he is dead. Once the zerg realizes that all that death is coming from the sunderer, they tend to be more cautious or evasive. Since serpentine is 5000% effective at dodging bullets the kobalt falls apart at this point, and the mortar becomes more useful. The mortar being a large explosive indirect fire weapon compliments the kobalt very well. once they take cover or start evading, the mortar becomes your weapon of choice because it is extremely difficult to dodge a large explosion. Feel free to use the Fury or something else if future weapons are released, as long as you can do what you want to do it doesnt matter.

As far as defense of the vehicle goes, level 3 blockade armor is unbelievably good. I hear people saying "But its only 9% reduction man, what a waste". The tooltip isnt really very clear, this is an additional 9% reduction. that means if the sunderer has a base resistance of 80% it is increased to 89%, meaning the damage that gets through goes from 20% to 11%. I dont actually know what the base resistance is offhand, but with blockade armor 3 on my sunderer a volley of ESF Rocket spam to my backdoor only really does about 40% of my health in damage. an esf rocket volley anywhere else i shrug off like so much water. I can take about 8 or 10 (ish) of those heavy assault dumbfire rockets before i'm on fire, and given the proper armaments and good driving i can go toe to toe against an MBT.

This, however, leaves you vulnerable to c4 and AT mines, meaning your gunners should be paying close attention and looking around for sneaky enemies trying to blow you up.

As i stated above this guide assumes AMS is a poor choice due to excessive spam of ams in the area. For utility you could go for the gate breaker dealio (better known as the disco machine) or the IR smoke. The smoke is pretty fun once you get over the AMS hump. Fire suppression is great if you ever happen to be critically damaged while fleeing. People tend to assume you are done for when you're on fire and running away and tend to ignore you more often at that point. Fire suppression will instantly repair you about 20% if you are on fire, and combined with blockade armor that is a significant amount of Effective hp that would greatly aid escape from a sticky situation. The gate breaker isnt as glorious as it seems unless you are at an undefended gate or happen to have a full load of elite infantry. Driving through gates is cool, but then it wears off and you are stuck on the enemy side of a gate surrounded by tanks, heavy assault, and angry engineers with anti tank mines. If you can manage to keep going after you get through without dying, it could be useful then.

For infantry fighting, infared is a must on all your turrets. You will near always be engaging from close range due to the limitatons of the guns, and at that range zoom is useless. Also zoom doesnt work too well on weapons that have drop (mortar).

For the anti vehicle variant you will want Dual basilisks. People tend to assume the default guns are terrible. They are not at all terrible. The basilisk suffers from a bad case of inaccuracy and low rate of fire, but it can damage EVERYTHING, and at short range its dps is similar to a main tank cannon. And you have two of them. When engaging tanks, you want to do it selectively. you are not an mbt, even though you have more theoretical dps and probably higher effective hitpoints, you have terrible range. Similar to the shredder the basilisk does a fraction of its damage beyond a certain range. if you are going to troll some tanks with your gunderer make sure you can get within range of it without taking any hits and make sure your gunners know which parts to shoot and what all the types of armor look like. Make sure there are no other enemy vehicles liable to notice you and open fire, and ensure there are no sneaky infantrymen lurking behind rocks. If you can find a situation that meets these requirements you will have lots of fun driving your sunderer over the smoking wreck of many a tank and laughing all the way to the cert screen.

If you have more than two friends with you, consider getting some of them to go burster max or heavy assault for 'deployable defensive support' if you get into trouble. if there is an air menace they can pop out and murder everyone then get back in.

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